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Civil Service Reform

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The Allegan Journal in aii artii-i ¦¦ [onfl quotes from the ínter Ocean as follows : "The men who are altalking about reform are almost universally those wbo llave been unsucccssful in scckin; office, and we bftVa no sympathy with theiii. Xor has t Minpatliy wttfa theoristH. Jlen like John Sherman and the late Senator Chandler, of practical business &ndLexperlefeée, are never heard advocatiug theorie nordeinandinL civil service couimisMoii-., ci the two men named ere the nm-t capahleexecutives thiscountry has seen for a geseratton." As Mr. Bherman ia mentioned as"never uemanainjï civil ici iis give lus o n words concerning it at the of a report on the New York custom house made by him to congress last Februury. Ue says conceriiing the general eflect ol the civil service rules: " 'I'he kppolnteei lelected underthe rules havo by their conduet and efficiency approved the metliod of selcction, with but toeptim The sseurance that tenure umi iiromotiou depend solely upon their ouii personal merit and character, and not upon ulterior consi.lciations or inlluence?, hu had a happy effect, not only upon these appointecs but also upon the force generally. It must bc conceded Üiat there have beul in the service, wcdded to old metfaodB, who have had no sympathy with the inoveinents toward retonn, and have retarded them as far as possible without Siving cause for ]ninihment under the rules sa oaw fcdministered, bat neitlitr the indispotitlQO nor unlriendly ellbrts of these hare retardeU neb a prompt and faithful disobSMe of the vaátly inereased business for llic laat two years as has received the comnicndation of the great inass of the merchantsat this port, and a general expression that the service has been more efficiënt and satisfactory tlian at any previous period in thcir expeiience. D upouthe a-ssumption that the rule are in soine respects defectivo in theory or adininistratiiin, the results fairly justify thuin M ""-' U(t jiractical uietliod of appointment yet devised."


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