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Estáte of Jacob HftBgiterftr. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Couuty oí At a eeeelon of the Frótete Coart for the Connty f Washtenaw, hulden at the Probate Otllce, in the city of Ann Arbor, on.Tuosday, the 9th day of Auiru-t, io the yuar one thnusand eiuht hnndred wd eilnyonc. Preeent, Williani 0. Harriman, Judge uf Probate. In the matter of the eBtnte of Jacob Hanpsterfer, deeeased. Catherinc llansterier and John Williain Hafflfetarfer, executors of the laet wil] and testament of rtaid deceased, come into cnart and represent tbat they are now prepared to render thelr nnal account ao such execaturs. Thereupon it is ordered, that Wednesday, the -evi-nth day of Septemlier nexl, t ten u'clock in the forenoon, be usfinotl tor examihinir nnd allowing such account, and that the devisees, leaati es and tuirs at law of satd deceascd, and all otber - later- lid in said estáte, are reiiuiied to appear At ft MwlOB oj Mid court. then to be bohlen nt the Probate Olllee. in the city of Ann Arbor, In saJd county, and show cause, il any there be, wiy the nfd account stiould Dot be allowed. And t 1 further ordered, thut eald exemtors gie notice to tbe peraons interesled in aaid eUlte, ui the pendency of sald account, and the hearing thereof, hj caoxine a cipy of ibis order to be r,ubllbed in the Ann Arbor Couriér, a uswipaper printad and circulatlntr in said county. threesuccessive weeks previouy to said day ol' hearing. (A true copy.) WILi.IAM ü. HAKRIMAN. Jadee of Probate. WM. O. DOTY. Probate Rei: 10SI ."! Kstate of Edward L. lioydpn. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, Coouty of Wafhtenaw, s. At a sesulon of the Probate Court for the Oouiity ol Wahteuaw, holden at Ihe Probate Office. In the City of Ann Arbor. on Mondny, the twenty-flfth day of .luly, lu the yuar one thousaud ciuht hui.drcd nuil eighty-oue. Preeent, William D. Hiirrlmiin, JndL'e of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Edwiird I.. Bnydeu, deceaned. William I'. Brown. exeotftor of the laat will and t-tomapi of nald der into court nnd representa that be i DOw prepared to reuder hls auniml tlual as stich executor. Theraopon it ii ordered, that Tneoday, the twentythird day of Auguct next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be aaalyned tor mntaniL and allown account, and that the aeviaeea, legateea and heirs at law of sald deceaaed.and all other porsoDi interested in said estáte, are required to appear at ti -¦f r-ion ol sald court, then to be holden at the Probate Olflcc, In the City ol Ann Arbor, in sald connty. and show cause, ir any there be, why the aaid account should not be allowed. And it Is further 1, that said executor (4t uotice to the persons intcrested In sald eetate, of the pendency of sald account, and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order to be publislied in the Aim Arbor Oourter, a newspaper priuted and circulating in sald county, three successive weeks previous to said day of hearing. í A true copy.) WILLIAM D. HAKKIMAN, Judite of Probate. WM. G. DOTY. Probate Register. 1W9-52 Kstutc of Hiram Thompson. jTATi OF MICHIGAN, County of v aahtenaw, n. At a seaslon of the Probate Court for the Countj ol Wahteuaw holden at the Probate ofllce, in tbe city Í of Ann Arbor, on Thursaay, the eeventh day of August, iu the year one thonsand eight bundred and eighty-one. Present, William 1). llarrimuu Judtre of Probate. K In the matter of the éstate of Hiram Thompeon, deceastd. Utram P. Thompson, executor of the laj-l will and teitament of said dexeaeud, con,, i conrt and repreents thal he la uow prepared to render hls flnal account aa uch exicutor. Thereupon It la orde-red, that Snturday. the thlrd day of September next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be amignod for examlnin and allowiu aceooBt, and that thu cleu.-u,, legaiees ml beln ut law of said decea.ed and all other punona lnterecied in sald etate, ure required lo appear at a sesnloi, o) said court, then to be holden at the Probate offlee in the city of Ann said county.and shou if ny there be, wuy the said account should not be allowed. And it is further ordered, that sald ot give uotice to tbe persons interested in said esute of tac pendencT of said account, and the I; thereof. by causing a copy of tbls order to be uabllshed in the Ann Arbor Courier,n newmtper printed andcirculalinï in said county, two succecsive we, kt. previoue to sald day of hearing. (A trui WILLIAM D. HAKHIMAN WM. G. DOTÏ, Probate ReteT "f ' Estáte of Kansom S. Smitli. gTATK Of MlCllltiAN. County of Washtenaw, sa. At a session ol the Probate Court for tb. County of Washtenaw, bolden at the Probate Oflli e in the city of Ann Arbor, ou Tuesday, the nlmh day of August iu the year one tnousami ekrlit hundred and ol'robale' l'r'"''1"1 u""'"u HubtUiub, Judue In the matter of the estáte of IUnsom 8. Smlth, : deceased. Willard B. Smith, John O, WUwui and 11. h. Street, executors of the laat will ard h of sald deceaaed come Into court aud rtpreeeut tbat ' they are now prepared to reuder their annaai account a such executor. Thereupou it is ordered, that Mon.lay, the llfili . day of September next, at tea o'cl.Kk ín thi uoon, be assigned for exaniinlni; and allowinif ,uch account, ana that the devi-eos, lenatee and helr, t ' "'' deceaard. and all other per-oya Interested In ald eslate, re nquired to ap.,ear at a -aitl ( ourt, Uien to i.e holden at the Probate Offlee Iu the city ol Ann Arbor, in atd couaty, and show iue, lf any tl.ere t,e, why the „aid .ccoünt snoü ld 1 not be allowed. And It is further ordered that iad ¦ or. glve notlce to the per-on ?n ,eré"ed n aid estáte, ol the pendency of satd account and e bearuiB thereof, by causlng a copy of tul order io he publlsbed iu tne As Akbok oiuikk a new (.a„.r ,,r,nted and clrculatlnK In ,,d ciünty twt. ve weeks previous to sald day of hearini: A ime coi-y. fc' WUJJAM U. HAKUIMAN, uu ij luim o v Judge of Proliate. 1 WM. G. DOTY, Probate Register, JOij j,j


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