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Adulterated Teas

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k i prettv gcncrally knuwn tlmt the preparad in tb Baal for America and Europwu) OOOUmpUon are udnlt. luit ootnparativolv leu pcople are aware of the eztent to whlcb tliis adulteration is oarried on, or what mibstances are OMd. M. Hossen, a Frcnrli cheratst of note, bas Lion Df the subject íes bed! l.-iiil !-furr tl a mlemv ofwici He fiiids thal PruMlao bhw, indigo and gypwra, in tmall qoantltie, are tbe principal in_'nMHenta aèaployed u Inopart tbc "face," or "bloom." i ld tliat in the jirojiortions iMed tbey ut nry innoeaotia. This adultcratioii UÜCM pISM lien: the ]pl:li)ts are ral fl; hut more uxtenalve aduJteratioD lently indulL'cd in by the Europeans, w lm. uitli tlieireuperior knm have BUrpassed the Asiática In their fraud by use of iili more dangeron drug?, Mirh uchmmata of Iwd and anenicata of copper, beslde making om "t comparativcly inniHMious ntMtMCta, Midi :i u! pbate of iriHi. ttearttes, carbonate ol lime and magiH'siii. Tlie Chloeae have lit'conic most export iu iiianipukili.r frreen teaa, wliich ilnv color wilt) a few simple nl ia - foï ex:iinpl i !)!'.' . run mini and kolin. W ii ml the truc leaf '¦ they can produce a tea of any In order to give the inferior or l'alse laf the aroma of the tea, tlic tiala miz n quantity of it witli eertaln flowers, especial ly species of olive. In i-liort. according to llusscn, no injiuions 11 omitted in the Celestial empirc to palm M the milcr barlmrian inierior or falte u-a-, in the laailliy teíírowin diütricte the government bas a irs who ure requlrefl to 9ee t lint t ara dispatched in a pure 'lbc preoautlon, however, avails littk - tor al the ihipplng porti there is do .ittiiii] '1 te pri'ent inrrrhants, or hroimin ccimininrin.r tlieir fraiuhilciit MMtéoH) wliich tlicy carry on to tiltileontaat


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