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Battlo Creok, MichiganB lCAKUTACTTTBXItS OF 1ÏTE ONI.Ï GESCDT1 THRESHERS, Traction and Plain Englnes and Horse-Powers. MMt Complete TbroiherFactaiTi Establlshed In the World. i 1848 AA yp 1QA oconUnwrutandruceetufulbttti, k I I CHltO ncw, without cilantro or natuo, u A iimiaCDM'Tit, or location. f " tacfe thm B-m t. t rf, y. uti au ouryMCU. POWER SKPABATORS an Complete Stcnm OutHütof mafrhltsgjnialittea. fin ft Truc t ion I-'iikíuch and l'luiii Ënginem ever seen In the Auu-rii -an market. A multitud of tpedal featurw and improvetnerUs fOT 18H1 , toirother wtth prior qwtlitiew in corwtrnction and material not dreamed of by otlior makers. l'i-iir hi?n of Beparatora, from 6 to 12 hortte capacity, for stvam or hor $c power. ïwo stylea of " Monnted rt H'T-IaweCT. 7fUA AAA Feet of SetoctM Lnmber ttVVWW {fromthreetorixyearênir-drird) coriHtaiitly un bami, from wbich is built Üio incomparable woxi-work of tnir maclünery. TRACTION ENGINES Sfrongtst, must durnbie.andeffirtentever jpkSf tnadc , 10, 13 Uarse Power, t ¦ dreuiam sent froa AddroBB r-t, NICHOLS, 6HEPARD & CO. B.irtle Creek, Mlohlsan. ias)-52 TUTTS PILLS INDORSED BY PHYSICIANS, CLERGYMEN, AND THE AFFLICTED EVERYWHERE. THE GREATEST MEDICAL TR1UMPH OF THE AGE. SYMPTOMS OF A TORPID LIVER. Lojspf appetite.Naiisoii, hnwpls coRtive, Pain in theHeiu!,with n tïïiTl smntion in the back part, Pain under the shoulderaftor calina, with a disinlinatinn to exFTtion of body or mind, ïrntubility of temper, Ijtjw spirits. Lom of mt-mory, with a feeling of ha ving peg. lected soine ilnty, wearineBs, Dizzinesa, ï'lutteri:.. art. Dota before the eyea, Vc hfeadache, Heatlegañess at hight, highly colored tTrine. IF THESEWAENINGB AEE UNHEEDED, SERtOUS DISEASES WILL SOfiN BE DEVELOPED. TUTT8 PILLS are elallyadaptedto nekCMn,oiiedoH ¦nVct-niirhachange of feellii as to Hstoiiih the aufTerAr. They lnrrpiie llic App4lfte, and cause the IXMly t Tilt on FI4H1K, tlius thf syatem Is iKiiirlihrii. in ! by ih.-i 1 Tunlr tc-tlnu on tbe ¦ It-KmiM. Iteyulnr Wt.Mtls produced. l'rlci' S tints. 35 Slurrnj HU, M.Y. TUTT'S HAIR DYE. itíA v IlAiit i.r W'iiisK kks changt'd to a Qi 111 A.-K by a ringle nppltiation or ttils Dïi. It Impart a natural iMilur, act IiiMtaiiluiiuuualy. I "ylirutfK'tta, .1 ,fi. Offlce, 35 Murray 3t., New York. f Dr. TITT'S X M II ,.r Vtl„.l,r l„r„rn„„ ,„rt k l4ul Kr.r)ib wlll ka .IU Ult „. ,ppll,.llo..f wismw&m jut PRICES PEOPLE CAN AFFORD to PAY. Lkrgesk and nemtt MBPitnwmi bf Backgrouixl and iMMKuriMt INSTANTANEOÜS 'SELATINE' WOEK Por Bables IMctures. Best CardPhotogTaphs, - $2.50 per doz. Best Cabinets, - 6.00 " 220 &. 222 W08DWARD AVE., DKTROIT. - - mcH. ireir,. U


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