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Tbl tandard aitlclc II compouodei .i,w Kreatent care. ""k thIU efïoct re M wondcrfnl tnd atirtactort It reatora rw or faded to ltf yomhhi ' It removes all empilone, ilchlng and „ and the alp by lta ue bccomes white aidTT "" By it tonle properttof It ruten the „ Kland to the.r normal vlEor, prevent!, L""? and raaking the halr grow thick and -troné ' As a dre-iing, nothii.g ha been lound ,'efr, or deslrable. Dr. A. A. lUye,, State Awayer of MaMach,,.. Jyt of It : "1 collier It the bel prraCl it intended purpofes." m W BUCKINGHAM'S DTï, For Ihc hi.k rv Tbla elepint preparatlon may he relied , ctange the color of the h,rd frm jrray or „,1" nndealrable .hade, to bro or black, at tij, It it eaally applled, belnir in one pr.-paratto V qulckly and effeclaally produces a permanent kT whicu wlll nelther rub nor wash off. MANÜFACTURED BT R.P.HALL&CO.,Nashua,N.H Bold by all Drnititisn and Dealers In Medici. 1030-1073 -e6w Tlie Leading Toy S: Fancy Doods House OF MICIÏ. Whcn í siüng the City of Detroit do not fj,, , HEYN'S ""nUk Formcrly Russell House Bazaar. whi l(K'.ttMÍ itijj Woodwmrd tvcnui f the old ALHAMBRA LCLLAE STOSE. These two well-known places of public nat. ge have rrccntly lx;en cnnsolniate.l undtron, .'einent. aml to cali pecijl i tenlion to our lajgl and well sclectedline o( Toys, Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Plated Ware, Whitney Children's Carriages, Velocipedes, Espress Wagons, te., h. Which we will continue to sell at popular pnces. Ancarlycall is raapeclfullv fl. HEYN & BRO„ HEYN'S BASAAE, 92 WOODWARD AVE., KITUOIT, tnCH. 1!I7 rt. H. DOWNS I VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR) Is a sure cure for Cougha, Colds.F Whooplng-Cough, and U Lungt Diseases, when taken in eason. I People die of consuroption iimp-B y because of neglect, when thrl timeljr use of this remedjr woulüB have cured them at once. F%ftu-one veart of eon-b Iatant use prorei the fact that no R coughremedj hat itood the test I like novena Elixir. I Prlo SSo. 60o. uid f 1 1 10 per bottl. For 81 ry wherft. Dr.'Baxter's Mandrakei JUlTTËBJSi Will cure Jaundice, Dyspepsia.B IJver Complaints, Indigestión,! and all diseases arislng front Bill iousness. Price 25 ets. per bottlc. I For 8aU ETerywhtn. IIKS1IÏ Si JOIINSON'8 ÁRNICA AND OIL I LINIMENTJ For .Unit mul itctisl f The most perfect liniment evetl compounded. Price 35c and 50c I For Stle ETerywhara. 10161 fSTAND BACKty. flW lft - aW% I 5OA_J Jf (ireat improvement! PtrbcÜT barmkaj tuclotliesorskin. Try it. DiieOtMOSaimpIl KenulLs magioal; KaveKii;arlyulh!ieril]lnaj' ltt&liO ' W. TREMAN 11S1111E6 m OFFICK OVEE CASPEE EINSEY'S GEOCEBT ST0S1 COR. HUKON AND FOVHT1I I . ortli Hrlli-li liiMiriWMT omj'! (of London and Edinburgh,) ('apltal IS.Omno. Oold. Detroit Flrc and Marino In. ( Cub AfK.-ti IHW.UUU SprliiKfleld In. Coinp'J-"1 """¦' Cah Aacte...-....$l.)(',t' Howard In, o., ff .- lrk Caah Aaaew tl (lOU.OtPU. Agrlfiilltirul IiiKiiraiit-e omp' WATKHTOWN, - NEW YORK, Cah Asueto tl. 200,000. Loases liberally adjiistcd and prompt M rr „.! %¦ pi on lont rrr.UI t PUL A Jaay term., lui. P r MM 9 rllniate. fre UllLn -'rroX' MILLIONS OF ACRES '¦" lor sale In the a% ik I aC COLDEN BELT A Al of Kanaaa, by the bj ¦% laf V UNION PACIFIC RAILWAY, of ai rleh 80II o the un eTer &" on, wltb Kood niHrkcts en and " Tor Berrfpr and Tlluttratett urith Map: tien Free, AtldreU LAND COMMISSIONER,-Kan$s Dlv KANSAS CITY. MIS8OURI. 11MÖ-.VH ____-- STEPHEN PHATT, NrrACTri!ïB or High ui Low Pressnre B Of all kinds. SvIdKK IKON WOIUC. -Jll -I rest. bstwwo Thlrtli1 Kon Repalrlngdoue. Rlvetó and Boller TjfjJ, ' sale.


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