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iviimr.ri .i-hoi census is now being tuken. AJilernmn Luick and wife were seremulèil la-st Tuosday eveuinjr. Tlie public wcll in the lower town is to have a $7 pump, hy order of the common councit. A. L. Noble is extending his store i the nar, and has the foundation therefor alrwidy luid. A. W. Ilamilton lias let the contract for a new house on Traver street, 6th ward, to dbst $.JOU. Nxt Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 3Oth, the nu-etings of tlie juvenile teinperance union will be resuined. Cholera infaiitum has taken away quite a íiumber of children in our city during the past few weeks. T7._ I. .,-, „, r„n atitet l,i;jgc orct tho Huron s (inishwl, and tennis are now allowed to travel over it. - ' ? The ctange in the liquor law makes a drunken man Hablo to anest and the penalty s fine and iniprisonment. Ion't forget the next meeting of the county pioi eur society, to be held in this oity on the 7ili of Setcinber. A inisplaeed switcli caused a little smash up at the M. ('. depot Tuecday nioniiiig, but 110 Berious daniage was done. Xct Mond.iv tlicic II be a game of ba#e liall bVtwMO the Ann Arborand Ypsilanti base bal] clubs, on the campus. The ncw chairs tor the opera house are being obnstructed by Ailes & Gretton, we iiiidirstand, an assurance of a pood job. W.S.Ross is about to commence the erection ofan $1,800 house on his newly purchased lot, corner Main and Sunimit Sts. Capt. E. P. Allen, of Ypsilanti, is annoiinced for a teinperance speech at the resiience of 3Irs. Gilbeit Allen, In Lodi, Mxt Sunday afternoon. Miss Alico DenglasB, a teacher in the first ward school, has resigned, and Miss ('Inlils, rtaujrhter of Aaron Childs, of Augusta, hss been employed to take her place. Geo. F. E. Duncan, live years oíd, son of Jas. 1). and Ifsttie E. Duncan, of the 5th wanl, died on Sonday, the 21stinst., of cholera inorbus. Worden is the name of a new station north of the city, on the T., A. A. & G. T. extensión, and a new depot building is bcing erected there. Au effort is beiii atde to induce an eastern lady to start a kindergarten in the city. öuch un enterprise would no douW bc well j)atronized. ?¦¦ Ifm Jlmy Adieu, divorced wife of L. B. Kellogg, of this place, died in Detroit last Saturday, and her remains were brought to tliis city for interinent. The school board lias decided to put a flag wulk around the square on which the high school stands, and thestone is already being dclivervcd for the same. There is ;i long artiele going the rounds ¦of the papers telling j)eople what not to do in making calis. U so„ie one write an article telling the people what to dof (11 I. B. Grosvenor and family, of Montee, have removed to Ann Arbor, vhere they will rmnatn until the education f their cliildren shall have been comjiletetl. Deacon Sylvester Bliss, brother of Daniel and Calvin Bliss, of thU city, died at Whitestown, N. Y, August 17th, on the farm whcre he was bom, at the advanced age of 83 years. The next pomological meeting will be lield the 3d of September, at two o'clock p. m., in the basement of the court house. Subjects: Best fence for au orchard; fall planting; the prices. An item in last wcek's Courier referrItlK to the announcement for the new school of music, should have stated that t'ie pamphlct coiituincd 34 pages Instead of 16. Geo. Daniier, of Noithfleld, died on Saturday last, froin injuries received the Tuesday previous by falling from a scaffold. 11e was aged 44 years, and had resid1 in Northfield the past 40 years. lt is stated that the Vanderbilt interest lias purchased the Detroit, Hillsdale and Sonthvetfan R. R, and will use it to run oppodtton to tlie Butler branch of the Wabash. Detroit,, will not object The animal premium list of the Wasbteiiavvcounty agricMltinal and horticultural society ia being piflnted at the Codmbr office, and „ill be out carly next weeV. It will be a pamphlel of over GO para Look out for t. The smull boy and diminutivo girl have each Been making the most of this tbe liwt week of vuoation. Next Mo.xlav the l'Ul.lic schools will o,,en, and tlien fort weeks „f 8tudy looms up hefore thom l!ke liorricl pli;iiiluiii. B. -föhn Ahilmstl-r h:18 returne.l from ie cast and -II occupy ,lis pi1 t next 'ii.,lny morniof and erwüag. He says . s surely recovering 1„t '""Iti, and will r,;ITUlhl „o,, weck, , lo Cortland. X. Y. I'r-r. :. K. Groene luis examined the w. l.„ tihc ,„,;,,,„,, oneithersideofth 'l'l BuUwrland Mok, m Mai„ street, and -.nM,„,,dt,,ostr,„f;t„ellil,KSufflc.e;itl.ür Wy. Ihe repui,i„g , tlli, sore ""w be pushed with vigor. Ye ecoQouiiciil koMtkoepei Jut raad Un: Ii la síüiI that in canning fruit O0i pound of augur slirml in the fruit after it is cooked, wliile yet warm, wil] make the fruit as sweet as two and a quartcr pounds added while the fruit is boiling. Peter Ingalls is causing broad sniiles of happy satisfaction to spread over the counteiianees of residents on South División street, by building a new concrete walk in front of his residence, and no one is glulder over it than Peter himsulf. A little daughter of Jas. Shirley, of No. 48 Thompson street, picked up a traveling bag, evidently the property of a canvassing agent, on Liberty street, last Saturday. The owner can secure the same by calling on Mr. Shirley and proving property. Wlieat has advanced about 12 cents a bushei in the last few days and it may advance more, but we see no reason or good cause for the great advance. We are inclined to the opinión th:it during the next few weeks will be a good time to sell. Sílice the famous song of "Our Grandfather's Clock," none of the popular songwriters have succeeded in touching the popular heart. We haven't had a "rage" on a song in a long time. Another sure slgn of the end of all terrestrial things. An entertainment was given by the flremen at the big tent last Tuesday evening, for the purpose of raising funds to visit the Coldwater tournament. There was a good sizeil audience in attendauee, and the entertainment itself was enjoyable and well received. Unless the OalesUurg Express la gicau at fault, they must have very energetic young folks at that place. Here's what that journal's says: " A couple went out after "huckleberries" and arter being gone two days and one night returned home ; ith two quarts." , The regular inniial s liool meeting for thls school district wlll be held in the common council room, at the couit house, Sept. 5th, one week froui next Monday. Three trustees are to be chosen in the place of Dr. V. B. Smithj Leonard Gruner and Col. John L. Bnrleigh. One of the editors of the Detroit Evening News says he likes pins fried in butter better tliau he likes sunfish. The editor of the Cocbikr has never tried the pins, but he has tried a great many kinds of iish fried in butter, and his choice among thera all is a nice, fat sunñsh. Some oí the young bloods of our city who have great faith In their pedestrian ability, prppose to "hoof it" to Detroit tomorroYV, Karilllg Kom tho oonrt house steps. Our boot and shoe merchants speak very encouragiiifjly of such sports and believe them very healthy. The Farr liquor law (known as the ironelad pólice bilí) goes into effect on the 15th of September. The temperance people of this state say they propose to see that this law is enforced, so, perhaps, t might be a good idea for those intercstt-d to look to its requirements. While in Flint the other day the writer noticed that a general grade for all the strects had been established, and all street work was being done in accordance therewith. Did our aulhorities realize how fine it made those streets look we are sure they would adopt a similar course here. Last Monday evening the animal meeting of Zion's Lutheran church was held for the election of offlcers for the entalng year, and the following were choseu : Deacon, Wm. Merkle ; trustees, Christian Hoffstetter, A. D. Seyler; secretary, Gotlieb Kurz; treasurer, A. D. Seyler. The Womans' Christian Temperance Union holds regular meetings Tuesday's at 3 o'clock p. m. On the 30th of August our quarterly uniou prayer meeting is held, beginning at 2 o'clock p. in. Members of the union please take notice and accept this as a special invltation tobe present. The normal school of Ypsilanti is again without a head, Dr. Mac Vicar having resigned to take the presidency of a Baptist college at Toronto, Canada. The doctor will have amoug the advantages of his new position a broader field in which to labor, more agreeable duties, and last, but not least, a larger salarv. v Col. Jolm L. Burleigh will tako his theatrical tour under the management of B. Frank Bower, of the Detroit Evening News staft'. Everybody who knows hiin will join in the hope tliat the Colonel will draw such houses tliat Fiank's pocketbook will need an addition on each side to hold the receipts. The county examiners of schools met last Tnesday and carried out the rest of the program. They elected Mr. Zelotus Truesdel, of Puntiac, secretary. The renumeration of the secretary of tliis board will be in the neighborhood of f500 per aiiiium. It is to be lioped the grand consummation of this project will be satisfactory to the people of the county. Gov. Ashley, of the Toledo, Aun Arbor and Grand Trunk R. R., is making arrangements by which freight can be shipped from Lansing to Columbus, O., via Ann Arbor, without breakingbulk. It is given out that passenger truins will also run between the two places without change. Which will niake a most excellent route, and one liable to pay the carrieis. Thomas Kearns was elected flnancial secretary of Ann Arbor council, No. 36, R. T. of T., on Monday evening last, to ÜU vacancy, occasioned by the resignation of Mr. D. P. Jlarkey, who is about to leave tlie city and take up his resideuce in the northern part of the state. Mr. Markey has been book-keeper for E. J. Knowlton, of this city, for a number of years, and his i many friends in this city are loth to have '. him depart. Florian Muehlig, who was well known to the people of our city as a furniture dealer, died very suddenly last Monday morning, of cholera morbus. He was takeu sick early in the morning, and at one o'clock p. m . was dead. Mr. Muehlig has been a íesident of this city his entire lifetime, a period of 30 years, and was a biothor of John and Andrew MnebUg. His funeral was held last Thursday from Zion's Liltberan church. The Ypsllantian sends us word that the CouuiER was careless last week in crediting one of lts items to "Ypsilanti," and in not crediting another one at all, and says: "This calis for be-lud ! Look out for us !" We have been looking out ever slnce, but lmveii't 8ecu him, and have come to the conclusión thut the sober, second thought of Bro. Woodruff has ulmonished liiui that lt wlll not do toallow trivial tflingi to so liarrow up one's feelings, especially in hot weather. The editor of the Mt Ciernen Monitor asserts that the decline of the camp-meeting is au evidencc of advancing reason. According to the reporta from soine of the meetings throughout the state, we ihould be inclined to sanction the statement A è&mp-tteettng that is obliged to enginecr a Sunday excursión to swell its ranks and make money, would especially come under tliia category. Chautauqua, Bay View, Charlevoix, and Rome City would hardly be classed in the decllning list, however, The Sillín,. Observer is rospoiwiblo tor tlus item: "An Iowa man, who used to own a watermelon patch and a buil dog, is having constructed for the world's fair a log cabin quilt containing 2,138 pieces. The blocks are relies of boys' pants pried out of the jaws of the buil dog during the yean that the owner was general manager of the melon patch. Boys, beware! Keep out of melon patches." We Imrdly plek up an exchange but in lt we find "au oi)en letter" to somebody about something or other. Many of thera are without signature, and many with a nom de plume. What is geuerally understooil by an open letter is plain talk from OM man to another over his own signature. Open letters under assumed names are similar to hotel hash on a French bill of fare-mighty high sounding, but the same old thing after all. Some of the letters are open ones, too, "wlde open." A party of boys and girls went upon a "cooning" expedition last Saturday and Suiiday nighu, purlolning pears, grapes, etc. Those entering into that soit of siwrt (?) evidently do so through thoughtlessness, and under the influence o( bad leaders, but they should stop and consider, for "cooning" is but a sugar-coated name for stealing, aiul any person caught at it would be treated as a thief. People who labor hard to raise fruit dislike to be robbed of t. Those who are inclined to these questionable expeditions should think seriously about the business before entering into it. I The reveliitiou is a terrible one. Here Michigan has been saillng along for nearly Half OouKÏlj , , „,„,„ ,„ „i!= , , with biennial sessiona of her legislaturei and yet DO law has ever been placed upon her statute books providing punishment for breaking into u dwelling-house in the iiight time, where no intent to steal or coinmit and other unlawful deeds could Ue shown. At least JustlceCuiiniiignam.of Marshall, so rules, and the lawyers don't seeui to fiiKl anything to the contrary. An extra session of the legislature or a constitutional convention should be called immedlately and this thing rectifled. The Ypsilantl Sentinel is opposed to the erection of buildings- in Ann Arbor- and yolunteers the following advice to the Unltarian society of this city : "The Unitarian church of Ann Arbor will not be built this year, ánd probably not of stone when it is built- and, now, if they gain in wisdom, we think they will not build at all." Bilt the society referred to evidently don't take mucfa stock in the peculiar kind of "wisdom" the Sentinel deals in, and are going ahead with their church. The foundation walls uw t lt laM tMa foll, Hn(j Qext season the entire edifice will be completed. Stone will bu used tnatead of brick in IU construction, also. The regular constituled conimission authorized to inspect the different companies at state malitia, examined Co. A last Satunluy foreuoon, the drill benig g ven on the campus. Capt. Manly asserts that the boys did farbetter tlian he had anticipated, and thinks that If they fail to be accepted n the ï'oiktown brigade, t will not be because of deficiency ia drill or want of soklierly bearing. The Yorktown tickets will be sent out Sept. 15th. In this connection it niight not be out of place to state that the gtate military board have allowed each militiiry company in the service $100 per year with whichto pay ligbts, fuel, etc. An act of jusbice. When the city schools open next Montlay mornlng, Mrs. Eliza Botsford, who for upwards of twenty-flve years has been a teacher in our schools, will be missed from lier accustomed place. At the close of the schools lasi june sne lelt tor a visit to her daughter Mrs. Ada Graber, in California, and has since tendered her resignation, Intending, we learn, to pass the remalnder of her days on the Pacific slope. Mrs. Botsford has been an excellent instructor, and v;is the oldest teacher in point of service in the schools of the city. Her place will be fiUed by Miss Alice P. Myrick. Miss Cornelia F. Kerr, formerly a teacher here, but who has been employed elsewhere for the past few years, takes a higher grade than has heretofore been taught in this building- the 4th ward school- and will be the principal. Last VVedncsday moriiing at about eight o'clock Airs. Klizubetli Dean, who was aged about 2a years, was found dead In bed by her mother, witli whoiu slie was reddlng, on Fourth streek .The deceased was married in the month of February, 1880, and leaves au nfant child for other hands to rear. Mrs. Dean was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Allen, of this city, and was a great favorito among her circle of acquaintances. She had been ill for a long time, but had no idea of being so near death'a door, as she had made arraugements to go on a visit the next day. Mr. Dean was not at home at the time, but was immediately summoned by telegrupli. The case is a very sad oiie. We have repeatedly warned our readers respecting counterfeit coin, but it seems that we are again called upon to add another warning to those already given. Somebody has been mean euough tocounterfeit tlie blarsted, short-weight silver dollar, and they have done their work well. This is how it is described: "A new counterfeit silver dollar, bearing the date of 1878, has made its appearance and is pronounced by the sub-treasury as the best counterfeit ever seen. It is made of a a very heavy substance and so heavily plated as to resist acid, and can only be detected by scratching the surface. The size and weight are alniost perfect and it requires the finest scales to detect it." ! Last Sabbath closed the series of six union meetings of the Methodist and Presbyterian societies. The flrst three Sundays Ilev. Dr. Alabastcr preached in the Presbyterian pulpit, and the pulpit of the M. E. church was occupied the following tlnee Sundays by Iiev. Dr. Steele. The idea of these two large congregationi nniting during the extreme sumnier weather, lias been carried out with excellent results. Besides affordiug the two pastors a brief vacation without the complete stopping of thelr work, it luis been the meanu of placing the people of these two Chris tian churchesin more intímate and friendly relations. We are of the opiuion tlial the iroocl example once set will be followed in the future. As the late Bishop Haven was so well known In ourmidst, and tfeiienilly elalmed as a n Ann Arbor man.perhaps the following in reference t him and bis family, taken from the Michigan Ohristian Advocate, may be of interest to our readers: "Bishop K. O. Haven was bn ried in Lee Mission cemetery, in Salem, Oregon. He made his will the day before his death, and calmly prCpared for his departure. The particular of the closing scène have not yet been made public, luit there is no doubt of his triumphant death. The close of a life is generally beautiful. Iiishop Haven leaves live children: Prof. E. O. Haven, for eight years principal of the EVMNtoo, 111., public schools ; Dr. A. C. Haven, surgeon of the steanier City of Pekin; Irs. Francés II. Moss, wifo of Prof. C. M. Moss, of the Illinois Wesleyan university; Mrs. Mira E. Draper, wife of Qideon F. Diaper, inissionary at Yokoliama, Japan, and Theodore W., who was with his futlier fioni the lötb uit. till his dciith. A cuiplc of weeks or so ago we publiahcd a litcrary curiosity, giving the suortMt sentences ever written, in whicli every letter of the alphabet appears. Edward C. Hoyt, of Séneca Falls, N. Y.., a former Washtenaw county stenographer, has reduced the tuing to par, 27 letters- ncluding the short &- no repetition. We very much doubt any person excelling it. Here's the sentence : Lwhttonc'D. Z. BRUSK. It might be well to add that "Jowl" is his own nom de plvme, while "D. Z. Brusk" that of the Boston lawyer who wrote the next shortest sentence, containing thirtyone letters: "Z. Badger: Thy vixen jumps quick at fowl." The Manchester Enterprise man is a firm believer in watermelons. He tliinks they possess curativo virtues also. Hear what he saya "Watermelon contains abont 85 per cent. of the purest of water, and a trace of the purest sugar, and nothii"K has been discovered that furnishes so perfect and ipetdy a 'cure' for sununer coni[ilaint as watt rmelon, and nothing else. Even when dianlicea has been kept up by continued eatiug of ordinary food, until the Uisease has beconie chronic, this delicious beverage- for it is little more- watermelon, taken freely two or three times a day, has again and again been known to work wonders, and to cure when the usual remedies have failed." The Ann Arbor juvenile band are to give a grand concert at Costello's liall, Dexter, on Friday evening of next week, Sept. 2d. The program arranged for the occasion is of rare merit and can not fuil ..........,;„ „.„i r, tilose wll0 ma to hear it. This band is undoubtedly composed of the youngest ratisicians of any like organization in the United States, and the music which they produce is really wonderful for such youthful performers. The boys have nice new unifornis and now they are desirous of securing some new instruincnU. Those attending this eatertatnment will surely be amply repaid for the expenditure of time and money, besides helpiHg aiong a worthy enterprise. Give tlie boys a full house. A young lady visiting town lust week had been teaching school in the northern península, and she tells tliis amusing story of her experience : One day she had requested all the children to ask tbeir parents whether they were animáis or not. One old wom:in was quite indignant that the question should be raised about her species, and told her child she was not an animal. When the teacher called for the answers all but this little girl thoagbt that tliey were animáis. The little girl would not give it ap, and told lier mother about U. 1 He nexi Uay the teacher received a note which we have kindly been allowed to print. It reads as follows : Miss C- lf you no what mannerg Is you will avoid Pedentry in your school if you uuder stand your self yuu will avold Pedentry in all Soity I dout end my Child for you to larn her tiow to talke properley but for you to lam her books when I want her to be larut how to talke 1 will seud her to some one that I thlnk Is capaule of doing il 1 did not cum up iu thls wild kuntry to take lesons you must not thlnk that peple that comes lrom ohlo do not no eney tlifnKyou had beter go down to Clevlaud or sanduskey or builow or palnsvll 1 gess you will flud your eqt-al Iu raanners or talke she has hlu wrun over euuff by caulDles slnc she bas bln goiug to suhool god ghos uo retipees lo no one yours witb respecs