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A coimty baad tournament is talked of ilurinj; fu ir week. l.tves of wealthy raen ruinlml us That l'.v "Milu prlnter's lnk, Wt t-an dleaud leuve behind us, Moiialrous pilen ofgoldeu "chlnk." The eiglitli ezbtbltion of the Hrighton market fair assoclaÜOU will be held Oct. 11 to 14th. The question now su;g('t itself, is the corpuleiicyacquired by drinking beer laud.ible "pus?" _ Do not forget tlie annóal school meeting next Monday, In the corainon council room, coiirt house. _ Don't leave your hammockii lawn chaire, etc., out nights, lor there Ufl great deal of sneak tliieving reponed lately. Services will be resumed in the Unitaria rhurcli next Sunday morriing. Preaching liy Bcv. Ira C'. Hillman. ot Jackson. Our Dexter frlenda Bbould reinember tbe confcert to be glve'n by the Aun Arbor uviiiile band at Costcllo's hall, to-night. Kobt. J. Price, at one time a meniber oí ni ririn of Tripp, Ailesit Itiof, fouudrymen, died last Tuesday mornlng, aed 65 years. We sUould jiuljíe that tlour is clieap in some Inralities in Michigan, by the quantities of paste with wbich some of our exchanes coiné daubed. The faiiiurs' picnic, held at Whitoióre L-.ike last Saturday, was not very largcly attended, we undentaqd, but thosc who were present had a good time. Howard S. Peters, son of Geo. A. Peters, of Scio, died last Sunday, in Detroit, where lie was employed as a book-keeper in a large wholesale house. Funeral was lield Tuesday from bis fathei's residence. Ilere and there is found a mad dog. The best way to niuzzlo a dnjc is to put the muzzle of a well fed shot gun to the dog's head ind pub" the trisger. If the gnt goes off the dog don't. - Lowell Jourual. Ha ! ha! boys, put thls ia your gun and shoot it : A recent decisión of the stipreme court Is that jjame is the property of the state, and no man has a right to shoot it out of season, even on his own land. These lines, takeft from the Mason News, re especlally applicable to this locality : Tli HQeak who Kleals, whlle tliu nlght Htars gleam, The cups irom the court-house well, WHI ilnd. wlien liecrowesdeth'8 darkatream He'u tlcketed straight dweil 1 ïi the land they uow cali Hades. The Pontiac school board have a very fine ent of their high school building, anc they advertise their school in the public prints, the same as any university or collage would do. Wblch denotes, at least n enterprising school board. You can see cornet " C " pioviding you look where slie am. In the northwestern sky lower down and to the left of where cornet B vanished. At least that is where ahe was a nightor two ago. Slie isa "frisky critter,'' and may be off on a fly now. " Firm " Hendrickson, we regret to an nounce, has lactttced a thumb upon the altar of base ball. ín playing a game a few days since, lie injured his thumb, ani i n (lui ni,' t up the banüage was drawn too tiglit, causin;; niortiflcation to set in, making aniputation neces-ary. Tlie funny fellow who is always flring Sharp things at yon, wanted to know of us the other day if we knew lliat Maud S. was a Catholic ? We protested our entire ignorance of Maud S's religious predelictions, whcn he said : '"Such must be the fact, or she wouldn't have so many f;ist days." ni The local editor of theAnn ArborCoURiER re taras UittMk loru ini'KN ofsunfish sent in by su itilnilrliiK piaron A man who can be tuanlcful nftt-r enting ii siinilsh would go lnto eesla cls over a paper of pias frled in butler. - Ben ton Harbor Times and Palladluin stealinga. Even the )ins would be preferable, honestly obtained, l lian the ïi.-li stolen, as was the above item from the Detroit Evening Néws. An exchange says : Some church societi'-H are imltating a certaiu class of business men. They ask the newspapcrs to ?lve them free noticcs to help them along, tml wln-n they want printing done run around and dicker with some job office, in order to get their woik done at lcss tlian living prices. A matter of apples.- Boston Times. A matter of oourBe- horse raclng. - Elevated Kuilwy Journal. A matter of coarse- crash towI. -st. l.uiiis Spirll. A matter of corps - our lanilla.- Chaff. A matter of chorus- two tom'¦Uim a WíMxiMhiii ut mldnlghl - Adrián Press Of course the coarse chorus of the corps lias no conriection witli the fust cores, luit as a matter of corpse- the pickling vat yields well. The old house of K. Ijiick, was purcliased by Patrick Martin, who moved it trom its location on Ijberty street, to a lot on Fourth streel, just north of the Old Lamb lock factory. Mr. Martin hasadded anothr story, nnd when coinpleted he will have tjuite a rcspectablo lxking house which will be a credit to the locality. The Ann Arbor Coijhier In lts chip basket Kiiys "Diivlui! Jrlsh u.lilinKii lp purlmiMit U) their store." Wouder whafs becoineof Mr. Irlsti, and who thls Mr. Irlsh I. íeader" (Joubik" Pleiut luform us?-Dexter Yes, the CorniKii will. Mr. Irish isa near rclatm - half brotlicr, perliaps- to Mr. "üavis" of the firm of "Devine & Davih," fttr wiidin the Leader once prfnted i higi paekage of biU-head. Lucy W. S. Morgan is foreclosing in the Jackson (.iicuU court, a mortgage on the ground.s on w,(., tile re)Hr glopg of the M. 0. i. EL ar.' koeatad, in Jaekm, on i claim of IM.8QHL Sl„. originally owned 400 acres of land in this virinity. She has recently foreclosed a uiortgage on an 80 acres for $30,000, and tbe was connrined. We notiee in tin; JCxpivss, puMlthad at Mason City, lowa, the maniate f J. J. Ü'Kourke, and Mrs. Katic K. UeCracken, mth ét Miisou City, on tlK lStli of AagOBt, The members of Co. A, 5th regiment lowa tate troops, of which " Jerry " is captain, urrounded tlie house tfter the ceremouy, ired a sal u te., and protenttd the bride with m elegant silver tea set. " Jerry V' oW 'rienda here will be plwted to learn of hig rosperity. i Mr. W. A. Mosley, ior the past 8ix years ioket agent at this station, moved liis fam ly and household effects last week to Ann Arbor, where thcy will uiake their future lome. The News is sorry to have Mr. M. unl his pleasant lady go from among us, nul eomuiends thein to the good graees of of the Ann Arbor people, knowing that our on is thelr cerlaiu gain. - Grass Lake News. _ The Aun Arbor pólice have determlned to slop Mie pluyiiigof bime ballonSuiuliiys Iu that Ity. - Jucksun Citizen. 1 low singular that such slanders do get abroad ! Why, all of our ball players are churcli going young men. They would not look at a ball ouly upon week days, and to handle a bat on Sunday would send theni into spasras. Our wicked neighbors need not be alarmed. The pólice will have an easy job. All of tiie Germán societies of this city are to unite in a grand picnic and entertainment, next Moiulay aftornoon and erenlng, at Relief park, The program conit of siiiging, dancing, etc., and a tnerry time is in pro8]ect. The Germans never fail to enjoy theniselves at their picnics. We are requested to statu thal in case of the death of Uie President the exereises win be postpom'd. Mrs. Estlier Thompson, of this city, died od Monday lust, of pneumonía, at the residence of her sob Cletnent K. Thompson, of Battle Creek, where she had been visiting. The deceased was the wife of the late John Thompson, of the lst ward, who died a few montfal ago, and was 73 years of uge. Mrs. A. J. Sutherland, of this city, is a daughter of the deceased, and her remains were brought hcre for ir.terment. U's dry and hot And the weather Is not catcnl&ted tO mmka a man feel very amhitious. Last Tuesday. day and night, were each intolerable, alinost. By day the perspi ration pon red out of a body in torrents - (to be taken witli a few grains of allowance) - and the night wasso warm thatold Morpheus could not be coaxed with any .degrtc of comfort. Wednesday wasn't much of any better. This was written Tknradaj morning, before the rain. Last Tbureuay inuiuing j. r. retan, one of the oldest pioneer of this section of the state, and most respected citizens of this city, was removed by death, caused by dise:ise of the kidneys. He bas lived here ever since McUgan was a tciiitory, and by strie.t attention to business, coinbiued with eoonomy, aecumulated a competencj-. He will be missed, and his family have the sympathy of the community. N. V. Cochran, state superintendent of public instruction, notifies County Clerk Clark that owing to unavoidable delays In binding, that only one copy of the school lawa can at present be furnished to each school district. These were received by Mr. Clark last Wednesday, and by him iramediately forwarded to the various township clerks of this county, on whoni the director of ench school district is requested to cali for the same. Judge Harriinan informs us that he has refused to confirm the sale of the Buchoz homestead and the property in the third ward, known as the Hawkins property - cousistipg of ftyc aercfl of land on whtrH therc is a good barn and other buildings - belonging to the Buchoz estáte. The reasons given for annulling the sale is the low price for which the property was bid in, i. e. the homestead for $2,100, and the Hawkins property for $2,850. Hou. A. J. Sawyer was the purchaser. A new sale has been ordered. The very dry weather for the past few weeks, has advanced the price of butter several cents, and also given everything iu the line of garden sauce and country produce a tirm niarket with an upward tendency. Taking the very high prices which all edible9 nattirally command iu this market, and add thereto the few cents which a scarcity always compels consumers to pay, together with the rapid advauoc in wheit and flour, and the outlook isn't very encouraging to boarding house keepers, or to a man living on a salary with a Utrge family to support. We are not more susceptible to flattery tlian othcr people, butwhen such kind and cheering words as these, from that excellent journal, the Ovid Union, comes to us, we caunot refrain from letting our readers share our joy: "The Ann Arbor Courier, Rice A. Beal's paper, is the sunshine of the Ann Arbor press, well edited, editoriallv and locally, and comes to us every week as pad) and readable as it is possible for a newspaper to be. A painstaking printer and a pressiuan who knows how to print a newspaper really make of the Cocrikk a piece of newspaper property that is worth sonuthing." _._ The Detroit Evening News asserted a few days since, that the valuation of Washtenaw county, as equuli.ed by the state board, iaat present $1,500,000 lower than it was ten years ago. We don't know where the News obtained its figures, or whether the statement 18 correct or erroneous, but we do know that the value of property in this county bas not decreased jn the past ten years, but on the contrary has increased. If the statement is true, then Washtenaw county has always been equalized too high, and lias been unjustly taxed, that other counties migbt reap the benefit. _ The oleander tree, which many of our flower loving people cultívate aniong their pot plant, is very poisonous, and people should beexceedinglycareful whocultivate cliildrcn and oleanders at the game time. for the former are very apt to piek leaTM or blossoms of liouse plants, and put them in their moutb, clther of which from this plant would prove sure death. A recent article iu the N. Y. Tribune says that a horse which had caten a bunch of leaves died in a short time. Person picking and eating the blossoms have also died from its effects. The branches divesled of bark and uscd as skewers have poisoned the meat roaslcd on them, and killed 7 out of 12 people who partook of it. "Satan iinds mischief for idle hands to do," and according to the following, from the Plymouth imge of Che Wayne Couuty Krvirw, there must be an idler about our neighboring city down the creek : "The other day a wag caHed on one of the Ypsilanti uiulertakers and inforrned him that a man by the name of George Collins, who had been boarding at the county house, a few miles west of that place, was dead, and that his services were wanted to bring the body to the city. The umlertaker hitched np his horse and went for the corpse at a lively pace. The wag then called upon another undertaker telling him the same story. The two victims of a huge joke arrived at the county house at about the same Urne, and there discovered their ' eorpse ' walkiug about the yard as usual, iu good health ! It is said that in raeing home they tried to see which would get there last ! Was that a ' dead ' give-away ? " Ann Altarte the onlycityiu Michigan th:il rcquires lier schools to commence in August. In all other eitjes in the state one weck more of vacation Is allowed, the schools cominenoingon thetirst Monday in September, and ctosingthe same date :is ours. As the weather of the last week in August is Invariably hot ánd debilltatlng, t is a quMtion whi-Uior anythfng is raaliy gained by Ilis extra week of vork. The pupils and teachers swelter away in the school room, and can certainly make little progresa, while they lose in vitality and energy more than sufticient to supply two weeks of work and stutly In anything like decent or cool weather. A cheap and use lul disinfectant s a solutioti of chloride of lead. It is inotlorous, effective, .and its cost very sniall. It umy be prepared as follows: Take half a draclun of nitrate of lead and dissolve in tf pint or more of boiling water. Dissolve two drachms of common salt in a pail orbucket of water, pour the two solutions together, and allow the sediment to subside. The clear siipernatant fluid wlll be a saturated lolutlÓB of chloride of lead. A cloth dipped in a solutiou of chloride of lead and bang up in aroom will sweeten a fetid atmosphere instantaneously, or the solution thrown down a stuk, water-closet, or drain, or overa heapof refuse, will produce a like re8ult. - Medical Record. Dexter Leader: We were glad to sec in au editorial in the Courirr of last week on "Bradlagh and the British Parliament" a condemnation of the former's course and an approval of the latter's, and after showing that Bradlaugh, who does not believe in a ""' ¦¦ nmñ at Ürst to swear by a God, but after much fuss and bluster nnaily concluiied " to swear by a God in whoin he did not believe" ending up with this quotation, "we ask our readers whether it is honorable for the otber members of parliament to It with a man who can be induced to take an oatli, wtdch in bis mind has no validity.' That's the way to put it brother Courieb. Wc wanted tosay the same tbingourselves; but, remembering our profession, were afiaid our readers would have sald, " He is pruaching." The following, from the Dunlap (Iowa) Reporter, will be of interest to the many friends and acquaintances of Dr. Arthur L. Wolden, in this, his old home. The Reporter says: " We are soiry to learu that Dr. Worden lias made up bis mind to remove from Dunlap to Des Moinesfor a permanent residence. He has been in our midst for over a year, and we had hoped he would make this his home, but it seems he has decided to cast his lot among others. He and his estimable wife have made many friends during thcir sojourn in Dunlap, who win regret to see thein depart. Tho dtn is a skillful surgeon and an eminent physician, and has au ambition to climb to the top of the ladder in his profession. The Reporter wishes them success in their new boete, and hope we may have the opportunity of seeing their pleasant faces in our midst as they can make it conveniente' A meeting of the business men of Ann Arbor was held at the court house laBt Tuesiiay evening, to adopt some plan to secure the proper aprinkliugof the streets in the business part of the city. It seems that Messrs. Polhemus and Piquette, who had been doing the work threw up the job becaSM a large number of the merchants would not pay the weekly assessment. Two or three days of dust was quite convincing that some soit of wettingdOwn was a necessity, and so there was a fair turn out at the meeting. A fter several ha d ex pii -m1 ;i 11 opinión ou the subject, a committec consisting of K. J. Brown, C. Bberbaeb and Joe T. Jacobs was appointed to make the necessary arrangements. The lirm above referred to oflered to sprinkle Mftin otitvt, li or Ami t.i YV'Ill 1.1111. ..J Huron, Washington and Liberty streets, each, from Main to Fourtli, for $50 per week; or, if the city desired to go into the business, they would sell them the outfit for 1 ,200. Wednesday forenoon the comimttee appoiuted for the purpose closed a bargain with Polhemus & Piquette, and the streets are once more wet down. At the fifth ward school house the forepart of the week, the teachers were obliged to keep their Windows closed beeause of the stench arising from a slaughter house located on the banks of the river a few blocks distant. This knowledge coming to the ears of the board of health, thev iimuediately procceded to investígate, and the investigation not meeting with satisfactory rcsults in the way of promises for the removal of the nuisancc, a case was made out against Jacob U. Binder, the owner of the offensive slaughter house, and the same was tried before Justice Granger last Wednesday. The legal title of said case was " The Mayor, recorder and aldermen of the city of Ann Arbor vs. Jacob U. Binder, upoii complaint of the board of health,'' and the complaint was for a nuisance, for keeping putrid and offensive meat, bones, mauiire, etc, about his slaughter house premises in the litth ward; that t was so excessive that the windows of the fifth ward school building had to be kept closed, to the injury of the health of the pupils, etc., etc. Mr. Binder was tried, convicted and fined, and paid his fine. Last Thursday afternoon the board of health served notice upon liim to clean and purify bis premises within twenty-four hours, and should he fail to do so, the said board of health will do the work at his expense, under the statute made to cover such cases. The citizens of Ann Arbor ought to give their board of health all the aid they possibly can in the good wortt of abolishing nuisances, and keeping our city free from foul odors and death breeding malaria. Last Bunday night a black horse with a white face, attached to.a top-carriage wan scen leasurely approaching the north-west corner of the campus. The horse acted "soit of lonesome like," neglected and imdecided, but finally catching sight of the lamp post at the corner he made for it. As the vehicle emerged from the simde of the trees in that locallty, a youiig coupls were noticed seated in the carriage, evidently quite oblivioiis of all surroundings, so wrapped up were they in each other's embrace. It was heart to heart and lip to lip, with all earthly cares flung away, and naught but ecstatic visions of the elysian fields of love fllled their minds. So absorbed were they that the locomotion of equine was not noticed, and when he marched up to the lamp post and stopped, allowing the broad glare of the gas light to ihlne f uil upon the happy pair, they never stirred. Utterly indifferent they seemed to all terrestrial things. Several old, gray-headed men In pasting stopped and gazed at the happy pair, letting fait expressions that gave one an idea thut the sight had made them forget the commandment "Thou shalt not covet," etc. Some ladios approaclied, looked very sweetly upon the BCenè, and passed silently on. Kinally a young lad brought the pair to the realities of this world by exclaiming : "Say. Mister, don't you want to hlre a driver?" The younjr man gazed around wildly for a moment, looked at the light, Uien at the horse, which was at that time leuning up ngainst the lamp post, scratching the flies from the off side of his neck, and qukker than lightning disentangled his anus, gnbbed HM lines in one hand and the whip in the other- leaving the dear girl tinprotected - and the way that poor, innocent horse received the lash was blood-curdling. The sudden change in the young man's inind was awful. That girl should beware, and uevcr nmrry a man so uuick-tempered.