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The Betting Young Man

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JNashy wriles to me loieuo nuuii . wi.-il on board, ns a matter of emirs, the lettiug younjr man ot' Chicago. No steainer ever aailgd that did not have this young fellow aboard, ktMl theic is enough of tliem o last the Atlantic for a great many years. lic kneu evarytuirtgtuat cvervbmly thinks they knmv, hut UB not. :ind bU (lfflight WH ;o propound a Query, and then whea you liad aiuwered it, i ve'rj eoolly and eziuperatlngly remark : " Het yer a bottlc of wine yet wrong." The matter wou'd lic sci simple, and one of so comnion repute, tliat minediately j'ou accepted the wagen, nly to lind that in gome minute partlcularyoii wêre wrong, and that tlic knmving youth had XPJ). For instance: "Thom])son, do you know how many stiltes tliere are in the Ullion ? Xiiw anycitlJiten in the United States who viiics, and is elegible to tlie Presidcncy, ought tn kjuiu liow Diany States thcre are n liis heloved country without thinking, Imt huw inany are Ihcre who can say of?liand '! And si ]oor Thomison answerad : " W'hat ¦ quegtlon ! Of coursu I know." "Bet yer a bottle yer don't," "Done." "There are - '' Aiul then Tlionjpsoil would lind liimsell figuiint; the very impoiUmt problem as to -1 .1 - ¦' ¦ I... J I ...! 1 „lwl Nevada, and Orejfon, and he would decide Muit nne 1 1 rn l and the cither hadn't and finalty tatc the niiiiilitr sith great certainty that it was wronj;. Tlic Chicago man 't rrowninjr liet occurred la-l ilay mt. The smoking saloon was tolerably fnll, as weie the oceúpants, and evirybcidv was bored, as everybody is on the last day. The Otiicago man liad been silent for au hour, when suddenly he broke out: "Uentlenien - " "O, no inore beis," was the cxelamation of the en tire party, "tíivc ns a rest." "i-tTon't wantto bot, bui I eau ghow you sonn-thinir euiious.'' "Wel! ?" ' "I say it and mea II it. Icandiiuk a glass of water without lts going down my throat." "And get it into your stomach?" "Ccrtainly." was sllence of eonsideralily more tlmn a minute. Every man in the room had been victimized by this gatherer-up of incnnsideiablü trilles, and tbere was a general dlspoffltion tn gel tlic bCTferol liim in some w ay, if possible. llere was the oppi)itnnity. How could a man get a glass of water into bis stomach without it goin}; down hi throat y linpussibh;! And so the usual bottle of w ine was wagered, and the Chicago man proceeded tn acconiplteli tbc suposed inipiissihlc leat. It was very easily done. All he did was to stand upon liis head on the Wat that runs aroiuul the room and swallow a lass ot' water. It went to hisstoniaeh butitdid not go down bis throat. It went, nji bis throat And so his last ti-iu ui ph was jiieaterthan all his picvioiis ones, lor very man in the room was enger to acc -i-it bis w.'ier. p"rom that time out bad lie ottered to wager that be would swallow his own head he would havegot no taken.


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