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To Hay Fever Sufferers

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A writer n the Washington BreniogStar contributes the following (frtln of comfort to the victiins of hay f ever. As exercise, heat and light aggravate ll" tlle syniptoms, highest degree of comfort attalnable ander the circumstaiices is gained by reiting in a cool, dark room. witü a thick layer of white cottou battinL boiind looselyover the eyes. The latter allays the intense itcliing and burning of the eyelids. Bathe the eyes moriiiiiit and evening (or oftetier) with warm water, in which a little table salt has been dissolved, and also draw ome of it gently up the nostiïls. üte a strong gargle of' colil salt water for the tbrot treiuently. Take a towel or sponge bath morning and evening, followcdliy I horoiifili fiietion. Avoid meions, nieat. reasy r biglily sr:isoiii'il (lishcs and hot bread and butter, as they intensify the feeveiish. Irritable i-onilitioii ol miMOUSRtambniue, Ceoketi t'niits, oatineal and cinslicd Ikm1, milk ani giaham bread are amonj; the best articlcs of diet. _. "Prettynice thing in yonr paper (lii inorniiig, sald Fo'.'g to the editor ol the Matutinal Maraudcr. "Tes,'' said the edlt or, Inqotrinriy, his face Itghtlng op wlth a glow of pleasure. "I íappoie TOU refer t,. 1 1 1 y leader on the títuatíonr" Fogg shook his head. "Or jn-rliaps it was (het néai parsjfraph ábout the Biingtown rail roadr' "No," aatd Vogg, "t was a pound of beefiteak thai I t.)k Bome for break fagt, Nicest thlng L ever saw p the Marauder. 'pon honor.' And Fojfg went oll' chiickïlng, whiic the editor dootred the pólice &1I the way home; he looked M mUcb llke a r.-ii -iinñdiul murderer ihat In' expected to


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