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Elizabakh Qady Stanton is ill of maligniini fever. Cadet Whittaker offers to Iceture for six monthB for$:t,ooo. Sara Bemhardt is playing in Scotland wil h great succete. NumerOUS cases Of Iiinacy eaused by the cornet are reported. Hiirry hiul .ïimmy (iarficld enter Willi' : W) I S.i i s 1 il 'l I IllTlll H-fJISIallVC SC-siolls. It s said tliat Patti is not coming to the l'nitcd Slulrs Ihis -cason. The rumor that the Florence wiil toon retire from the stage is paragraphed. Arehhislioji Purcell lias reacheil .1 state Of weakness in whirli lie lias to be fed like achtld. John Brighf lias a 196,000 library, the giftof his admiréis after the pagWge oftlie eorn law. Boflalö are seen in greaier numbers tliis year than ever. It Üoesn't look likeextermination. Geo. Malio, of Ruft'ulo, for 17 years supposed to be dead, lias tarned up to contest liis own will. A correspondent of the Chicago ínter Ocean signa herself "Alyce Carlysle." She inakes us sfnysle. Vennor says Ie troaM notaccept the position of eliief of I'. B. gignul service were it ollered liini. J)r. Hammond is thrcatened willi courtmartial for speaking disrespcetfully of 8urgeön fleneral Barnes. The Oeoryfa legislature proposes to make the propa};aiioii of the dogma of polygamy in Iliat itate a felony. Miss Kellogg la responsible tor the Btatetincnt thüt Ncilson's volee lias deleriorated in the lower register. In ('alistoga, (Jal., thev oonneet their incubatora with the hot Bpringa and batch chickens by wholesale. The Imlls and bears dweil torefhcr in pcace. This is Ilic tong and sliorl of the whole matter. - l'icayiine. Mimica polis, next to Denver, has liad the fislcst growtli of any citj' in the country during Ihe past ten ycars. Helo re the war consuinption wasadisease almott anknowti In the south. Now i has grown alarmingly fiequeht. Kistoi'i is now 68 ycars old. bnt she will try Lady Macbetli and Klizabeth, in Knjrlish, OU the London stage tliis season. A unie Louise Cary is to be married to a wealtliv New Yorker, and to refire from the operatic staffe, which is much regretted. Vaiulcrbllt's new house is to cost $1,500,OOü, and Flood, the millionaire, is gologto build a larger and more cotilly one near it. .Teil'. Davis' new book is notselling well in the south. The people there prohaMv kiKiw all abont the late war that thcy care to. Mrs. Belva A. Lookwood, the woman lawyer of Washington, is said to ride a iri¦ cycle and to make long excursions abont the city. A Wisconsin woman who lost her voiec reeovered kat Dcvil's Lake. Ilerhusband wishes the devil had kept hU lake out ot the Kniuia Abbott has coUsented at last to (Ing in La Travlata, but only nfter a revisión of the libretto, táklllg out all the immorality. The Syracuse Courier mggeala n statue of Mrs. Garfield, as the lirst heroine of the age, elther at the natiomrl capital or In Central Park. The nioney for Iiarlhohl's statue of liberty Ln New Vork liarbor is all ralsed, and the statute will probably he eompletcd in l wo ycars. St. Louis liad a gOBerotK siini - ?íi:;),923.32 - to ipend opon her schools dur ng thepaM ycur. Of tb! tnouey $838,812.23 was used. Iiiberia.the frec hegro rcpublic.has about tlic saine po.pulation as Michigan, and ils inlluence on the dark continent is stcadilv extendinr. A New Vork paper announees the sail'm% of several prolessional thieves for London. Oone to tlnd foemen uorthy of lheir steal, jirobably. Total ooinage of siivcr dollars Rggregntei fOli.OOO.OOO, ofwhich s7i;.IMK),(HMI s for eirculation, $67,000,000 in the lorm of siivcr ccrlilicates. The dcad -.¦¦ 'Hi uead ol nij;lit. .Mcridcn Kccordcr. A nd il niay b .uiTicd the dcail beat. - SomefviUe Journal. And the dead head. The "All Sorts" man of the lioston Post says that a hrakeinan on a drunk at Chicago feil into a sewer, and at once yelled, "St. Loiii-', chaiigc'ars I" It is hard fora yonng lady gradúate to get marricil. A man does not like to marry iiis M. A. - Andrews1 Bazaar. Perhapsshe is a I!. A., in other words, a lamb. - New Vork Commercial AdreTtlser. A Btrange case of unusual interest is occnpylng the attentlon of the medical fraternity at Albany. The papers announce that aman (lied there " without a physiClan." Meílical science canuot account for it. The Elmira Ad vertiscr says that 300 miles of red tape are yc-irly required to run the Washington departtnents. A few miles of hemp miirlit be ntroduced, we believe, without iniicli detriment to the service. - New York Commercial AdVertiser. t Saraloga the titile doga " have fresh ribbont twice aday, four incals, threcnaps, fbur baths, and u littlc nuisc rirl who fora dollar a week cares te ir thein.'' The dojifs care njoie lor the rib bons?, of course, thaii the naps, baths, and nuisc-L;rl Henry Murat ("'Count of Colorado1'), at one time a niillionaireanil a leader of fashion in the west, and sho spent $GO,000 in one visit to Europe, slept recently on the Moor of a barber's shop in Denver. beCBUM the proprletor eould not tind It In his heart to eject the now shattered old man. Striiben Butler, aged M ycars, died ou the 12th inst td Wilkcsharrc, I'a. He Wfts tbc son of the hite Col. .chulón I tut Ier. WW) coinuiandcd E scttler.sat the maSMCra ut RTyDmiBg in 1778 lic was allo the editor of the Wyomfng llcnild, the lirst newvpaper cstaliiishcd in Luzerne county, in ISIS. iMr. AlOOtl told the ('oncord Suinmer School of I'hilosoplicrs that "Actuality is the 'l'hingnew of theHere." The infórmat on alinost tlicm. For years Ihcv had heen laboring iindcr the misapprelnMision chat the hercneai of the act uality is the thing. Bat it is no siich thing. The Stephen A. Douglas monunienl at Chiongo, which has just been oompletsd Hfteen years aftcr it was begdn, cost, in all $!m,r00, of whieh 25,008 was for the land. The site of the monument isas nearlyas possible the site chosen by Mr. Dougiaafor a residence "hen he was in prosperou clrciiiii-tunccs. Judge TouiKcc ilcdicalcil his novel, " liricks without Sliaw.'' to his wife, " to whosc untlineliing courage, linf&lterlnK faitll, unlailing chcer and steadfast love, I owe inore I han niauy volumes mlgllt declare." lic was Biruugly oppowd to the piihlii-atiou ot' ihis liKok al the time it ap uearèdi lest. il should inteilcre willi " Pool'a Krranil," and only lid so at the caí n esl Mili.itation of Mrs. 'i'ourgee ; he therefore preseiited lier wlth the copyright, nol snticipatlng for It, as hc contektea, such a auocessasitachleved. tira. Toorgee1 dividend for the lirst pjaarter's pales amounted to $12,0)0, with which she has pur hascd :i beautlful rwrtdíínceof Cake uhautanqua, wherc. the iadgt says, she kindly allows liim to lioard with herdurinjr the sumiller Matón; She luis eh riste n d the place "Thorheim"- Fool's Home -whethcr in nlluslo to lii'r husha'id's well known Bobriqueti nicrelv, or uith just a suspieion of refer ence to his generosity In reiinqnlshlng to her his second fortune from a Beconü book, the illdge declares be loes not kuow. -


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