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Htllsdale Business: H s sald by some that the water of Barw Beese lake was so Btlrreü by the hard towtng in the races at the late regatta tliat t bacoot as vet ce:is)(l to boil. Harshalí Statesman : The weeds ara ao tall in Tckonsha that a stranger is liableto Ret In-t shoulil he venture out tor a walk after üusk. The hotels enploy gaiti tor neverhad so large au attendancè before, and nerer were the prospecte better tor an BKOeUeot school. There is a Iftrge altendance frpm the country and it is constantly Increasing. Cellar SprlngS Clipper: N'cxt week wc will publlsh a listot the boys who are loafmg aroimd town and keep out of school. Thcir parents are in lault. Shanie on you who are brtnging your boys up in ignorauce and crime. Vermontville Bawk: Tlie present high price ol' u heat has nearly atopped foreign ghipment and stock-jobbers predict a sud(lcn crash in the wheat nmrket in the near future. Perhapi thosc turnen who are gelling now have hit tbc nail on the head. Dowajiiac BepüUiean : Ycsterday John Mater brought to oor office curiösity in the shape of twin c;rs, being two well JevelopedeggB fastened toifether bythetough skin fonmi nndcr the oulside shell. Il will he preserved in alrohol, and shown at the fair. Ogeuiaw llerald : In our everv tliiy coiiversation let usstrive to talkot' thegood tralti of neighbon and companToBs, in stead of their had ones and if eaeh one of iis woukl keep U sharp aml eritirising an eyeon oureelves, as we do on (Mir ueighhors, the world would be more of a heiiven than t is now. Farwell Regtatef : A natural oiirlosity in Ihe shape ol a pig wilh a human heiul and one eye in tbs center of lts foiehead, apearédbn the farm of Edwin Quackeobush, about tive miles south of this place, last week, aml was virwed hv many ]xople. Il was among a litter of aeven pis, and lived bilt a íew days. North Bramh (aette : The fruits of liarvesl are Bcaroe In thU villaje. A water mellón N a etrange sight and carlv apples have been very scarce - jareen coru and many other tbingS] so potatoes at tliis season ofthe yearaie not oí'ten seen, and one s forcibly reminded of the lines of Burns in bis "Tw:i DogB." "An. wliat poor cot-folk pit thelr palncti In T I own ns pust niy oomprehOIMiOQ." l.akc News : A week or so ago Mr. James ' líark brought to this office a curiosity iu the shapc of a limb from a raspberry hiish mi which were ripe berries, half j;i'own berrfea, blossoms aiu buds, all of the seoond erop, ihe blish baving produced i ful I crop of berries in the proper season. Cotisiderinjf the dry ieason it s an uncomninn freak of productivo nature. St. Josepli Kepubliean: Mr. Vennor should let up, We are a quiet p!ople, but when we are pusbed we are bad. This sort ,.t . tlilmr n....'i -r 1 WLtti. o ,.,.. ;.. wiping the sweat off and the tliormonieter s climbinjt bver a seveB story building, Ihi-ii to be tolil that n two short weeks he will havi' pat on au ulster and iretics and sleep between blaukett is more than we can stand. We say let up. .i :it iot Journal: The went her being cool, it would be an excellent time fot sume of the " oíd fjossipcis " around towu to k) and have a lentlier patch sewed over their "tater trap," or havr tile Swlvel on wliich tlieir toSgne sppeara te be hirfig, changed to a barn door hina;e, or almost anything that will prevent i tVom worklaR at both ends. Diseases of long standing reiiuire desperate remedies, yoa know. Holly Advertiser : The vi'.lage marshall should keep on Mie lookènt fof olistructions on thesidewalk-of our principal thorouhïaro. li theie la npl au onier prphibiung tbc blockading of the walks with chairs, there shoulil be. Ladies dislike very niiieh to pass a row ol' c:its lined with bar-room Inatns, who seem to bfl-ve n ut her oecupat.ion than that oí, casting alurring remarks ál t the passers by. Lokte City Journal: Amonr the lavrB pass eil last winter is one prnvÚltifj Unit ny pcisiiii or persona who jierform any labor in euttinji, skidding, felllng, hauling, Kcaliiur. banking, drlirojr, running;, faftTng, or booniin, any lo's, tiinlier, ccdar posts, telegraph poles, rallroad tic-, tan bark hjugle Dolts. or stavi'.s, in this State, ihall have a lien thereos tör tlie ainonnt due forsuch labor or service. l'.ay City Tribune : Aboiit the qMi iookwg tig that ever strucU l'.ay tüty was tied in front of the exprets office yesterday. To beghl with. tlie power was furinshed b a buil hitahed in a ringle horae harness. The wnoa was a rickety allair, liaving on top a lisli shanty, like those seen on the hay, wiih potnted roof and sldes boarded with tarred paper. The dnver was a resident ol' Piaeonairig, and une to tlie city after a Bewiog machine. Adrián Tinics ; Some oulside newspapers .¦ire comtnenting m whal they cal) " tlie tact " that the state of MIcMjran produces no " hij; men " politieally. Thefact is that all the politiciiins of Michigan are "big men," and looking over the pol itical field here, one getS an den that all are amall simply becHUse all are large, and the ellcct-t of strong contrasta are lost. in other states, where most of the politicians are units, a big one now and then, excites renuirk, and the tendency is to overrate his sie bécause it is unii-ual. Detroit Kveninsr News: President Dikeman, of the ¦rand Kapids horst! trottin aaaociatlon, is reported by the Grand Kapids Times: "I have a boy 13 yearn old, and when bis hair s as pftüy as mine, it nmy be possibletbat I may en;a.i;e in anothet horse meeting - but not until tlitu." If Mi. Dikeman has been correctly reported hc evidently hasarrivedal about the gameway Ol IbiukiiiL; tilBt many other lovers of that noble animal, Ihe horse, have reaclied, to wit : that a place in the ni:inaj;einent of tnodern Michigan race meetings Is a rood place for au honest manto keep out of? Mt. t'leniens Monitor : We are to be conKmtulated Upaa the tact that Mt. CliMiiens is nut an excursión resort. Excursión business of the nature of excursionists - ilecidedly mixed. It is transitory, aml the larjrerpnrtof II nndesiraDle in the extreme. The excursión business gave the Wyandotto sprints their c.ii it irdre, and will perforni a like office lor any other sprints, l'hc peoplc who come to Mt. ('Icnicns are the i'ieain ol the land; tbev do not come all ai once, they are coming oontfanmlly, and they come to stay. We iitucli (irefer thein to the droves of hungry, ugly, sweat-odorou- lA.ur-iiini.-ts, dropping into town from one lioat, raisinjí hades, aml departiiif; on the nest. Grand Rnplds Evenlng Post : Prof. Adolph Wajtner, tlie vvell-known wrfteron poliudal econonty, isa oandidate for the relcbstag froni Hciiin. Ilit oandldacy is opposetl on account of bis reputed advoeaey ol "the detestable Kniich systeni Of the redllCtiOII of cvciv tamil y to two childien." This allacU is based on a fÊÊBtgt in ene ol speecliejcondeainisa improvIdéllt maniates, in which he suid : " We (ter mans are the people who. in spite of our ¦pare reeaoïceê, allow ouitrro the luxurv ot pJucing in tlie worki evei year tive hundred ihoiisanil more children than room is made for by pei'sons wliodie." His friends defenUtng iiini say : "This .ealoiis cliampiojj of the iiiiLLoKlly tuochildren syslpin, as he is calicó liy soiue of the pious in the land, t vvortli obserVing, is himself the fatber of clght chiidren." ïlio professor has never been kaOWt) tOÜry to reduce his good-sjed lamily In tuii.aini il is bclieved Iliat he may wave his ei'hl children t riuinpliantly befóre his f. M s und take all the wind put of the attacka husedon the ground thal be be111 vee in i-iltliiiL' out loTuian families on il dlminnUye French pattern.


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