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Tiic Detroit Port and Tribune utliiMte tlnit whisky i eau- of lie receñí dis:itrons and (li-oiii! . i diígusting defeati of Uie Detroit base bali club. The ('ornell rvew claim to have been told out hv om t iheir own uuiiiImt. in the Knjrlih boal race. and prwtece vtry good evidente 10 substaniiute the asscrtioB. Jas. E. fccripps, of the Detroit Erentng Ne ws, aoOPmpanled by hlswifo and daughtcr, lias uinvcit home from an ex!, trip tbrongti Kiifriaiui. The letten pnV Uahed in the News froin his pen, liave been of groftt interest, and proveil that ttie Witter traveled with botli eyes wille open. Yestenlay M st apart by the governor M i day of prayer fcir the recoverv of the pretldcint, and the were raquestwl to as-i ¦mlilc in tlnir various places of worship and implore divine aM and jruidanee to tliii.-eon whose skill the lite of out dent dependa, The reqawl whs quita generally complied with. A deaf-mute, of Italeih. N. C. has nventeil a hat-fan, wliicli turns inside of the the hut and couls the head. It moves by the force of the wind ttriktu neat little coiitrivoiiee on the top of the hat. l'retty late in the season for such au .inveiitioii, bat ifthi hot weather holds OUt all winter. Ihal denf-nnite"s fortune is made. All ex-eomradcs soldiers aid sailors of MlchlgM m kindiy reiucst(tl to furuish thcir iiiiiiics :tml nUlM with rank, eompany and regiment, for enrollment in the .¦olclicr-' and Kiilor' state dbWtOTjr, at all carly day. This directory 11 lic of inestimable Valué to coniradcs otthe late war. Hundreds of ñames are alrea i -, enrolled. llama zoo, M h It isu't verv romplinientury to )onsteü higlier ediication of tlic iiortlurn itatea ui (lils iiiiiim Iliat Oaoiyll should bé tlif first one to step in and teil the law-brcakIng Morinoris to stay at home and liiind their own business; and yet sncli is a lac l A bilí has been introduced uto the Georgia legUUture to surpress Mormoiiisin in tlmt state and we understand lia ben pa mi It prortdM that any person ((invictéd of teac-liinfj such principies, or cudcavoi inr to daeoyesaigniiti to ruh, shail be Uñad not lian 11,000, or shall snfftr mjii.-oninriit tor iiot inore than one yt-ar. or botli i tlie disoiftlon of tlie colín, dood for Georjria. Bclow are a ícw ttotiatiei wWcfa miht poasibly open the eyesof the individuals lo tli Itate who so bitterly oppote the cducationnl systeui.eppcciallythe ''hlffatr friín catión," ton thcy not ,,( thr i-la incliided in the oíd adage : "Nono are so blind m tliosc who u-fltt't lee": "The nuniber of women and girls arrested and panbfaod íbr ciimc in LoBdon Ib 1877 wu 90,018. ot this numlici i,-M. or 21 per cent., could neither read nor write; ]'3fiii, or 68 per cent., could read; -_,000, or 10 peí cent., could read and write tolerablv well ; Ul, or 7 'per cent., could lead and rite well, and 0 had reeeired a hiher education." Obituary poetry i -ehloni- il ever- in good taste, but whenevrr any one iüm, il IMBU tlmt the lirst tliing inaiiy of the relativos and fHenda Ihink of is poetry. The tact of ilcatii Kemi tb place tttem i a poetic frame ol' miixi: And tl poetiy uliicli is groiintl mt, is, in niiicty-niii' out of every hundrcd. nicre mhhisli. It insult to the mcmory of the deOMMd, and ju fit to be called poetry u mud piet are to be called paatry, Hen lpeclmen of the way the feelings of the dead are harrowed up. taken trom tbc Nasliville News. And this is only oue of muny specimens tbat could be clijipcd cvcrv dajfrom our state excbanges: "Our aged father, dear and truc.l Whoie preccpt and example we cherisli too, O, may we trive to imítate the same That we may leave luch a rich legacy to thosc who Our iKther though he slumbers in the graund. Wïien the last joyful trumpet sou nis, He'll hurbt the hrains with sweet surprise And ín his Savior's intime rise." If it were only possible for the poor dumb botlies of our dcad friends to risc op and protest, do you tbink thcy wi.uld iciiiain silent in tlicir cotlins, witli sucb slusli u tbatslolibcri'd over tlit-m 'i Ifyou must writc "ponies," indite them to spring, lor nature lias giren tlmt bemotifal season of tlie yeur power to wltbstaml neb assaults, botdon't curse the meinory of the dcad with "poetic" ell'usious.


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