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Dr. Geo. A. Foster

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Last Monday inoniing the above nainrd gentleman died at tlie home of liis paren U, Willard and Caroline Fouter, who live some foiir miles west of this city, in the township of Scio, where he had gone to seek relaxation and rest, n the hope of bctter liealth. He was one of Detroit's pliysiciuus and prominent men, but nis childhood and carly duys wertt spent in this city, and lic was educated in our schools and the university, from whieb he graduateil in lsi.7, r tirninK later he graduated from the medical department n 1X70. He leaves inany friends here as well as in Detroit, where he was buricd on Wednesday. At the tiineof his death he was an alderinan from the tirst ward of Detroit, being elected for the third time, and scrying tin; paopi conscientiously and faitl.fully. He wat unmarried, and leaves an estáte' of somt$26,000. He was a partner of Dr. I) o Farrand, who MJ1 that he was one of the licst physicians he ever knew Dr. Far rand girea the foliowing medical hUtoryof thecasc: Dr Foster flrst bcgan tocoraplaln of asevere pain In hls stomacn recurrlug at abort Intervals a little more i hun two years ago. I observ1 that It mailt' bim very nervous and that he seempd u (rel and worry over hls work a k'hxI deal atout that time. I was oí the opinión that he had worked a titile too hard and that Uupain was due to some gastrlc lrrltatlon OOOM(jueut upon hls taking liismealsal very Irregular tl mes, and as he was In easy clrcumstances I advised hlin to stop work and speud six or elghl months In Oermany. He agreed to tío so and arrangwl hls ultalrs to.leave the lst ot Oct.bnt during the munt h of .September he lmprovt-d so much that l could not persuiide hlm w leave nm pauenis aiul takc the nsi whlon I thought he ueeded bo much. 11. .-onilnued to feel pretty wel tlll thefollowing February. JffWttrtMEiW'pVtiir'l'ii'niè" región oí ttë' Vlomarlí and a Kiuut loss ol KlreiiKtu. H ilid but llltle professional wurk afler that time. In Juni' he went to Haratoga In hope of belng beneflted by chauge of air auü by the water at that place, but lost ground very rapldly and re. turned to hl home In Ann Arbor very 11 Indeed, miftering constantly from nausea On iimking him a vlstt shortly after hls return I round unmlstakable evldence of the mallgimnt t-lmracter of the dlsease. A well-deHned, hard nicdulaled tumor revealwl !telfln thu mlddle or the anu-rlor walls of the stomach. The tumor was puinlul to the Uueh, and was the seat of paroxysnuil puins. We dlscunsnd the prpbablUUM and ilu posslbllitles of the case fullyatthat time, and he knew he must die He made me promlse to keep the tme natureof the dlsease secret Irom hls famlly and the public, as he could not bear to cause his inother so much pain and anxlety ; nelther could he tolérate the constant expreslons of sympathy from hls frlendg and palíenla. He carne back U) lietrolt lu October, where he remained till a week pievlou to hls death. He then mude a vlsit to hisold home on the farm, and dled In the house where he was bom on the morning of Monday last. He bore hls slckness and the knowledge of 1U rapldly approw-hlug final termlnatlon wlth brave and sllent forlltude. When I last examlued the tumor three weeks ago tt had lucreased In slze so as to riccupy nearly tbe whole of the anterior wall of the stomacn, and hls extreme emaclatlon warned U8 thal the end was near at hand, althouKh 1 could not persuade myself that IC was (iiilte as near as the sad event has demonstraled


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