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An tmMMhi. .o.„o,iy tllr Kever an(] A Is Ayer's Agüe cure. Wholly vegetable tod eoBtalnlng no qainlae, it s harmleaa and su re. Se ver Give Up. If yoti are suflering with low and depresaed spirits, loss of appetite, general debility, disordered blood, weak conatitution headaehe, or any disease of a bilious nature, by all means procure a bottle of Electric Hitters. y ou wlll be surprised to see the rapid iniprovenieiit that will follow; you will be inspired with new life; strength and activeity will return; pain and misery will cease, and henceforth you will reioiee m the praise of Klectiïc Hitttrs. Bold ut lifty cents a bottle, by Eberbaeli A Son. Babj Saved. W f ure o thankful to say that our baby WU pernuuienüy cured of a dangcrousand protracted IrregnUrity of the bowels by tbe use of Hop Hit Iers by it, niother, whieli at the Ulna restored her to perfect healüi and strenjith- Tlu: pnients, Hochester, N. V Sce anotlier coliiuin - Huflalo Exprese. Prof. Horsford's llaklug l'owder. M. II. Ileiin, M. I)., the celebrateti famïly phytsiclan of New York. sajs: "The Ut of Prof. Honford'l Haking l'owder, ofibn admirable imim for the intoadaotion of a raluabie clement into the svsteni, with the food of every-day life." Had Draiuage. The criminal carelMBe or wilful nertaot of builden in ereedng houaes with Imperfect plumbing and bad drainage is a fruitfiil source of disease. and thousamU are carried off annually with Malaria or TVphoW levers from this cause. The Lion Malaria and Liver Pad and Hmly and Koot piasters will rare these diseases. The whole tivatment tor tlie one dollar. For sale by drugtmbi. j?XECÜT0R'8 SALK. 1 shali stil at public vendue, to Ihe hichest bidder, ou ihe premin ou Soutb Hfth street, the personal pruperty ol the late Loren Moore, deceased. ou Matorday, Mepti-nilxr 17th, Ig81, tbe followlng property : One bortv, tiuiuy. cutter. BarMM, lot of carpenter tooi, jardín tiols, crpet! chaire, diilif aod househuld goud u t kiud, alo a lot move vrood. Hale to commeDce at une o'clock P mN W. CHhEVEK. Kxecutor CHAS. KOYLAN, Aactioneer. lw THE rALL TKKH or tui Ann Arbor School of Music OPÍKS ON Weönesflay, Septemfier 28, 1881. Board of lii-.tni.-l Ion CALVIN B. CADY, Director, Teacher of Piano, Tlieory, iixhm. MR. C. F. BCHULTZ, Vlolln, Violo, 'OaUo HKINRICH OTTO, Band Itutruinents and ( 'liirtone-lle. Mll. ORIN B. UADY, Volee Culture, Solo KiliKlng, l'iltno. MBS. A K. WARDKN, Vocal Culture. M11S8JENNIE MAY, Piano. Miss ANNA NICHuV-S, Piano. MISS MARIAN SMITH. Piano. Roomi in the Seaman Iloufle, corner State and Hurón 8treet, bave beuu aecurcd for the ue ot the ecbool. The ofïce of the Dlraetor and Treanurer In Uoivcralty Hall, wlll b open Monday and Tuesday, September 4 and i7, trom s to 12SU a. m. and 2 to 6 p. m., for the admlaalon of atudeou. Tb Calendar and Announcement, contanntiK full InloriaatioD, may be bad by applylng to the Director, Mr. C. B. l'ady, or SecreUry, Ur. Wm. J. H.rdman, or at the office of the. SecreUry of the l'uWernlty 1U&5-I068


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