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Estáte of Isaac Kil lol t. (JTAT K OF MICHIGAN, County of At a tuiKlon of the Probate Court for the Coanty of Washtenaw, holden ut the Probate offlee tn the city oí Ann Arbor, on Tnesday, the twenty-third I day oí AuL'uat, in the yuar one iliousand eiïht hnudrad arul elghty-one. Present, Williiim D. llarriman, Judfe of l'rubatc. In the matter of the estáte of Isaac Elllott, deoeaeed. Sarah II. Kllloit, the adminlmratrlx of nald estáte, comes Into court and represente that she u dow prepared to render her final account as snch admlnlstralrfx. l'.icrcupon it Is ordered, that Siiturday, the eventcfiuli dy of September next, at ten o clock In the fuMDOon, Ite nssitjned for examining and allowing niel] iicroiiut.and ihnt the helre at Iaw of said demtl all other persons interented In raid enlate, ure niiuircil to iippiar at asenslou of said court, then in bc bolden at the Probate office, In the clly of Aun Arbor, In tnid cotinty. mui thow caus if any therc lx-, why the eniii account sbnld not be aflowed. Aml it i? turiher ordered, that said admluistratrii Sire notloe to tlie persons luteri'sted In oald estáte, of the pendencv of said account, and hcaring thenof. y cnuglng a copy of tbis order to be publi-ln-d in the Ann Arbor Courier, a newspaper print ed and circulatlug in eaid couuty, three successive weukl prevlous to eaid day of hearing. (A truo copy. WILLIAM D. UARKIMAN. Judiieof Probate. WM. G. DOTY, Probate Register. 1053 5 Batata of Raajey Lelanrt. STATE OK MICHIGAN, County of Washteuaw. as. Ata strsslon of the Probate Conrt for the County o! Wui-litiimw, hulden at the Probate Ottlce, In the city of Ann Artmr, on Tueviluy, the 23i day of August, In the -tir one thunennd eWlit hundred and elghtymie. Prewat, William l) Harrlmuu, Judj;e ol Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Nancy Leiand, deMtetd, Kmory K. Lt-laud, admiutnirator of eaid esmea lnio court and represent that he I now ftrepared u render nis Qnal accountae euch adrnlnstraior. Thoreapoi it is ordered, that Baiurday, the tenth d:iy of September, next, at ten o'clock in the loreuoon, b ussiued tor cxamluiiiK and allowinf? euch account, and tfial the hHr at law ofsaid deceased, and nl] otherpenons Intereeted in said estáte, ure retltiireil to appear at u s-rHiiii of iaid conrtthen to bc Solden at the Probate Offioe, In the city oí Anu Arbor, In aid cunnty, aml nhow cnue, if any tbere be, liv the .iil iiccouutxhould iiotbcalloweii. Anditle further ordertxlttbal Mtd ndiuiniftnitor givenoticeto thu purMo&B Intereeted lo tftid estáte, ol' the pen dency oí -uiil account, ml henrluv thereof, by caiiHiiii; ¦ ciipy of thl onli-r tn be published In the Ann Arbor Oouríer, a newcpaper printed and clrcalated in naitl county, Iwu HurceHive week previouB toniil ilay of heariiiK. (A copy.) Wil.I.IAM D. HARRIMAN, Judire of Probate WM. G. DOTY, Probate Reíislar. 1UM-1066 I?l Í 1 T T A amHiKoKGIA.-ForlnlorIi"Il linHtion .'iii.nii the"e stata read ilic Svnnah Mouninu Nkws. Wkeki.t [mammolh 8 pafe l tl í'. a ywr; I.illy ?!! year. rhe heel Mpan in the Souih. Sample copies 6 mte. Ailrinw, .1. II. KNTII.I,, Savanah, (la


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