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f : f „m,, , (;,.,tirnl l.-l.illty.l-k U IIW M.,..l.he. KUIOUMOM. ¦ ¦Wil 1),.,,, ,,,ÏM. lmllftOII. and l.iirr n t ¦ i ¦ beeurwi ..-.-dily aml i-rnian. mlv M Ml ¦ I. a-t ex1" I ¦¦ lyned totakeJJOPP V M) I Yfl I l A I T KITTFIC. I VU n ih. - i .mi ixli. I ,i. KWh Itliio.l. r-n..¦¦i.:i vfi ¦"¦' (Wroyliw I AN '¦ ""' "'ht wlthout nl.llnr Unll HOP VM IAI.T I I BITTER iioiirlh. utrriiidhfii, nul tBBjk nol e.ill "l-ti-i"1 hen i II let. .it HM M ¦-,! Al. T ItlTTKK-. '"1 ave clm.'. iiioiH-v and "illlcrlnir. Tmb ROT llévenme, hum I I I ielne. Renn-mlHT the imine 1 ¦ ¦ i .ni. TTRADE MARKihou",',"',,,"'!..'.'"''!''-5 ( ' III. tl'K lnll. UKI) l.'U.-r. U lor Wtmm TriMl Botlle. 1005-101)" - TUTTS PILLS INDORSED BY PHYSICIANS, CLERGYMEN, AND THE AFFLICTED EVERYWHEJtE. THE GREATEST MEDICAL TRIUMPH OF THE AGE. SYMPTOMS OF A TORPID LIVER. the back part, Pain under the houlderblade, fullneRs aftcr i.atinft, with a disinclination to exertion of body or mind, Irritftbihty of temper, Low spintg. IX)M of memory, with a feelniK ot naving neglected tome duty, weariness, Dizïiness, ITlutterinK of the ï eart, DotB before the eye, Vellow bkin, HeadachejKeiitlea: heü 'at nigtit, hishly eolored Urine. IF THESE WARMIKGS ARE UKHEEDED, SERIOUS DISEASES WILL SOON BE DEVELOPEO. TTTTT'fi PTTI.Shic esxlillj aclnpled t ..f feelln M '" Mtontah the mltorev. TÜTT'S HAIR DYE. Dut Haib or Whibbm chngl to tOioasY in ac k hv a liiïle sppllcatlon "f Uu pyk. It HuiaiyDrUi{!!l'u,oi '¦¦'! I i . ''¦ Office, 38 Murray St., New York. 1032)4 Ayer's Hair Vigor, FOK RESTOK1XG GKAY HAIR tO ITS VA TURAL vrTAcm TraSËr, {jfPfjH Bhy lont; and cl1' renew the growtta ; nd always urtly restoren H color, when faded or gray. It etimulates tho nulritive organs to healthy activity, and preserves Imth the hair and its beauty. Thus briwiiy, weak or flckly hair becomce glossy, pliahle and strengthened ; lot hair regrows wlth llveljr expreolon ; lalling liair Is - Cbednd ümJ MtsMHMft; tbfn hair ihirkens; and faded or gniy hairs resume their orifftnal color. lts operation is snre and harnilesH. It cures dandruff, hoals all humors, and keepe the calp cool, clean and soft- under which conditions diseases of the tcalp are irapoesible. As a dressing for ladles' hair, lie Vioo i praised for its graleful and i.erfnme, ;nl valued for the toll lustre nnd rithness of tone it Unpartfc l'JiKl'AÜEl) l'. T)r .1 f Avcr & fo.. Lowt'll. MiSS. l'iactical and Ainilyttcil Chmbt. Sold by all DniL-L-i-ts IM Dealerl in Mcdii-ine. I03O-W7 6w The Leading Toy & Fancy Qoods House OF MIGH. Wlicn rlsitiag the City of Detroit lo not fail to HEYN'S BAZAAR, Tormerly Russell House Buur, wliich is now located at u. Woodward avenue, farmer uml of the old ALHAMBRA DOLLAR STORE. These two well-known places of public patronaiif have recently been consolulated under one iijenient, ancf we tlesire to cali attention to our large and well selecteti line "1 Toys, Fancy Soods, Jewelry, P'.ated Ware, Whitney Children's Carriages, Velocipedes, Express Wagons, &c, kt. Which we will continue tn sell al in.]ar prlces. An carly cali is respcclfulh lollcilcd H. HEYN ft BRO„ HEYN'S BAZAAR, 92 WOODWARD AVE., IIKTKOIT, ISICH. 101111 in.'h.down's ¦ VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR lisa ture cure for Coughs, Cotde, ¦ R Whooping-Cough, and all LungH B Diseasec, when taken in season. I i People die of consumption ij I y because of neglect, when the H ¦ timeljr ute of thit remedy would I M have cured them at once. ' I . FiflU-one years of 13 ¦ ttant ute proves the fact that no H ¦ cough remedy hat ttood the test H Hlike Down' Elixir. I FriM So. SOc. and SI .00 r boUla. ¦ Vur Sale Kverywhere. U Dr.Baxter's MandrakeB JKiTTJESaíB Will cure Jaundice, Drtpepsia, ¦ Liver Complaintt, Indigestión, ¦ and all dueases arising from Bil-B iousnett. Price 25 cts. per bottle. ¦ Tor 8l ETery whftre. MKM1Y U JOIINSU.N'S ÁRNICA AND OIL LINIMENTI For .Han and Mtrast. ¦ The most perfect Hniment ever H Bcompounded. Price 25c and 50c. fj Fur Slc Eierywhure. J'yAriirVliTyír'-'-'''-''-'' Ti 'iff 'tff 0% I I f11 A f%on 'o' "Mllt and I ¦ L M Jomj termt, lnf.mlid 1 r U " cllnmu, frte from Lj kam lifTjr inowi hllfthtIuk IVoiti, aucl exMILLIONS OF ACRES "' rl"lor tale iu the I jk Lh COLDEN BELT A M j V el Ka-isas, by k I wJ J UNION PACIFIC RAILWAY, of ma rlrli Noil a llic inn eror abone on, wltb Kood markets et and !. For and JZIufraet Bovk, iííi Mapt, Sent Frre, Addreê LAND COMMISSIONER, Kansas División, KANSAS CITY. MISSOURI. ím.y.vs wïscönsTni AMnv Acui:s LilllLij iN THE UNE OF T1IK irmitnni kmkai. h. h. I For full iMtrticulan, which will b uní free, acl I 1 CHARLKS 1.. OOI.BY, Uuu CommÍHaioiM-r I NH-MH Milwnuk.r Vm


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