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Observations By Rev. Gabe Tucker

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You muy notch it on the palin's ns a uilghty risky pup Tí) mike your judgment by de clorea aat kivers up a man ; For I hardly needs to teil you how you oilen come ei crew A til tv dollar-saddle on a twenty-dolhir hoss, An' wukm' in de low-groun', you diskiver as you Dst the fines' shuck may hide de meanes' nubbin in de iiiw. I tliink m man has got a inighty slender chance for Hebea Dat hol's on to his ptety hut one day out ob seben ; I);it tlks bout da siimers wid a hcap o' solemn chat An' neber drups a nickle in de missionary hat; Dat's lormost in de mcetiii'-house for raisiu' all de chunea, But lays aside hisIition wid lus Sunday pantaloons I nebber iudge o' people dat I meet along deway Hy de places where dey cum from and de houses where dcy atay, For de bantuni chicken's awful iond o' roostin urettv high, F An' (3e turkey-buzzard saila above deeaele in de sky Dey ketches hule minners in de middte ob de sea, ' An' you tïnds de smalles' possuni up de bino1 kind o' tree.


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