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In The Doorway

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Froin the New York Tribune. [President Garficld's aged mother is stopping with hei :it Hl ram. She receives frequent messages (roifl Washington, and spends much of the time at tlit' iront door of the house anxiously waiting for the messeiiKer who brings her the uispatches. She is much agitated by frars of the worst, yet clings tenaciously to hope.- Cleveland dispatch, August .J Mother, mother in the doorway, Waiting, waiting for a word, Watching, wrtcKIng for a message, Toar ful, trusting in the Lord, Would our we.dth of love could neivc you, Would a pconle's prayers could ffervfc v-m, Andjgood checr arïord. Mother, mother in the doorway, Once you nursed a baby boy Taught his litile feet to toddie, Taught his helplcss hands (o toy W ith his infant joy. Mother, mother, In the iloorwny. You who shuwed him virtue's p.ith, Guidfed him past chiidhood's pcrils, ThriMijrli the ways removed froni wraih, Wcll tliat son repays your guarding, Love with richest love rcwarding, In manhood's aitcrinath. Mother tnotlver in the doorway, Watching in the noontidc glow. On your white locks leem to lingi r Kisscs set Lhere long ago, And with later kisses blendinjj, As the nation's ruler bonding, Greets the motJier's brow. Mother, mother in the doorwnv, Stricken with a mother's grief You are looking where the lonely- We are told- shall iind relief; Looking far bevond the valloy, Toward the field where soldiers rally F rom the battle brief. Mother, mother in the door wiy, Courage! in this hour of woe, For the nalion's soul is with him, Though the waters ebh or duw ; With our hist'ry his Ís written, And our hearts with yours are smitlen, And our heads are low, Mother, mother in the doorway, Great his work and bravely done. On the country's rol! of honor lroud the place he noblv won; We, his name who dearíy cherish, W'otilrf not let the soldier perish Could man save your son.


Ann Arbor Courier
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