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Oranje color is revived. The t-ill will be a velvet season. I.adies' collars are to turn down. Siuooth feit boimets 11 lic worn again. Fro-is of biaid of of paagementerte will rim busques to suits. The big bishop sleeve anil the muttOneg sleeve are coming In. Ópen embroWery of silk ou wool is the rtmmlng fur wool dresses. Satteen made of cotton is so well prii-teU hat t looks like hand palotlug. Argus turbans for youpg ladies have a lundred eyes of pcacock feathers. Black and white is a favorite comhiuntioii br fall, and it will probably extend nto lic winter costumes. Dog collaiMnadeof sinall pcai'let flowers re eflectively worn with costumes of black urah and Spanish lace. Tto latest novelty in pocket handkerhiefs is to have the owner's autogrspll coped in embroidery upon one corner. A slashed or open sleeve woni with ïourning dress .-, tliis séáspn supposed to ndicate that tli; wcarer is a inatron. Tlie wishing bonu has been selected ti) gauARif Jti' nKfirffenësS ol 'tliat'GIl of liicken. Slior' ifUM conliniie in vogue on all ocasiona, and there is no indicatioii tttat icn: will lie a change in regard to leurai lis scason. Beads of ilull jet, set in silver. will bc sed as trimming on Reoond tnoomlag cosimcs for fall. They are linely made and ery effective. The style öfriew ahoé has a heel of ie dlce-box order, poeticafly cal led LoQta uine, and has I latüce woik oï stripes ross the insteji. Lawn haiulkerchiefs with blue or pink orders are often worn around the neck in lace ol collars, tl; endi racked in the folds f the 8iirplicc wuists. In artiiieial llowers there is a i;reat vouc or ent silk blonoms, the bluo-bel), gerablm, liyacinlh and polyaiilhus beiflg all reroduced in this inanner. Satincords in passementerle are the new 'eature in dress trinnniiifrs. Thcy add ustre that all dull silk pasaemoaterie HOM br triinming silk tabiics. The lanky woman is to bc in l'ashion, and ie pudgv ones, nut deterred by the dreadul fate of Mis. Gigga at Long Branoh, vill tako anti-1'at preparatlons. I.adics are to wear Gainsborouh hats ith enonnoiis plumes, - no mere tips, Hot )lg, hearse-like feathers, Qoddiüg this way nd that In the airabove the head. Staniped silks are to be the noTclty of ext season. The designs are taken l'roin )layingcardsand froni Alhatnbra all dee-' Maltoni, or soinetinics rapreteht Bgyptian leads. The new chapean figaro is n small hamlcerchlef of rei] sarah wound tightlj round ie bead with the póinted èrtds hntrjtlng 1ïind. It will take a great deal bf courage i wcar it. Moiise jewelry Is lasliioiiMble. 'l'lic liltle nimal is wroiightin Bllverand l'ijleiicd u ie folds of lace or silk tics. Il is also pop lar for cuffs, made of brone, Jet, pfearl of flit metal. The furor for red la likcly lo lie inore aeidcd thaii it was hisl winlcr. and red is c.-iined to Icml il.s brighlest jflow and ita 'armili of effect In the luidst of the Ice and ie snow of ie coinin winter. New round fans of palé lilac or delicate ilver gray satlu are palnted wiih iink geriiium bloffionis, bita nfseawoed, aneroonM, uil pdle blue colli llowers, aiiil are liordcrd with gsthefed trilty of peorl wrourljl panisb lace. Blackberries, toraatoes, red and yellqw, reeiiftages, darü ted ]ilunis, Uazel nuts, elerberrles, Scottinh tliistles, acoms, cate ftillan made of silk ehenille, and bird1 iest8 tillcd with liny e;;_'s appcar pon 'rettcfa bomicts for the au tutti n. Sliopplng BatChela ofstraw to I"' Buspeud rom tlic belt are made aller the FalhlOil of liellat, square Kussia Icathcr or tinscl DllgS. 'hcy have handle and clasps, and on the atilde is a ttny pocket jusl large euoiigb o carry a small DOlKuet of llouc r-, Underneath the tlght üttiiig prluOuH rc.-s Inventiva woman waars skins of rahiiiB illk. which (all well to ihc ttgure. Soft puitain lace U also used lor Iliese petieoai.- tinisiied with full coqallles ql wee it the hem. The peep one geti at lliem as he wearer moves Uer iraiu is vcr iretiv. The new pajASOls, made eouipar.ilivelv lat, lifter the .lapanese pattern, ai e ftdecirfd Improvement, as they give ampie ahade vithout obscurlng or exiiiigulsniiig the itrner. 0 il' the simpes in rlch eoloicd ¦elvet is very prclty. Theii there are ome with the colon ol a rainbow or chanele, ui.


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