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The rain was so rrcat on Friday of lust weck that many tields were badly waslied out by it. Manchester Bnterpriae: Smith Wilbur took the leveJ of the lauds owned by J. W.Jtridner, I.ot MUls and F. M. Palmer, on Tuesday last, preparatory to out a drain on the sanie. uJ.Ni-i:itI.1"!1;5jJ:l:i..l'"-i''I-N:.r wheïi to be fixed up witli new blind Viiuf ah' awning. CHKLSB v. Misa Lou,; of YpgUanti. has been appointed teacher in toe union school in place of Mrs. Mndiaon Jüllcr, rtsigned. The Herald comes to us all printed at home, and showing uninlstakable signg of improvement. The issue of Bept. 8th commenues the 3d volume. The schools opeuud on the ."th vrith n excellent attendance, and under the supeniaion if Prof. I'urker, re progKMÏiig linely. Clielsea hopea to makean eovteble repotation lor herself throtigli lier schools. Ilcrald: "Presh'eigl froai tlie country. A t bruuglit into inarket lngt Tues day afternoon, a basket of eggs. Whllii going ai'oiinil to get n Ctliltolnèf, an egg buist open and out popped a hcaltliy cbicki 11. We suppose that is the kind oí freafa egga we gel trom the country (tovr-uduys.'1 Chip Basket.- Burnet Stelnbach'a n-sidence will soon tE CÓmpleted, and it is a vciy fine one. Hcv. lr. Hdlmes and wife rccently reiunied liuni u tri]) up the MS, iniicli iinprovc-d. A team beiODgjng to Patsy Welcli ran awaj the otbcr day, making thlnjrs livoly tur a few minutes. Mr. Ormau Cmrk was tlivown trom his wagon l)ecolnu1ig"s'clïtL'lv!itt'il'i(.lK(JiO'i.K:o-.hia team Several of the streets of the vilLige are to be graveled by order of the council. DEXTER. At the opening of school, on Monday of last week, the pnnuiry gradas wore very full, but the atti.Midauce at the high uchool small. Leader: 'Tred Nordman's son, Ilomer, wns (AeablDg a loaded pi-t il with kerosene on "Mond.iy when it went oft', tbe hall entering his lec jnst above tlie knee aml lodging in the Üeshy part of the tliigh, wliere, at last account it still remains. We believe no serious results are apprehended." The si-hool útot[ng was held Monday evcnlng of last week, when Geo. Sill and J. T. Honey were elected trustees. The financial report showed $3,713.60 rocelved and f3,lC.s:i expended, leaving k balance on hand of $096.88. The meeting voted to raise $1,770, to meetfhe expenses for the coming year, and $110 to re-Mat the second grade rooni of the grammar department. Chip Uasket. - Tbe dam aboye the peninyi - please notiCe- fuWS gtn n uew eardeafening tinkerat work. Hev. Mr. Campbell preached Öunday before last, what was inteiuled for a farewell ,sermon - the last previous to conference. Jesse ('alkins dled on the 3d inst , aged 87 years, at ihu residence of his son, J. M. (.'alkins. llenry und Ida Miller lost a little daughter un the 5th iiiit., aged 14 inoatbs and 10 days. KAMCHB3TBB. Enterprise: County draiu cowmiasloner Sehaible, of this village, has let the contractsfordeepening and widening thsouth branch of the county ditch through the big marsh in Urldgewater. Enterprise: There were 14 persoiu baptlsodbytlie Rev. Mcllwain, at the M. K. church.and 17 udmitteil to full mernberShlp, mi Suday last. 'l'tio sennon wus mi excellent One, niid illusie Wl tiiir. R is expeoted thnt títere will be baptUm a;iiii Sunday. l'he Enterprise has quite an extended account of the suïcide ór Mrs. SeymOUr O. Clark, formerly Christinn Fllber, a youn; woman 20 years. old and wlio had been marricd hut nbout iiine mOJItua. Mie lelt SnaTütS liów'sli'e proponed to ceftse living. Sb took laudanum, and on Sunday, the 4tli inst., died. Chip l! - Mi.s fosle I tWke hnjtgone to Clinton to work in a facto ry. W. H. Pottle has g-one to New Tork. "Mis.s Millard has returned homo. Mina Helt Öage has rctlirncd home trom n fout wrka' absenee. A. J. Waters has fone up n-mli to find a school waiitiiijr a teacher. A. H. Preeman went to Macktnac recentiy. ('lias. Unterklrcher has pono lo Cineftmstl to ' take a eouree of lectures at ttM ¦eleetic college it that place. A ri-jlit smart Bhower hflped vegetation wonilerfully. Attenqancé at school is goód, and everjrthlng starts off nioi'ly. A misiiin.iry meeting at the M. E. cliurch last Sunclay tMÉfng was annonnced to be addreiseii by Mr. Kerr, of Ann Arbor. Extra trafna are employed on D. II. &. 8. W. K. R., tiaüilng coal. 8AI.IXB. County ('lerk Olnrk lint solt] liis bon-e In tliis place t.i [a JI. Reynolds for $I,Ü(K). H. H. ömith, of Vork, feil about twenty feet froni a itraw stack, dislocaün hín sboulder, and brilUing himconsiderably, a few days slncc. At a recent niectinj; of Saline Ipdge No. 1X1, F. &A. M., on the filh inst., tliete were ."(! vi.sitiirs, trom Ann Arbor, Ypailanti, Mitnchuster and Milan, to hulp over the rough roads of the third degrée, Observer: At the tempcrance meeQng lust Sunday eyenlng, Rev. D. K. Shier Wai presented with n purse of $S0 contribntiil by friends, as a token of their appreciatl n of his eiioit.s in tint temperaoce cause. Observer: Mr. Alfred D&Yenport, of York, lcft wlth tis tliis niorninga clu.'ter ot six tcimutoes, on ono short tem, wbieh weiluxl títet live poiuuls. Tbey weru beauties. A pepoer, vvhlch In; al&o left, uieasured neaily 13 Inchea in circuinferBOOe. Nert Obucrver: 'The schooi mertlncj last Monday eveninj: was quite lurgely attended. lt was voted lo raise by tax $8,liüO to meet thé current expenses of the comliijj; year. Dr. 8. W. Chanuler was clected as trasteo in tlie )lacc of Mr. W. II. Da venport, whose Utiii luid expired, and Mr. II. V . Bassett, who.e term lind nlao expired, whm N eleeU-d. Anioiii; tho se:itterin votes w noticed Mis. M. J. Bacon recelved on vele for trustee Chip Basket.- M Ns I moreno Dell hal gone to KmpmvIi il1 laki-s. (i. B.Mason has put down the first concreto 'kIW in the place in Front of hi fösldence. TüegfOund 13 in splendid sluipe nml tin; fai rners liere.aliuius are busy sueding, sowing a great deal of red wheat. The potntn erop is below the averafie. John B. Goufrtl hascoinjileletl bis IIOW barn. Uimi Scbaircr has one ti Miuielusier Co Work. A muskIlielon lell at the. Observer olllee was two feet lon', welgbed ten pounds and tooi thf whule office ti'ice 1M si, erowd of sinall boys to devour it. VrSII.ANTI. Vpsllantlan : VpsiUnti, In the leid In thtoashl everytliini:, hs rulsed over $."ilK) lor llie sulli-reis lioni loieül lires. Coninu'reial : Two leudlog btwloeu men _r;ie an e-liinate of the wenltii of twelve membera of the Pregbyteriaii ehurch and cbngregatlon tfi tliis oity. One modp the amount to be $1,5ÜO,IH)O', ihe othrr $1,200, ()ll. Commercial: l'ivrtic entered Mr. J. 1. l'ntuiy's house Monifty nijflit and t'Mik bis paittt unit prívale desk inlo I be yurd !akn the rush froni tlie desk and ieaviii{{ thu papen. 1 1 1 bis paute pocket they lelt a iliine, a niekel. a linee cent piecé .'ind two eoppers. Ín nll thev secmed abcilll 43.00


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