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The ti-Unrs wliii-h FMCtl BI fïom the cottage ut [Öftg Hrnnch in whieh the president lias taken up his abode, are of a more clieerful nature. Vestcnlay and the day previous ha wa lifted from his bed and phiced M au invalid chair in wlikh lic remained for some time, cxperienciiijí no unpleasant felfng from tlio change, The doctors, though not sanguine, are more chcirful, :iih1 11 no further poin]ilkatiins arise liopo t bring hiru throiifh. Kw-ry Olie with any heart, or witli dollar of spare ineans, must help the sufferera by tlie lile? in this state. ('ommitt ! well known men are orgarjized in Detroit, Port IIuroTi, hm] all over the burnt district, and all suplu-s will safely rtacli the sufferurs tlirougli these WguilMd couimitteea. Tben is no nei'd of each little place that Mttdl aid of sendingalong a man to distribute it. It is an unnecessary expense, as there are dcad beats in every commaiiity looking lor chances to travel on somebody else'a mouey. The peoplc should look out for tlifin, for every dollar spent in sendinfr tliis olass of intn M to the f,""ound i ulrnost criminal at this time. Look oul tor the deail bents. A few papers are emleavoring to raise a cry against the j;overnor for not issuing a :i iiio.sage iJilling for akl for tbe fire sufferen Aj tnty one wlio would Mtd euch a message alieady undei extent of söHenng in 0 burnt district, and as help 11 Coming in fre-m other States and ¦Adiilil be ruined by the jiovernor Uiting us vli:it we ulready know, i. ., of the great suflerinj: and our duty upon its occasion. It would only bc a matter of forin and would probably bc read by only a few. Tlie.-i' liypereritics understaiul enougli of the fioveriior's duty to disclose their ijfiiorance whencver they 0]en tlieir uiou tbat topic.


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