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Death Of Senator Burnside

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A brief dbpatch last Tuesday eyening announced the death of Gen. Ambrose Kverett Burnside, Uniteil States senator from Rboda Mand, at hU home in Uristol, at 11 o'clock a. m ,of tliat day. Gen. Burnside died vcry suddenly, liaving complaiiied a ilay or twoot' tmütg unwell. but nothiiif; MrkKU m Rpprohraded. The ünmedUte cau9e of death was neuralgia of We hcart. Senator Burnside ha liwii ¦ congpicuous figure in public üfe for a ]criod of twenty years, first cominjr into prominence dturlBK the vu is ¦ lokUer. Batoriiif the service as a colonel of tliree montlis' volunteers, he recnlited at the expiration of tliat time for the war, :in) wus mpidly promoted until be n ¦iichod a ninjor-i;iiHralship in 180, and iimimuncler of Ütli army OOTf. At OM time he had coniinand of the army of tlu; l'citoinae, but liis nu n modesty and lack of conlidenee, did not permit him to retain tkc .-ame. But to comnience at the Ix-giuninp. He was bom on the 33rd of ,May, 18M, at Liberty, Ind. In 1847 he gradaated Aon ÍMI Point, and entcred the irmy as tenant and served throujrh UH M' war in the artillery mettSB, until 153. That year bc resigued anil éntered upon the manufacture "f :i bri-aeh-l f li il iiwd mvention, at Bristol. K. I. Whcn the war of the rebcllinn brok e upon the country, it fuiind hiin trensnrer of the Illinois Central lí. H., of wUich Gen. Ueo. I!. McOiellan wal pwsideut. He inmiedlitely entficl the aerviee :i stated above, and partitálat(xl in the first battle of Huil Kun. His subsequent career as a soldier was praisewortiiy and grand, thougli lacking faitli in his nwn ubilitics; but as a SSrpt cominatider he had no superior. AÍtcr the war was over he resignad his oomin and returned to lihode Island, where he was chosen president of the exiciimvc lwoniotive worki at Providnio-. ckctc.l gorernor f Hhode Island for the years 186Ö-7-8. In 1S7." he was choteo l.'nite.l States senator, and the present legislatura of that state re-elected hiin, so that his term would not have expired until 1887. Senator Uurnsule Vu Euaed ft sidcwhisker, and the style known as " Burnsides" was namcil after him. In the V. S. senatc he has always been a staunch republiiiu, thougli perhapsnot a bitter pturtlun; beinjf too brave a soldier for that. lle was liso :i Qrm believerin the famoua "Monroe doctrine," and expres.sed his views verydecidedly when the I'anama canal project came before that Ixxly. He s a man that will be missed from the oouncils of the nation. Brave, patriotic conservativo, he was one of few men who made a wise civil as well as a brave military offleer, and his name will always shint in American history.


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