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C.L. Hazard, of New York, lias been :i I 1 ï 11 ti 1 1 WltttllH in the homeopathie hospital. H. V. Cooley, and treasurer of the Clironicle board of editora has nrrived in this city. Student! begin to Hoek in, und (he prospecta ire tliat at Kust 1,000 will be ri-jristcred this year. Revs. Alabaalir, Slede anti Haskell, have united in a circular letter to the student-, inging them to unite with thecliureh of their cboloe liere. Several new specimens of coln have recently been addetl to his colleclion in the uuiversity museum, by Mr. A. E. KlcJiards some of tlicm belng over 2,200 ycars old. Prof. Sclaebcrle, of the univeisity obaeivatory, received $200 in $-20 gold piece?, for the discoyery of cornet "C," one dny last week, being tlie prize offered by Mr. H. H. Warner. f Korttester. N. Y. Prof Swift, of the Warner observatory, was in tlie city and gave hiin the money. Prof. S. would like to bug a few more at Uit sanio price. The statement is made tliat Prof. J. ü. Wcbb, a gradúate of the nnlveretty of Mioh. with the liternry class of seventy-one, but who lias been absent in Qetfuany for the past Unce yetirs, studying, is to go to Cornell. Also Unit Prof. II. Tuttle, lecturer on international luw. has been secured by t lic same college. One thiflg is evident, Cornell knows where to find (rood timber to help build up lier decaying fortunes. C. Donovan, C. E., a former Ann Arbor boy, and gradúate of the university, class of '7:i, at present etnployed on the Mississippi jctties ander Capt. Eads, wrltes from Port Eads, South Pass. I,a., under date of Si-pt. lst: "It raay be of Interest to some of your readers to knuw lo wljat extent tlie workK here have been successful, aud if so I would statu tliut tliere Is now u. depth of 30 feet of water where In May. 1875 (before the Jettlei were bullOi there was lut 9 feet. The present ehannel accomtnoriates the deepeat ilraught vesaels now navlgatlng these water." The Educationul Weekly in ipeaking of Miss .M. E. Norton, recently hired in tlie Terre Haute, Ind., schools, says: "The Indiana School Journal says of M Iss N.: 'Sbe reoently graduated at Michigan university, havtng completed two years' work In one year, and taking nt the same time both the de. grees, A. B. and A. M.' As a general rule the student who take two years to complete tlie work of two years are more to be commonded than those who crowü tlirough on the doublé qulck. Tliere are rare cxceptions, however, and Miss Norton may be one of them. The taking the two degrees. A. B. and A. M., at the wHd"SerBrno!i:íVte.fírh1yUív'iÍs'YÍ-dIoISS; Dr. Angelí?" Exaniiuations for candklates in thp literary department conimence on the 22nd inst., and close on the ,27th. On the 34th will be held the examinations for the school of pharmaey, on which date the first year'g work begin s. The law depnrtimnt examinations will bc held from the 27th to the 30th, and for the niedieal, homeopathie and dental departmeuts from the 28th to the 30th. The literary department opens Sept. 28th, and the professional schools Oct. lst. TUKT WANT TO BE 1NVE8TIGATED. Several of tlie professors of tlie medical department feel that their "professional honah" has been smirched, and they are lustily calling for .somebody to inquire into it. It seems that Dr. D. A. Joy, assistant In the university to Prof. J. V. Langley, lias invented an electric belt, and some of the professors signed a statement to the effect that the sald belt would produce a mild current of electrieity. This statement is given prominence - aoiong others -in a pamphlet issued by the. manufacturera of the belt, a Chicago lirin, we believe. And now the doctors and medical professors generally have aceused these professors and tnembers of the faculty of the medical department of the university of Michigan, of making a horrible breach in their professional dignity and honor ia reconimending an "irregular" remedy. The cominon people, while quite generally believing that the natues of the professors in our university should not be given to further the sale of deleterious or quack remedies, see no reason why a doctor may not recoinmend a valuable remedy the same as a professor iu the literary or law department may recommend certain text-books or litterary works, as they often do. Tlis "hullabaloo" and request for investigation looks much like straining at a gnat and "swallowing a camel." The following is the request of the professors: Unjvïrsity of Michigan. Ann Arbor, Mich., Sept. 12th, 1881. To thi Hon. Board of Regents- The undereigued, members of faculty of the college of medicine and surgery beg leave to ntute that the Interest of college and the unlverslly huve Krent iian'ger "of'becoralngJmatrlajiy""liiju"rêd by tlie appearauce of a disgracefully publfcatlon sent forth over the country and made to appear to have the sanctlon of the university; and, In fact. to have orlglnated from It. Au unauthorlzed use of the siiitemen is of members of the faculty has comproinlsed their professional honor and standing, and they are publlcly aceused of compllcacy wlth a production calculated and lntended todecel ve the public and dlggrace the colloge. We thereíore respectfully asi; for an Investigation by your honorable body of the fui-i In the case, aud request It to be uscerlalned whether any one connected with the university is responslble for the unauthorlzed use oí the statements of members ol the faun Ity or for the contents and character of the publicatlon wlitcli Is calculaled to grossly decelve the public, umi Ih In vlolalion of the principies M ethlcs held by the professlou. We respectfully ask that the Interest ol the college and the reputatlon ol lts faculty be, as far as posslbto, nrotected. We see uo way toaccompUsh this out by havlng It cloarly and sivtisfactorlly showu that no one conuected wlth the college Is responslble for the quacklsh and unprotessional prooeedlngs referred to, or else that any one found responsible for such proceedings and publlcatlons be promptly removed from the university. Very respectfuüy submltted, A.B. PALMER, GEO. E. FROTHINGHAM, A. B. PRBaOOTT. Slnce It has been declded as necesnary to refer this matter to the regent. I concur In the ubove reuuests.


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