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Ladies' Decoration Society

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The following account of a recent meeting of tliis society was hamled in last week, but unavoidably crowded out of tlint issue, Notwithstanding the oppressive weather: the ladies of the decoration society are still Ctlrelj engaged wilh tlieir i)leasaut blrthday surprise parties. ün last Kriduy afternoon they met at the home of one of the pioneer members, Mrs. N. Felcli, who IMOMd to take it rather cool, considciin the state of the atinosphere, aod tlicir exertlon to surprise her. I fear they will have to origínate some new mode ofiurprise, as it is too well uuderstood what llii'ir inis.iioii i.s wheii tliey 'OOOM I basket and parcel on the victiui's ljirthda After spicadiiifi their abundant repast 01 the table, and before partaktag, Mrs. E. C Moore, n behalf of the society, presentiM the hostess vvith a "silver pickel castc-r, und in presenting the gift, said: Min. Kelcli : Once agaln our little band o sisters have met, to euloy a "blrthday part] and pri'M'iit yon wlth tnls tolceu of tlielr love The pleasaut sumraer monthg have passet awuy, slnce last we met, In the earller part o tbc HUOO, wlth Mrs. Wood and Seabolt, liav log wlth them sweet flowera, loves' tendere token. To you we come, not wlth lluwers, oa yet (ruit, bul thls brlght crystal receptacle In whloh to retaln them. You have alwayw beel ready to lend a helplng Imn.l wlicnever tliere was wurlt to be doue, and we have o!Un ;td mlred üiu wiiiimmw wiih which you enterei IDtoour pliuis. )nnrt and soul, to do all tha carne in your way. We leave wlth ym 1lil Itttle tnemeutoof ourappreclatlon of your urn eroos nature, and muy you have many llrthiluy's to enjoy lt, is thesiucttre wlsh of your Hls


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