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Post-office Agitation

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Xliere was considerable excitement in the city last Wedneaday, caused by the arrival of a special agent frora the postoffice denartment, who curae to see about the location of the postoffice. It appears that somc time since Nelson Bootli, owner of the Gregory House, conceived the idea tliat the present quarters occupied by the postofflee were not sulliiently conimodmus for a city like Ami Arbor, and hiivintr plenty St money and u public spirit, made the department au oöBt :o erect for it a new and commodious buililing, and asked them to send on an afrent to look into the matter. By some means Manly & Hamilton, two of our enterprising business men who are building a large and expensive block, ascertained what Mr. Booth was figuring at and concludeil they would take a hand in. So they found out when the agent was coming and were prepaml to receive hiin, whilc Booth and his adlierents knew nothing about it, and Mr. Booth himself was away 'rom home. But the telcgraph soon brought )im to the scène of action, and the battle raged fiercely during the day. Gen. Ileath, the special agent, gave both skles an attentive hearing, but many thought when he carne that his miad was )iased iu fuvor of Manly & Hamilton. Both sides are confldent, and what the result will be no oue can at present teil. The whole matter is in the hands of Gen. Heatli, whose only object and alm will be tí. daal "airly ' -ivij wiia tiie people. ïV; can not close without saying that as a whole there are not three better arranged and moreconvenientpostofiScesin the state tlian the one in thU city, as it now stands. But now that the question has been agitated and the people are excited, they think they want a nw office, and don't seem to care whether the governinent pays f 1,000 or $100 a year rent.