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SALE OF DITCH TAX LANDS. Couitty Trbasubkb's Ofkick, I Aon írbor, Ulob , s,'[t. 7. 1881. [ . gflMBftñ of i'acli of the followlng descrlbed of Washteuaw,cli'lliiiUfiit for unpalddltch taxbk for HiB yinr lsu. w wlü be ufllclent to imy bB%lafcreit sml charges thereou will bu jBflFbf pte t'iiiinty Treaíiirt-r of sald County, cóinmenolnK no tlie flrat Monday In Outober next, at tbe County Treasurer's Uttice In Anu Arbor city, at the County geat of said County, and continue from day to day (Sundays exoeptcdj un til tlie same suall have buen dlsposed of accordlng to law. .1 A a 1! K NAPP, County Trcasunr. DITCH TAX-1880. Town 4, Soutk o Bange 7 Eat. a 5 s S g s I g fl Sgg S. w. Vi of . w. 4, 22 39 $S4JU$363403824 V H of e. i of s. .',. Si S9 S8 3! 3 56 40 41 27 7Vím f SouW o Hangt 3 East. 40 aerea of land lylng ii. of U. H. ;itfs' land, in ..', i.fs. i:.',, 11 40 2 :) K 40 2 86 I'rof. Horsford's Uaklng Powtler. f. H. Henry, M. 1)., tlie oelebnted family íilivsiciau nt New Yoik, taya; "The use of Prof. Horaford'i Baklng Powdet, ollers admirable nicans for tlit; iitroduction ola valualile ciernen loto ilit; tystem, witli th food of uviTy-(l:iy Ufe." Mothcrs! Mutberg ! ! Mutilen!!! Are you diaturbed at night and broken of your rest by a sick child sufTering and crying wiih the excruciating pain of' cutting teeth ? If so, go at once and get a bottle ofMltó. WINSLOW'S SÜOTUI.Ni; 8ÏRÜP. It will relieve the poor Hule sufferer iiumediately - depend upon it; there is no misto ke about it. There i pot a raother on carth wbo has ever used it, who will not tell you at once that it will regúlate tho bowels, and give re.-t to the mother, and relief and heakh to the child, operating like magie. It is perfectly safe to OM in all cases, and pleasant to the taste, and is the prescription of one of the oldest and best feniile physicians and DOrsM in the United States. Sold everywliere. 2ó cents a bottle. 1007-58 PILES ! PILES!! PILES!!! A Sure Curo Funnd at Last. Xo One Need Suffer. A ova cure tor the Blind, Bleedlng, Itdiingand Ulcerated l'üru lias been dlscoTeted by I)r. Williiinis (un [ndian remeily),called Dr Williams' Iiulhin Ointinent. Á single liox lias DWd tlie wort chrORiC CMM ot 25 and SO ycars itandliig. Noon need suffer live minutes aft;r upplying this wonderfn! tootbing medicine. Lotions, InstrumeDU, and Klctluarit-. ilo inore liaVm than good. Williiinis' Ointmcnt ubsorbs tlie tumors, allays llic intense itcUing (particuliuly at night after gettiug warm in bed), ai ii poltiir, givi's instant aml painlcss relief, and Ii preparad onlv for l'ilcs, itclüng of the ]irivat.' parts, and DÖthing etee, Ucad wbat the llon. J. Ii. Cottinbcrry, Of ('li-vcliind, suya about Dr. WilllaJma1 Indiau Tile Ointnifnt: "I liave iised KOfN ot pile cures, but it adonis DM plc.-isiiic to say that I have never found anv thine uíiiili gave sikIi iinnicdiatcaiiil Bermanent relief U Dr. Williams' Iiulian Ointincnt." For sale by all druggists, or malled on recelpt ot pnwfi.oo. .1 AS. K. DAVI84 ( I Wholesale DrugDetrott, Mich., AgenttL 109B-81 For sale by II. J. Buown &, ( o.


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