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Another Sun Storm

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On Monda v noon there was a fresh outbrcak on the'.-un. The región of disturbance is ju.-t wtMttlU latO view on the raandlng globe. At first but a single small spot coukl bc seen, but the disturbunce n the earomocphere ladieiMd thmt spots werc formlng rapiüly. In halfan boor after tlie lir-t üb- mlluli thrce spots we re secti. The región was brokeu and augry for a great !ut the area of tlie distúrbame not so great as tliat meutloucd last week. A vi-rj 'ip of fMU ia just disappetiring from view by the suu's rotaüon. As this jrrnup was jñat coming into view when the ijreal itorm reclep wadipperInjf, the spon markiog the latter must oon reappear bj rotatiou, unless they have li I while turneU away from u.s. distiirbances seein to be n well di'tined belt, north and south of the sun'i equator. The development of a new sun storm was coincident with tb furious hU. IIktc was a delusivo iiroinise of rain Monday evenlng. Cloodl rulled ap in the west but there was no rainl'all. It woaM Hem that foiKlciisalioii did not oceur, liccausc the cool cnrrmt wblcfa letmed ready to hrin ruin was wanned by the over-heated air so that it failed to erform its offlcx!. It rquires cold to produce condensaron, and the cold curients whicli are rusliing towurd tüc heatcd regious becomej IIK.VTED BY THE SOI.AB EKKUVil and the hot i-artli, so the tefnperature is nol sufflclentiy reduced to produce rain. It is quite probable that the hot and very dry slimmer will be followed by a long, cold winter. There has been an unpreeedentcd rvaioration of moisture from the sea and earth. When the reaction comes and conitlon begint, the loss of heat will be so great that the cold will be severe. TIn' i-ftect of solar dteturbance on the southern sea durino; the winter In this bemlaphere will still furtliir complksato matten by WJU1UU WKU71I v;ïim, v Iilt-li itm-t lic u'ii" densed, rubbing the air of its heat cwntinuouslv. [f -we rc:iction from Ihe prci-ent ex' heat could bu fuirly estkblished, before winter is here, the prospect wouw be bctter for a mild winter. But if action and reaction are equal, and the reaction comes in winter, there will be plenty of cold.


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