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No two of lis walk alike. The hinges of our pnit turn the same way, bat witli different results. The baby strikes out u toddie beeaufe it hasu"t strenpth enouffh to walk, bnt t lias tin: underlying principie ofa lint n r:tl walk, because it "toes in." "Toeiujr out" ig a military artífice Inventad for the purpose of ghowiug Uqw much more a man kneu tlian the Lord ilid. The hippity, hoppity, skip and jump is peculiurly the little girl'sgait. Uneasy and restless, the tiutter-budget seems deterniined to cal the ole of lier (hoe umi the soul of her mother out at the same time; hut she is the prettiest picture of animation humauityciin show. The dead run, all out of breath. is the snudl boy's gait. You can set down the boy who so far forgets himself as to w nik as already in his dota;e. The bound-to-havf-it gait is a raptd, straijrhtforward stilde, never tWIflinff to the right or left. The man who has it knocks OVCT chlldren, barks his shins ajruiust Otarket baskets, nul stubs his toe nain.-t everythlngon the walk. Buthegetstnere, and his coat-tail arrivés about two minutes later. There is the sluw nieasured galt, tread, tnail, all day Ion;;. The man wbo carriel thr hod lias thii K-culianty down line. ]h' would run to a tire in the lam step uid jet thcre- possibly. The long lope, 34 inches to the step. with a sag to the Icnee-Jolnt, a vigomus swing of the arms s that of ayoiuig man from ruraklom. HegeU the walk rom golng OTer the rouu'h Vround, and any body that rets tin; Ii-1 ut hiin has got rough giouml to go over. Tlic ijuick. sliarp, ancl piteful jrait with the little metalic heels ringing on the paveim-nt. s tin; galt of a smart youn;; iniw, with brlgfat i-yes and lotfi ol' viviu-ity. The youag man who intends Ui keep i;onipany w th her lor l!fi' must make up Ids mind to train to her step. She will never tnin to his. The every-day business piit, Going rijrlit aloujc with your feet, and your ihoutrhU in thi' office, store, or whatcver it is. You never know how lar thr walk, nor how loriar t takes you to cover it. It is an Indefinito, and frequent]; the only, aid to gool digestión. The take-it-easy. don'tcare-a-oent sort of Kait, with a cañe twirliiig over his iinger, ¦ pical man of the world. He Ie litr ol lei-ure, and wouldn't hurrv liini-elf. As a oonaequence ba srowa fat, rneuraatlc, and gfMUfi and in latter years walks vith mes and tremiilousliiubs. Itdooti't pay to biiiich your ]leasure. 'i'he slow galt, For particulars, 'nd a


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