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Mother's Boys

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Yes, I know there are stains on my carpet, The traces of small rauddy boots; And I see your fair tapestry glowin. All spotíess with blotsoms and fruit. And I know that my walls are dlsñgured With prints of small fingere and hands; And that your own houschold most truly In immaculate purity stands. And I know that my parlor is littered With many oíd treasurers and toys; While your own is in daintiest order, Unharined by the presence of boys I And I know that my room la hnvjdarf Qiite boldly all hours of the day : inic you sit in your's unmolested And dream üie soft quict away 1 Yes, I know there are four Hule bed sities Where I must stand watchful each night ; WbfU you go out in your carriage. And flash in your dresses so bright. Now, I think I'm a neat little woman; I like n iy house orderly, too; Aiul I'm lond of all (lutn'ty bcluninjfs ; Yet would not chance places with you. No I keep your fair home with lts order, lts freedom from bother and nolse; And keep your own fanciful leisure, But give me my four splendid boy !


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