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The graad jury luis fouml a truc bill of...

The graad jury luis fouml a truc bill of... image
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The graad jury luis fouml a truc bill of indlctironl iriuu-t "Charies J. QoUmu tor Ilie niurilrro! A. (lartirld, rre.-iilfiil of the l'nited Mates, by wouiidiiig liim witli ¦ ballet lireil fniin a pistul In the of Charles J. (iuiteaii, at the llalli more and Potomac depot, oti óraboutJuly I). fflBt." H 11 IWW evident that Mr. SroviJlr, (iuiteau's counsel, will delend liiin on a pfea of Insanlty. il] bM 1). in i- neil al Wa-liington for ¦ Minouinl Kepiililicaii IHtOWtu meet rmorrovv mornlng at 10 u'rl' k. Tht I) tnocrate will pntatbly hOW oMe t Hm Mme time. Tbére are thVeeüblicnn scnaiors, and lhe4wKMnta inaintain that tin: OiBcen ot tb -' -nate -hall t elccted before thM MOMlan are sworn Ni, Tbe prealdeiTt pro hm. oi the Mtrate is o DOBZ tlic I'i er-i.lf 11 1. of Ihu lliitcl, on Ufe intiTvoniiig, tbat botfa parties wlll mak au ill'ult t olituin llmt ;Otlii-;. It is Ik'ImiI, bowever, fur the genen! éhitureot the cotintri that th' senator ut Noth prtics wlll avcld any Issue over the orgunization thatwlll lead toa partean doutest, bat it is not Improbable OM iuch coabmá inav oí cor. As thert; ure three unsworti senators il inajuiity will l.c tliiity-cveii. Ia a full Kiiate the dernocruU bare thhu - eigbt, without Mulione, and includinir Da id Davis. U 'ithonl tlie two pain-.! tors, tln-y liavo thiity-six, Btre hoitof a quorum. In order to fotcp thelr riglittp the preCidlog Officw OM Ot the paired deiirocratic ¦enHton must !¦ there. Habón will l)e tin-ie and will eertüihh voti ullli the rrpnhl


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