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We are sorry to notify our readers tliat Mr. Geo. II. Pond lias severed hisconnection with is iis local editor of the Col kikk During tlie two years that Mr. Pond has had charge of OUr paper there bas been 110 catisc tor fault findlng.. The Coi B ieu has been given, by it.s eaahftBge, R prominent place inong the lwst papen of tbc state. The genera] maké-np of a ia]K.T together with its local colurans does more thaii anythtug cl e to íjive it a taadirïi among exchanes. The untirinf; etTorts of Mr. Pond have made this (lcliartiiieiitviTV fuil vml iiiUTesliiifr. More nifmllllj. howi'ver, dld ba .-trivc t(i till it u - ï tli instrutivr U wdl as with lhterStttlg ii'ading. The smoont of space devoted to MnMtknu] aul tr;i.-hy matter by the averiner 'i ;.-ihiv, undcr the supervisión of Mr. Pond, tuis Deen iiul-m, m urivutu, with loand KOM and instrnctivc articlrs, giving llic peopleoftbe county that so il n fortúnale M to be able to tako no other papan I püt aiuounlof general newB and soliil raadiag matter. Mr. l'ond goes to a bctter and more prolltablc field of labor. He has airead; oarned an euviable icpata tion throujíhout this stte as a joüinalii-t. Deginning at tho lowest round he hal cllmbed to hli present biight by hard and Iiiilhful work. He goes with the good wishes of all bis friends and assix-mtcs. We hali liiin but Ui yrood eaniest, wish hini Cm] spccil. Thosewho are fortnnate enough to be associated with him in the future wc can pronto pliasant business fonni'c-tions. We assure thosc who have placad hiin in charco of their bmlneM that they have a faithful anl a capable maqsypr, and one wno will look to theii interests before he loes to his own.


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