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The [illegible] Tornado

The [illegible] Tornado image
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This seems to be a y car of great añil strange events. Nature seems to be put out about 8omethiug. Beflotlf be we been called u[K)ii t record tlie two fearful earthquakes of the 11 world when certain jiortion of our own country is visitcd by a friglitful Au eye-witness ffivef through the columns of the Post and Tiibune, ft startling.aceountofhis expenenre at Stanton. NebTaaka, wliilc the cyclone was passing : "Kuilroad igent Avery says tliat, alariuetl by the force of the storm, bolh lic and Mi wife arosc irom bed, partmlly dressed. (0 await thccrUis whieh all seemed to liave feit wu near at hand. The rain began to f all more heavily and the wind increased to a huirica ne. At this tima a sound like the rapid approaeh 0# ¦ heavy stock train was lieuril. Mrs. Avery siiid : "Why, there comes i Mg stock trato." He replied: "1 guess not." The rushing, roaring noise passed by thj depot swifter than steam couUl drag a train and WU gone in an instant. Both theu went tothe wlnilow, from which thty saw by the glare of' tin dei trio fire the ;rouud in cvciy dtreetiOD strtwn witli tiniber and debrisof all kind. The air was still tilli-d with tlylng splintcis which like arrows penetrated whaUvci they came in contact with. Mr. Aven dressed, ran acroes the street and a horrible scène met his eyes. The Central hotel, a ncw two story wooden building, was kvcled to the ground, a mas of rtupwlw nüns. Tfefl voices of w ome n screamiMg and mei hallooing tot help heard, minln witli the ilrivinr rain, and bcyond the wreek of the hotel was seen a knot of people in the corner of the hotel garden. Go ing to tliem first it was found to be Krank In, the butcher, with hit wife, littk boy and infant girl. wlm huddled to geitter in ¦ oorner f the rabiad boaae h which thcy dwclt, or rather in a portloü o it, tui a piece of the lloor and roof only were there, and on this they had rildi i nbout 2(X) yards, clear across the stiict am tiiKis, landing In the garden. A h(MV) butchers' block, a sausage grindcr with i 'liaiiiiiifr lilades, and several butcb kuives and the paiaphcrualia of tin lhO had gone with tliem, and lay thert'. Jlrs Scvciin was alniosl nakiil, luit wa tryiiif, to cover her baby and shield it from tlu storm and both she and her hiisband wen for the moment cra.ed by the radden aiu awful awakening. Not one of the fainih was seriou8ly hurt, liowever, and they m taken to the depot and temporarily takel In shelter there. Wonen ran to and fri naked and drenched with rain, their tace c.vcrcd with blood and dilt, their hair tl y ing in the wind and tenor stampcd 01 i v ry feature. Men partially ciad and wih wltli tftMmMBi ran to and fro wilh lan terns looking for missing members of thci families and for Jiei homes which wat l-vcled to the eattli. So peculiar was tli effoct of tUe cyclwie that it deposiied tji dwelüogsof Nye and J'ooti. (ka black sniitlislmpaudür. BowBmb'i resiilcnce and oftta In one hutplutww tlic sito ut' the twufurincr. AdjoiüJngthetoltor'i reidnce wrttbatof in I.cliiiiiui, wliirh tlumIi wr.ckcl -lili had ita Btandlng, and ..ver rlüjic pule putting off the chimncy lf li a knite, a sixth house fcw to be 1 1 ; 1 1 1 f 1 1 il oul OD the groOlld. I5.-yi.iul tliiat soini' .lhiii-e and cross rHro:id track sIikkI a iiew liOuse occupk-d iy f. f'. Lehman, "¦ ol the i-uunty eotni wlio with liis lamily ere 6teepingiu tlic story. Tbe honae was Mfted iroin its feandatioD and depodUd N fait l'nrther on, the root was carried Mray aiid Üie furiiiture thrown in beafM in the Borth-1 corner of mili room; Tlicouter djBOt tkfOkM open tiy Mr. son with an ax. No onewa luut, bat the littlr glrl Mked "What made all tlmt Doil


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