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Magazine WoÜCMi Witli the October nuinber the flret series (of tweuly-two volumes) of Scribner's Mouthly Is oompleUd. and wlth November a new serie will be begun. under tlie tille oí TneCentury Magazine The chaoge of najfne of themKaEineUrnade neoeaaary by t li ooudltlons of mr raeanl ule of Ubwfea Bcribnar's Bon' Mm-k In Scrlbner & i'o.. the enUra look In the (MUiipjiny OOW kQOWD is ('entury '.nipauy-havlntf ii-m'1 luto ilie hands .,( thoae conneoMd witli the business, editorial and art deparlmeata ol "Scribner" anl "t. NlohoJaa." The Ceutury Mnwiizlne will be, In fait, mw, cnlarged aad Improved -acrlbtier," In whose eondnetlnc manager of tliat win bc able to proflt by toe ezperlena ol tha ia-t steven ye.trs in uparaio Ihe magwlne will reinal n much the same-tlie larKe and Olear style of tvpe, whlrli Is one of Ra olallngulshina teauires, t-i uk rclalneU-tliouKli type ltaelf will been tl rel new. ïunc will. (lowever, be omewnal [ongerand wlder, uilmfltinx plotureHOf a liiruer sl.e. and vlrtnally ncrelug tlie rwadlng roattar t tlie extrui cit iiijout rourteen addltloBjaJ j:ivh. Harinr's Magazine for üclober .. a reinark. able uumber, botli for the beauty of t ÜUiktrations and the luteretit and impórtame of ilv vurluJ couU'iitH. The numbir opens wllli h.-üutlful front Upiwe-a fall-pg illustratlon by Abbey entitled ' Witli Oramlpa." llie leadine Illustratml artlcle Is by Wllllani Huniilu.n Slbaon, and ín entul.-.l 'A Barkanire lload." The ailicle and tlie illust rut ïons (whlrli are trom Mr. OlbaoiTi ilmuiiiK) are fnllv worthy ui the uit hor of "Pastoral Daya." Joaepb Hatloo oontrlbutaa tha Brat ol a ol papers ou ¦Joiirnaliullc I.oinlon." Mr. Hatt..n opens hls artlcle witli an Intereatlug deacrlpllon of Fleel treet- the Joornallatic oentra f l.ondon- diseñase tlie compuratlve linporlani'u oí provincial and metropolitun newnpapers, tlie toclal standing ol Journullsts, and giv.-s some very entertanlng4nforiaatlon reapecting the eetabllshment and oareer "( ¦everalJoaraaUaUeenterprlaea, pny i ng especial atteotlon to ¦¦Piuieh, rhe Releí," -The Uiieen'' and "Tlie Daily News." The artiele m Illiratmtcd by sUetrlifH and from photographlp portralta. Henry Vane'a artlole, "AdwèndaiiK Daya." 1 a. aketoa of vaoaUon Ufe and xport. witli illustnillons. Thoae wlioaaw tlie Hrldgmau eolleetlon ol plotnrei exhlblted In New York laai apfing, and Ml wbo are Intareated in Anuriciin art, will glv a heartv welcome to Bdward Btrahau'i artlole ou Kredeiick A. BrldKinan. Charlea Barnard, In "The Tele graph of To-iluy." glveea granillo account of reeeol imioviineiits In telOKraphy, wlth especial reference to the devices adoptad (HmlnUblng the eoat of lelegraphlc operatlons. Apropos of the forlhrnmlng colton exposltlon at Atlanta, Heury W. Qrady contrlbutes a very Important artlcle showing the poaslbllltles of rot ton product Ion, the present defect i ve ¦ygteni ofcotton furmlng, and the outlook for tbeSoatbaro manufaolure of the staple.


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