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The foulness of the weather on Tuesday preventcd every one froin visiüng thefairgrounds, lmt as the first cluj Is uuually to ro.-iing and airanging aitieles and stock to be placed on exliibition, few or none were dUappolnted. Wednesday mom ing was cold and the roads were inuddy so thüt the attendunce from the country was small. The display of fruit, takinginto consideraron the yield thisyear, wasgood. There was not a very good show of vegetables and cercáis. There were some fine specimens of canned fruits on exliibition, but not a large display. The stalls for live stock were pretty well Ulied, several line animáis among the number of horses and cattle entered. By far the most attractive department was floral hall, which was well filled with pjople at all hours. In the center was loeated a pyramid about twenty-flvc feet high, adorned on all sides with hot house plants. It alone is worth going to see. The remainderof tuis building is filled with fine displays froni the stores in town. Ypsilantl is represented by a couple of fiiins, We notlced in particular the line display of carpets, fornitura and sewing machines. The part of this building occupied by I. 8. Ffllim attracted mucfa attention. Some of the finost specimens of penmunship that we ever examined were in his department. It Is claimcd that more entries have been made thisyear tlnui hcre-tofore, and that the fair is better than it has been in previous years. There is still room for improvement. If the people of this county could be induced to unitc and hold a single fair loeated in altérnate years at Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, what is now called a snecess could bemade a grand success. To make the outlook for the consummation of such a plan still more doubti'ul, Manchester Is beginning to agítate the question of ajdistrict fair In that part of the county. Too inany fairs in any county will make thein all failures. The managers of the Ann Arbor fair this year deserve the thanks of the people for trying to carry out all plans as advertised even to the ascensión of the bal loon.


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