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The Power Of The Wind

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In a j.i(ii bclore the American society of civil oiigioct-n, Mr. t'. Shnler Smltli givea the Mfcults of niaay years' nbservatioiiM ol wiml prcsfíire aiul ití effwts. He lias ersonally visiled the tracks of destructivo storm Roon m poínible after tlieiroccurri-Mcr, for Un' purpote of determiuinx the maximum (broa and Uie vidlb of Üte yníh oftbe storm in every iiibtaiice. The mol violent storm in liis reoordi as al Easl St Loola, in 171. wiicn Hm irlnd orertunied a locoinotive, the uiaximtini force devcloiel in so doliifj beiitg csliiiiatiil at no letl th;ui iiinctv-tiiici' (miids pcraonwe looi. Atst. Chama, Mo. in 187T, ajafi was uestroyad, th winil foroe requlred belnt; elgbty-fonr and ilircc-ifiiths pouodi pi iqaara loot. At Marslilirld. Mo, in 181S0, a Ulick niauslon m Icvclltd, thr toni' reqoirc)! Ix-iiiu lifty-cilit poundi per iqucra toot. Below tbew extraordinaiy preMure tbere rare siuuliy tl KW dJ blow n aft' niils, anti bridget, de. bluwii down liy ;1(.s of wind of trom twinly-foiir to tliiriy-one poundi) per siiarc toot. Mr. rsniït M observes Umi in all liis exaraples he has laken tlie iniiiiiniim torce, requlred to do the oliscrvrd dmuage, und hai considered tlii.s u tbe inaxiinmn foroe of the wind, althoayll, of eonisc, il may have bees mncli hlgber. Soine of thp Imriicnncs rere very deatmotlTC, tbeoaeat Manhlteld havin cut down qyerythüig along a patli torty-sls miles long and one thouwind eiglit hnndred ic-t de, killing 2."o people.


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