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How They Salt A Claim

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"I wish yon would explain to m il] nbout Mits MltlliK of cWbm that ] licar so niucb about," said a nieek-eyett temlerfuot jvizlyohl mincr wlio was pannin;: aboot si nf pulverlzetl qnartz. "I iloii't seo whal they waiit to sait ¦ eUlm tur, uu! I doit't uutlenjtand liow they do it." "Well, y m -cc, a hot MMOfl likethis they li:ivc tu Sitlt a claim lots of time to kveyi it. A fresh cl.iim Ib good eooïijfh for i tresh cendwfoot, luit old-tfniem won't look ut anythlng bul :i plckletl '¦laiin. Vou know what (iiart ís probably." "No" 'WtMl, every daiw lias qiart. Heme pton and WOM iem, Vou timl ont li many qiwrtl tlicrc are, uiid tlii'n put in so iiiany poundl of Mil t(i the ([Uiirt. Wild cat cuumi poqulre taore sult, beotm the wild Cüt ppoils luifker thau aiiytUiii){ else. "Sometunaa j iu catfh a siirker. too, imJ yon have to put liim in brine prettjr plenty or vou will loóse him. That'í ono reason why thry salt a claim. ¦:Tli(ii. agaln; yon often grub-stake a man - " 'But what ¦ ynili-Htake?" 1 VVcll, a írub-stake is a gtske tlmt tlic boy miii: tlieir gmb on so they c;in carry it. Lote of íniniii men lmve tiren knockfil cold by a blow l'ioni a jiub--tukc. "What 1 uanti'il to -ay, tboitgfa, fM 1 1 i - : on will proba bly at ti i si gtritce lie ¦ inillinjr ioci ly, with i líiíi. utioiis t iiiit liiiiü el-f. Tlicii you will no doubt nk till yon -trikt' beU-rock, or a truc Ibsirr ophen hole, with traces of dia ¦[xiinl nn-iit . ¦'TlmtV the to put invoursalt. Yon ran shoot it tuto shnft with a doublebiiriulled shot gun, or Wel it and apply it with a wliitewasli Iniish. It' ]e()pl(: turn up their nosrs at 3 mir claim then, and .ny it is I siiidc, and that thcv think thfiu i ¦omething rotten in Deiinmik. you can tell lliein that they are elcar off :ind lliat you have aalted youi claim and tlmt yuu know it is all rlgíit." The last geen of the tendciToot he wil baylng a doable-barrelled ihot-gan and ten poundl of' rock salt. Tliere's no doubt but a niiuinj: camp is th ]l:iee to send a yoitns man who wants to iicquiri' knowledge andttll bbsyeten i'ull of intbnnatioi) that will bc usefnl lo liim so longu he lives. - llill Nye. "Twinkle, twinkle little star," the uurscry rliynie M (imiliar to evcrvhixly. lnis been revi-ed by a coinmitU:e of eminent scholur-i with the (oUowiag result: Sliine wit h lrr.enlar In lei in ttent lllit sutrkl' at Intervals, dlmlmilive laoalBOM heaveuly tKHiy; How I coojecture w-ltli snrprtKr-. not unnilxed wltli uiH'rrlalnl.v. wliutyou re, Looated, apparently, ni noli a ivinntedlKtamv (rum tind at 11 heiht fto vatly buperlor to tlils eiirth. the plnnct we tnliatilt. Siiniliir In k ml apppaiano' ml rofractory owers to the preolooi prlmltlve octahedroa oryaUU OÍ pure carlxiii.KMl in the aerial reglón ¦urruundlng the enrtti.


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