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Some Farly Legal Triumphs Won By C. A. Arthur, Attorney

Some Farly Legal Triumphs Won By C. A. Arthur, Attorney image
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S.k.ii liter h - t:il! isliiiK-lit n the legal prof culón, Oei and Arthar marriad Hm Hermlon, daogüWt "' Ill(' Lteutenant Herndon ol tbi I itfted States navv. who went doWB I M'a willi -hi;p, the en tral Aiiicr. M modal fnmmnnicin tiveof hli- -iitoi ipicnth voted liyc'ii I Vre-euted to JjUnt. Heriidon's wkl)v. Two chiWren, a son and i dinijrliUr, wli ai e stil] living, won boni Arthnr (lied alwii tWO I - tX.B I The mi-t noti-il of :il! the ea#s in which (Jen. Artlinr appmrad in bJe carly CUW a. a l.iwycr. the I.cminon l,ive case. Il November, 1898, Jonathan Lemmon un luliot, liis uile, u lm h:nl heen retjdentl ol the sluve-üoltling state of VTrgfnla deterDilned to nm lo Taxaa. 'l'licy MikM iVoni NoHMk (e iii city, brlnglng eigb1 slave uilli (hem. Thcir intciitioi was to niimin in litis city urowcl saUei tor a Texa.i port, "They went to :i hoi iipon thelr srriviil here. nl eiienLr'il Ixiaid a ml Uwljíiiig for thcir risvM :it ! arllalc sliert. A tree eolureil man livin.i; in this cüv, and known M Look Napoleon, praWOteil, thfoitgb counsel, hii application to Judfe. Blljrtli l'aine. of UiC superior court. lor a rit of babaai oorpu lo oompel Mr. mul Mn. Lemmoa to produce ilieir tlaret la eoart, and show cause why iliev hliould not bc set at literty. The ui il tim i-sned, :iml the phivea weic Uken berore juage Paine. In t tn-ir tmavtet to tlie nider lo sliow caiiw, Mr. and Mrs. icniiuon avenxd tlmt tlie slavcs relt brought to the city of New York trom il slavchohlinjr "IMe with tlie sok purpOM "t procaring Lrantpoitattos to anotber slavciK-liiiii r siaie, Taxaa; aad thcy dainied that this Iran-il .is lawl'ul, and t luit any inlcrnipüon al il was unlawliil. Judc I'ainc (lecidcd tht the fcliives could nol Ire held in tliis state, and they werc ('reed. Oen. Aithiu Intercale! i" "'is cu$ey, lirst as Ilie iis.-xxiate ol .ludiré ('iilver, aenlor counsel, and latei M ¦¦anrlitn "i Willism M, KvarU, when ;m RppeaJ was taken from Judfe l'ainc's decisión. The Mipreinc court of' tho United states. afflrmed the decisión, and tlie Hrat lelling blow in the couit.s against tin slaveholdiug niwci as slruck. In a bardly leas notable case. Gen. Artlmr won judicial reconMon oí Um rteMí f the colored race. ín 1U56 he siieu thc ilark-m milroad conipuny ío$ da niales in lelialt' of Lizzic Jeniíings, a colorid, and a superintendent t a Suuiiay chool for colored chUdrm, rbo wa ejectcd from a Kourlh avenue lioise car. at'ter tur tare had heen accepted hy the conliictui. iiecaiise a whlte paMeiigcT obtected lo Ucr pruücnou. Tito case wat Uieii LMifore luiljje Rockwell, n Brooklyn. 4 verdict foi f.VHI daniaecs wal auanlcd lo I.izzic Ji'iiliinrs. The cstalili-hincnl ot thi prcrc dent cjiíiscd thc strc'i railroad compauioa t thc ciiy lo issue all order that colored xt.soiis sh.Hild be allowcd to [raid in tlieir ¦ar. Mr. Qardhier dled Irl 1889. Ín 1871 Gen. Aithur entend luto a ncw partoerabip, the tirm name heii Aithur, l'helps Ai Knevils Tlie late District Altorney Benjamin i. I'helps was a inember of the rlrui. lust hcforc the ftirin itlon "I tiiis tiim i , i. Aithur as appolnted tu bi eoonscl i nard of tax eomniissioner $10,00l a y. ar.


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