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There art! thouandi of tingks men who tiara do !j 1 t ¦, and nrbo tliink it beyond their rea-h. Their üveiiings are tong, tetllous and duir, itnO the go to iiuicli e.pettsetaget relief lbey bny tnbncro ; lliey i;iy tor stimiilaiits; thcv p.itronize plriCBri of amusement; tney keep np forma of ocioty tlmt co-t tliem something; in Iheir own way, they entertain ; and thc.s would confess ín moments of frank ness, tint they ure nol verv happy after all. After .1 llttk', the coninioner forma of enjoyment becomu insipid. and thev have to ijo further ; mul, in a certain proporción nfcuoee, lieloie Uu-v think they can tffnnl home-life tïioy aro pretnaturely old. dilapidated in feeling, hankruiitin attection. in.apable ot adnptiou tu ik w and (rentier ways "rukes" - more or penitent, bnt condemned to mlm ti e (WeetneH and aroma ot' lifc, however favor.ible their circumatancea mav beooine. They ilid not know w it li rlghl ideas of lile it would have heen im-it and cheap er lor tlicm lo liave niarrifd titUn Wiwes; that tlicy TT Ml ril pn etcMws. and Dftfn Boxiottf, iml ii liTfines n mini] as would have - in the hands ol a hel pm A ti ecurod the pare, tarene and MtMylns bapplnen which Ihey sought in vain. and will sjek in vain forerer. Nor is the sex the only blundorer on this siile ot lift'. There are Minus nada of wnmen who have no idea that lile may bc wortta liviiijf even if dWested of the laxarles and pleasnres which they have either enjoyed or di-eained of. Iloin'.-t altei'tion, nnless backed by wealth, is spurued; and too oftcn wealth. where the allection is little lated. iind Imlcrdj soiiietiincs li tí le woi'th. reaaon enoagn for woman to pioinise lüve, honor and obediunce tor lile. ['oor thhljti he inakes a rtat nii-Iake; and -¦ 'ii the lis.'iicli uitrnent is complcii. BUi did not kuow tbat lier life could be most lrelMd. lieautilied and m:ido complete by a ri'iil man who loved her. whosr Joy mul carea, irhoae Iwpaa aml successes síie could Irecly share; who, without thesatiety of wealth, had the prieeless "pleasuret of hope." and the constant stimulus o an honesl ambition, and who, as hegrew stronjeer liy daily victories over self and tlie hardshipsof life, would BPOW worthier of her love, and more lit to be. leaned apon. Tliere are nieu wbose lile u a con.-tant slavery. They are les.s tree tlmn the man who ''(hiñes Iheir boots." r nius their Ofliae errainl.-. They are living to ranke inoney, aml RUCOewful and ot coiise(Uence in their own evv, ju-t as Ibev ,-uceeed 11 18 lliulr pltrniMii', i utrli inmni., !..,;, end of cxUtcnce. That is anotlier mistak.'. There are pleasines ol bookl and of thourlits, of rreedom and of benevolence, of contentmeiit and of qtiiet, which tlicy never tMtéd and never will You niav talk to them kboUl thein - in vain. They have uow no otxan of perception for auch tilinga atiy inore tiiau a color-blind man tor delicate liues, or a person who is stmiu ileaf tor the nuisic of the splures. . TUere U certainly i rreat deal ot w ruiijidoiug by uien and women, the wrong of wbicli ia so plaln to all ou-lookers. that one wonders what motive there can be for sHcriiieinif thtir own obvious intcreste. Pride, matice and revenge account for niany tbins. Hut there is a clas of evils for which gnorancc is to be blamed, and in recogniziiif; thig factor we are lx Iped ut once to Iity, while we blnmc, the wronrdoer, and we are anown one tbing at lea.t, that may le atlenipted in the way of reform. People requlre recreation. Every sane imin kBOWl that. It is at as cleally on- duly to hiiii;h, to "lont," to loyngc ns it is at others tí. v eep, to strain every nervc, and todeny one.sself. Aï'd becauM thi is truc, and men fel t to be, t h gó into - not tvcreation, renewinjf, makinir oer ayain (for that is the raeaning of it), but tako a very different road. There are many whooaght not in tattloe to be held accountable for the mutakei they make, having never been taught how properly to proceed. And with the best of U8 there are too many, alas! of whoni it rnight truly be s.iid that our whole life habeen a misbike.


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