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Driving A Hen

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WIicii ;i woiuan lm u hen ti) drive into lie coop, she take liolil of lier skirts with Ktli hands, shakes tliem quletly to ttie deiotfntnt, auü says: "Slioo, there!" Tlie leu takes ose look al t lic object to convlncc Kltelf tliat l is a womiin, and then stilknajeMioüIy Into ttoooop. A man doesnt 10 that way. Becofi (M.I aj'd sa.s, "It s singular nolK)ily eau lrive :i lit'ii bnt ne," and Btcking up h tick of wood, hurlt at tlie onendin liijx-d and observe, "(iet 11 tliere. yon tliiet '!" Tlie hen iininediiitely ooses lier reason and dalies to the other end of the yard. The man strai-rlituay diishes jifter lier. She comes back witli lier ieal down. hei triomf out, and followed y au a..sortmcnt ot slove-uood, trnil-i-an-, nul olliikerg, and 11 veiy mail man in the rear. The she kins uuder tlie bain, and over k fvnee or two, and around the hoiwe, anil back ajiain to tlie coop, and all tbo whlle talklnjt as only an exeited hen can alk, and all the wliile lollowed by Üllogl ¦onvenieiit for handllüff, and a man vhOM coat is on the MW buck, and whose liat is )ii the {jround, and whose prespiration bal 10 limit. Bj this time the other hens have ome out to take a hand iu the debate and lelp dodge mi -siles; and the man says evury hen on the placo shall be sold in the Dornlng, and puts uu his tilines and goei lown Street, anil the woman ha? every one f those hens hoosed and connted In two


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