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What Is A Sangerfest?

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v have hard tliis inijuiry made leTeral times u itliin a iiMHith bat could ïrivi' nodefinlte n-plv. We went down to (jraml last reek n WTedoeadaj and while Üiere ii;iit lo Bnd oul aomething aboat It, umi the int'ormaliou we obt&ined we will ¦ give, it is M Mlowl : I ii the I flrüt il;i e there must lic a city "I .- 1 1 m 1 1 1 Ki iuli:ilitiils. umi contnining from i -o i,0)00 Germán n I M' ¦¦: .- i ir tlicrciilKiuls. In llie -t-ii : re ¦ ( tin.' -iimilil bc huilt narent building, 'ir inn-ic hall, i anuble of soatinjr truu 3,XJU tl 4.MX peopfe. All the celH)rat-il .erm:in nuMduM witiiin ."iimi uillea tbould Ih sniraged is performer j tben Uuaffiue juit wIimi c expeneuoed on Wedne#uy cvontngt sittüig In tlic eentre of the ball in Ou pretience ofa a-t crowd ofboUi nxm. la front in -ki ñora yoong Lidies drewed In inowy liiic.anil buk "t ibcai r 104 mort of the Ourinan male Bex all ürewetl lip likc ulitluuiun : on the - ¦ or i( muiii I n.lcs ot 111(181' ui tiili-nt, wli" peiits iiikI li.innItHudoTM; ia thh poup are bout 30 riollntotl who are accompanied liv violinccil'i-, i'oniet, kromboneii and everything eiw n t cataloijiie of boriis, besidea drunw, (yiniials, trianjrlea, clrioneU,flute, piceloa, harpa, accordion, and a i-and piano. A maJestJc ipeclmaa of iba OerIi I il 1 1 raoa -tailds in the midille w itli t lila k Ktick in lii.s lianti whidi lie fqrrittra (ntniUy throHgli the air, and na lie makaB a liie. dktion wiili hit heud trhang oeathe Instruments, the sound il ferbermtei all over the building, Ihionjih the uindows tor uiteen arouinl IlltO the nei'hliorin -trcels and alleyi; prettjraoou i teníale rokx ilieard in snowy-whito crowd which ROM t.t r ii;iv IntO Uie niKT ( louds o( Iteavenl; tniuicamoDg the enipper notei di.-tiiictiy heard qlear idbove all tpe InatruinciiK :iad I il she let hel' voice awav down to the miei ben ildermont ol the va-t indicnee; then comes an awlul big lackct trom the instiuineiit.s which nvaily Buulcet the roof, and all tba apsotaton bein to belicve ihev an aomewliere eise besidei in Uranil Rápida. Then aappoaa wc ittp out of this aeene a moment and enter the front door ofa dozen or more neighborlng building! on piincipil streft wheiu then are one to two Innidred (iernians in varion- ftagea of happiflcHtlon, all nulling, MneklBgi Imbibliif lirer wMek is flowing in quantitiea BUfflcient to Hout a schooner, and jalilH'iinfr away in an inte i ininiilile i Dutch jarjfon ithicli n Yankee can undcr.-taiKl execfit tliat lic -t c noljOily is niad or dl mik. Add to this :i treniendoiis itreel pararle wiih bandi of muaic tollowed by iniliiary and riders in evcry gratie ol cofttume repreaentins the mo-t ilistingnislicd wortliics ot the Oerman nation, and then abig inner where victnals are plenty, a picnic folio wed witli dancing, and more lager at frtquenl Interval! to relieve the festival of e Ye i y turratened dttner ot becomiiigdull and rnonotonou. VVhen went and mw preuv mui li all thi-i, wc liad a tolerable 'IdVa ol the gre( Oerman Fotival ca lied h SMiigerfi


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