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School ottk-ers animi contract with a teacher who does nol ixld .1 liiutul ceitltieate. and ji di-trictciiilnyiii sucli ateitoher ca 11 nol draw public mniieys. No public n ejn can lic lawfnlly pak] t a u-.ichci not holding a certificate. A contrae) iitli :i teacher most be in fntiiijr, and signed tiv a majorlty of the district board on bebalfof tbc ilistrict, and I must !¦ aiitlioricil at :i meetlntf of the litrirt bnani, The dircctur umi teacher imiL i'.ich bf t'urnUlMd witii aqopy "I Ue contract. üulrs f.irin.itlv adnptetl hy the di-lricl l)oaril muil be faitlifully obterrod ly the ti';iditr, ;iiul 1 tailuiu to ilii su worUs u forfViturv uf the contract, the rule is Unrrrisiillalllc. It'ilic (lisüict buur.' doet nut keep the school iiousc in i.imI repair, and puppjied uii M [wcewitrj rotiveiileiiccs, it thereby a forfaiture ut contract. A teacher ca 11 nol be compelled to balld nies and l" other janltor'g work, unles tllC COllt IMCl -II ]i!Ovilll"S. Pfn rc-iilriit of the district can bc rompxlled to board the teacher, BOT can the teacher be coinpelhnl to "board nmnd."


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