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Tlic lord mayor f Lotulon. wlio It :i Mi...

Tlic lord mayor f Lotulon. wlio It :i Mi... image
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Tlic lord mayor f Lotulon. wlio It :i Mi'tlindist, rci-riitlv presidcd at thc otlicial Opening ftf th íree lihrury and art rnllery in Ejodoon. [n declarltig the frac mi paili'iv pMi, thi' lor mayor híiI llmt l1 1 í 1 this with niucli planwre. luit be wouW fninkly tcll tlieni th'.l hedid not iijrici' 1I1 somi', at all SVeuU, of the prlnclpl nprni Uhicll tll(' l)llilllillLr TM MMH'll- VÍZ., Itlilt of opeiiin; the Kullcry 011 Smuliiy. [Ilcar, ín 1 r. 1 Jle wmilil ais.) candidly tell tlicín that wIiimi the qnettlon of opening tlic ninseunis was befen the home of oommom lic vnted against Un: iiUa, and oiily recently the principie carne lwfore the Corporation of London, whon thrït'-linirtlis of tlie menilrs rotad Kgmintt it, ín Binniugbtin, with tlie intention of Incrasaing the miinberof readen, ii was determinad to open the llbrnry on Sumlay, bul t w - ilaeorered tbat the numberofreadera feil off. The


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