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' AYER'S CHERRY PECTORAL I ir Dhowl r Hip Thront ml l.iiM24. xurh a 'llirli. NiIiIh. W hoopinic Coufh. Hroiu-hm. -llimn and 'oiiMiiiuiitluu. JtBf êh whicta have won ili oonAi 47 y '¦ ' N ¦' hou-.-h.iiii ¦ B I %Ari niani nationa, nme' hiT ¦PB "tsO5 5S ix'rnordllixry virtue. ¦t XiiiikIjvm K jS ÏE i' "- "r niaitilHUutl 1110 J JEHLS IVfNTll. Il tlitf '. BCLfb4 known !n Uu' pulr ubulil I ' JSlmmMjM HW 'úrt' vt-ar. ny h hiif conjJTr fc[TjBB e i, ¦ i! .-ól iimrvelous ¦SSs" rurt'c, ihat biive won for it conjdonce In it vut, t rqular) by .mv otber medicine. Ir i-üll Hie i effect aal cun- ol ('ou"li, Coldt, ''¦iiiiiniptlnn, ihat din W, nuda b raadle! -kl 1. Indeed, toe Cherrj I, . url han rt-Hlh ruMii"! tli ¦ - ' ¦ ' "' their ti-rroif lo :i LTcnt extfni. tiiid L'iw-n a felllic ol immnnilv froin tlier pnlimil encu, tht m well fdin.dr,, fth tken In muM. Kvery lamlly iiould hvc H iu ;hcir closet fur the rena] and prompt r.-ü'i of Pk niemben. Bicknws, uiicrtne, ¦ (1 ,v, n it - .ivimI by thlfl iimi'lv prolection. Tlie prilileiil -hu!i1 ik" n.-i.-K-it it. and íh. uill Dot ly wiu fir tbf it ITord by ite carly iic ui luddan uai I'HKPARED BY DR. J. C. AYER & CO., IMiulfcal & Annlllal li inNJ. Sn'il '.y :i!; Hi!i_'i.Mct nd In M.'dlclni'. HF.NI-lllTÜ-d'.w M. S. SMITH & CO., Jewelers, comer r vroinri and JvIIVtsoii Avt'iiiM'.. lllril, uiioiiiioii to a ui) ïargé aiiI 11 ik' oolloclioii r Artiolit' I'orciuii Huro, line l'rncli and i:nKiiii Clo6fct, Diaraondi and ollu-r .viiiM, uhU-li wcre nrtonally iclcctcd tlie present - ion by a member of Ihe llrtn in tlie Europeaii innrket. Ev-rj arllclc in our rtook II inarkt-il in plain ligare, al llxed p4C. CorrcHtondcnce tÖlTcIIed M.S.SMITH&GG. JEWELERS, DETROIT, MICH. IO-,!-Tl TÜTTS PBLLS INDORSED BY PHYSICIANS, CLERGYMEN, AND THE AFFLICTED EVERYWHERE. THE GREATEST MEDICAL TRIUMPH OF THE AGE. SYMPTOWIS OF A TORPEO LIVER. Ijossoí appetite.lVftusea, bowela coBtive, . in theHed7wTth n düll ensatton m the back part, Pain ivnder the ahoulderblade, fullness after atm, with adisinclination to exertion of body or niind, Trritability of tempor, ypints. Losa of memory, with a feeiing of havlng neglocted Bome duty, wearineea, Dizziness, i'lutterinR of thf fleurt. Dota before the eyes, Yellow Skin, Headache, Hestleasness at uight, hifhly colored Urine. IF THESE WARNÜf GS ARE UNHEEDED, SERIOUSDISEASESW!LLSOONBf DEVELOPfD. TUTTS PILLS 'lrt' "p"inlly adapted to ¦ucb eanu,one dos rflTecta mu-luirhange Of fm-lillK IM t llstoltisll tllf Mllft'TT. 'l'tiey Iiiriei.n tlio ipetttt¦-¦ the body to Tnk.' on Flh, thiH Hip yslem Is noiirUh'4l. ;ini by Uu irTonlr Art Ion on tbe lilKiMti I lln-aiu, Kwilar SliHl are produced. lrtc 'Lt uenta. :tó Murni.) t., SÍ.Y. TUTT'S HAIR DYE. (íka v II Am or W hhk rus Dtengad loa OfM&Y'K by ii iliixle irpplkmthn "f i li' I'yk. Il natural ulur. ucL4 InlitnuiiieoiiRly. HtíM &yDrUK9its,or lenl ¦ i .-.¦.¦ij.t t,f l. OUTlce, 35 Murray St., New York. (Ur. Tl TT'N HAM U. uf lnallr liirorHialíoii snd ft IVfsl Urnfrtt "UI i" W KBII nu .,,M.M„,,.f 103284 Tlie Ijeiiding Toy & Fa&cy Qoods Houss F M K 'I I. Wlun visiting the City' of Detroit (In ;, , HEYN'S BAZAAR, Konncrly Russell House liazaar, wbjch is now located ut (i Woodward avenue, former lUnd oflhe ..ld ALÏÏAMBEA DOLLAE STCBE. These two will-known places of public palronage have recently bet-n Consolidated under one manaenielH, and wc defcire to cali IH;ci:ll attention to our Urge atul well selecltd line of Toys, Faney Goods, Jewelry, P'.ated Ware, WWtney CMldren's Carriages, Velocipedes, Express Wagons, kt., kt. Which we wlll continue to sell t popular prici-s. An early cali is respeclfullv olicilcd H, HBYN'ft BRO„ IIEYN'S BAZAAR, 92 WOODWARD AVE., IH-'.TIIOIT. BIK'H. 101171 !. H. DOWNS VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR Is sure cure for Coughi, Colds, Whooping-Cough, and all Lung Diseases, when taken n êeason. i People die of contumption ' 1 becauie of neglect, when tht timely use of tbi remedjr would hare cured them at once. Í I'ifty-one year of j stant ute provet the fact that no cough remedjr ha itood the test like Doirni' Elixir. Pttt Mc 6Oo and tl .(O par botU. Fur 8nle ETery wban. Dr. Baxter's Mandrake ! BBittërS Will cure Jaundice, Dyspfpsia, Liver Complainti, Indigestión, nd all diseaset arising frorn Bil iousnes. Price 25 ets. per bottle. For 8ttl ETerywhere. iik.miï &. joanwotrm ÁRNICA AND OIL LINIMENT for .lian anti Ilcast. The most perfect liniment evei compounded. Price 25c and 50c. For Saté ETerywher. 1016 67 wiscoNsiNi Alvina 500,000 ACKES Ll II L0 ON' TUK UMI OP TUK wnconia kxtkai. h. it. For f ii 11 partienUn, wbtch win bt mbI f 1 . HAHLEs 1,. CÜLBT, l.mJ üommlwloner, 1 I064-106R Milwailkci', Wis.


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