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The Two Spirits

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SPIRIT T1IAT I'OKM'I) TtHS SCEN'K. [Writtcn in Platte Canon, Colorado.) Spirit thatforiuM this scène, These tumbled rock pUA yrim and red. Thfae rcckless lu-aven-ambitious pcaks. These gorfes, turbiileut-cK-ar streams, tliis nakod lu-v! These formless wíld arrays, for reasons orthetrvwn I I lüKnv thee, sAvaitc spirit - wc have coiilinuncd together. Mine too such wild arrays, for rcasons of their mvn; Was 't chürgcd against my cliants tlic-y liad íorgotten artr To fuse witliin thcmselves its rules precise and dclicatesse ? The fyrist's inenurcd beat, the wrought-out temple's yritce - column and polished arch foryot? - Dut thoti thiit revel lest here- pi rit tliat Coirm'd this nu, Tiy Iwvc fcnicmbcrcd tbce. I pon FéBding the forecroinp our 'too too' poet tlirew a cnuple of paes of an old dictionary into the hopper oí his machine, inserted a wheel witli ¦ cog hroken out here and there in order to secure the ntcessary hop-skip-and-jump uieasure, and ground out the antu SPIRIT THAT WRKCK'D THIS FORM, [Written in front of a gin-niill.] 'Spint" thnt wreckM this form, Colored this pimplcd nose so red, Caused these buiging and blood-shot eyes, This brick in tile, and rags scarce hidiny DAlndiMtS, These maudlin mutteriat;s- all cruel wbrk of thine ! I know thee, 'cursed "spirit"- we have hiccoughett together - Acliieved a high old drunk, and reason didst det li ron e j Wast charged, perchaaca, and chalked uponthc slate? Ordid-t Üie fusil oil jerker demand cash and leu previousness? Thou made this "dead beat"- this played-nut, tempt ed wreek - beery ImpoverUhed and forgotl -And thou that brought bim here- 'spirit1' Ihat wreck'3 this i'orni, Cost thirty cents a quart.


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