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The End Of The World

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Leonardo Aretino, an Italian of thc I ítli century predlcted tlie end of the world íor the lBtn of November, 1881. Behold the program ol'this catiistroplie: Nuv. 1 - Tlie ocean will byerBow Itt shores. Nov. 2- The eartJi will be soaked with water. Nov. 3- The fisli ín the rivers w!ll die. Nov. 4- All the water iowl mul l'ish will He. Nor. 5- The birds in Uk: air will die. Nav. 6- The horscs will fall down. Nov. .7- The rocks will t'all dowu. Nov. 8- The eiirth will tremble. Nov. 9- The mmiMt;iiiii will falL Xov.;iO- T.lie men will Uecoinr s leas. Nov. 11- The tombs will open. Nov. 1-2- The stars will fall. Nov. 13- All the uien and all the wouiei) , will die. N,iv. 14- The lieavens will disappcir and Un: earth will beno moro. Nov. 15 - A general resiirrectioiuuul tlitlast jndgment.


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