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A Story With A Moral

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someTiwne ago acertain lady oallcd npon one of Üie auost cclcbrated occulists oí New Vork, e order to consult liiin on account of heryos, omp1alaing that their power of visión bad f late considorably dinuntehcd- Ai a MtatKS the doctor gaw slie was a lady of rank andsVealtb, lie lookeJ ather t m, sluidk liiti liead, and thought the treatllIUllt WOtlld rcili' KITICll lime, H tliere Were reasons to leur amunrosis in lier case, lie must arlvise tw& llfM ot' all, that as slic liad Informad him the wat resldlnc considerable (listnnce In tbe .oountry, she must move luto tlia oity at nant, añd thu enable him to see hor frcpuently, if jiossible, dailv. The lady the renteil an legant mansión, inoF;d into thecily, and Iho physician was ptmctual in bis attendanee. He prescribed tliis and that, and tlius days ran into weeks, and weeks into inontlis. The eure, nóweveii mi si 11 oootingí The phyatclaa tried to console lier. One duy lile patiënt hit upon a curious ócheme, and she raked not long to carry it Into ftl'ect. Slic procured for horself a very oíd and poor attire, put a hood of trememlou slze upon her head, took an olu ambrella, and a market basket In her hand, and in thew habtlimenU she vlslted her physleian; selectlng for the pnrpoae a ven rainy day. siic had so rel] succoeded In disto rtl ds and diagttiiinjl oerselfthat the oye, even ol a lover, ooold icarcely hnverecognized her. She waf obligad to walt foi a lona time in the ante-room for the physician, with many Others wlio like her. uere seekiug relief. At last lw;r turn carne. "Weii, nytfod woman, what have you got to coniplain ol "; " "Very bad e ves. doctor," she answered. He took her to tlie liht, looked into her eyes, but fkiled to teeotralze his patiënt. Sbrasglng his shoulders, lic said: " Yonr eyes are well enouli." "Wellf" she sai.l. " Ves, ye-, 1 kninv what l ara Sayltlg." "Bot i have been toW l waagettlngtha a. - a - forget how it is caUed." "Amanroali I " " Yes, that is it, doctor." " Don'tyou let thein niake you believe my Kiieh nonsense. your eyes are a little wak, but that is all." " lint my physician sayi - " " Vour physlólan is an msl " "An " " Yes, yes, an as.s ! Teil hini boldly that '. 1 Siiy so.'' The lady DOW arose, and, in lier cnstoniary voice, said: " Sir. you are my physician, ]Mi't yon kBOW me? "' The face that the sage counselor made is esier to imagine thau to descrihe. "QraciOUS madam," lic (¦Minneneed to , Btammeran apotogy, hut the ladywonld not Haten to liim, lmL lelt him Indlgnantly. siie never shw the gentleman any more.


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