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The national debt of Great Britain is .0,000,000. That of the United States was, Sept. 1, $l,816,33S,5i;7. Wlnlc the forest flresof the North have destroycd much property and many lives, they have swept vast tractg of land clean of underbrusli, and have thus titted a lnrge territory for immediate cultivation. Charles A. Spencer, who was well known in Europe and in this country as au optician, micioscoplst, and manufacturer of telescopio lenses, died in Geneva, N.Y., on the evening of Sept. 28th, at the age of 68 years. Mrs. Jennie Mcííraw Fiske, wife of Prof. Fiske, of Cornell University, died last week in Ithaca, N. Y., leaving a fortune of 112,000,000. Sue was building a residence estimated to cost $2,000,000, intendins to makc it the finest in the United States. A Business Men's Moderation Society has been organized in New Vork for the purpose of encouraging moderation in driuking. Half-breed temperance men may, and undoubtedly will, do some Rood, but the stalwarls are the ones that will win in the end. Pink cye, the new horse disorder that broke out recently in St. Louis, is rapidly spreading toward the north. It starts with inllammation of the eyes and swelling of the neck, and is said to be in some respecta like the epizootic. It is reported as very fatal. King Kalakaua is distinguished as the only crowne,d head who has jrone round the world. The king is expected to visit the Hampton Normal School thU week, and the Navy Departnient has placed at his disposal the United States Stennier Dispatch. The Hastings Banncr snys that twentyone years aLO the late President Garfield preached a sermón one Sundny in lonia. Hfi ma therc on a visit to Rv. Dr. Errett, who was at that time pastor of the church of Disciples in that place. Dr. Errett delivered the funeral oration at Cleveland. It is so difflcult to got }(ood doniestic help that many a hoiisewife will bc ploascd to learn that a Coldwater lady lias gone to England for the purpose of inducing English girls te come to this country and engage in domestic labor, and since her departure (less than a month ago) over 400 applications for such help have been received by her husband. 2 TheEcumenical Conference was acknowledged a success, but a certain London paper inaintains that the program was " too comprehensive, too ambitious ; the conference tried to do too niucli, and the overdoing was found to be underdoing." This conference closed on the 20th of September. It was decided to hold another such patherin-r in America in 1987. More than a century afro tlie skeleton of an enormous mammoth, now prescrvcd In the Natural Hi.story Musvum of limaseis, was lound in tlie loculity o Autucrp. Kecent exea vator in the same locality have uuearthed ntimerous teeth of the mammoth and n almost entlre rlnuoceroa skeleton. The vicecónsul of Franc it Bassorali, duriiig nearly tliree yciirs spcnt In makingresearclii 9 nmongthc ancicnt rtiins of that provino-, luis hrought to ligliteight very liandsoine statues covered witli inscrii.tioiKs in the oíd Babylouian characters, and whkh are supposcd to be 3,300 years oíd. Tlius has man and beat of former ages left tlieir footprinU on th sands of time. Many ways for aidin the fire sufterers iiave been dvised, but none more selfsacrificing than the followlng. The Port Huron relief committee ia reported lo have received a letter f rom W. II. Kibby, of W Ml WiiMlr..-, Katon county, urgingthera to fiiid him a suitablc wife Rinon tlie fire sufferers. He says be is 40 years of age, asgood looklngas the average, has considerable property, and three children. He wants a woman between 25 and 40 years of "ge, Kxxl looking, and who is saviag and not too cross. To aiich a woman he will give a comfortable liomc and prove hitnsclf au agreeable companion. lic has algo furnished the committec with the nauiea of several prominent farmers and their wivts who can testify to his good qualities. Airs. Willin, ot Chicago, wns givcn reeepUM on Friday cveuing, ScpL Uth, by the missionary womcn of London, at the Mission House in Kisliopsigate street. Her address was listcned to by a Uugi number of theelcct as well as the Me Mta bf British Methodism, and was in evrry way worthy of the tlieuic and the occasion. Tl1 largeat Kepublican stttte convention tliat ever assembled in Minnesotu convened at the opera house in St. Paul on Wednesday, Sopt. 2Mh. The following was the ticket norninaU'd : For Governor, Ludus F. Hiibbard ; Lieutenant Governor, ('has. A. Gilman ; State Auditor, W.W. Briden Sccretary of State, Fred Von Bamnbai li State Treasurer, Charles Kittelson ; Attorney General, VV. J. Jlahn ; Clerk of the Snprcme Court, Samuel H. Nichol; Kailroad Commissioner, Jampa II. Baker; Supreme Judies, Win. Mitelull, I). A. Iikenson, C. K. Vanderburg. In compliance with the request of the sevcral local lire relief committees of tliis state, Governor Jerome has appointed the foltowteg state cnmmission, styling lt the "Fire Uelief Commission of Michigan." All disbursenionts in this cause will lic made tinder the dircction of its mcinhers. who are : Ex-Governor Hen ry 1'. IiaMwin. chairman, President Second National liank, Detroit; Alcx. II. Dey, President American National Bank, Detroit; D. C. White-" wood, of the WayneCounty Savings Baulí, Detroit; George C'. Codd, Postmaster, Detroit; Gen. K. W. Swift, firm of Swift ft Dodds, Detroit ; Omar I). Couger, United States Senator, Port Hurón Qtn. Chas.T. (, banker, Marshall. All contrihutions for the suderers by the late Srea In the Hurón península ot thi state ibotild be sent to the thainnan of this coinmlttee at Detroit. Au exchaiifje editor, gpóá at li. basing lus calculations on the statement that the area of droight in the country is "an immense oval extending from central Texas in the southwest to a littlc beyoud Montreal in the northeast, and from Kansas and Iowa to Georgia in a noitliwr.-t and southeast line," thu MtítnAtea the ainount of rain that has not fallen during the past suinmcr. He iys that thaw boundary Unes include a terrltory 1,600 miles long by over 900 miles wide, cmbracing nearly 1,500,000 square miles - ei'lil unit1 as laigc na vticui Hritnin mu ireiand. The defleiency of rainfall over this arca, if it could be collected in one place, would make a body of water of the average depth of 120 feet, and as largc as Lake Erle, or it would exceed the total surface of the great lakes if spread out at an average dcptli ot ntteen leet, whicü woukl bc suüicicnt to ftoat any lake vessel. Niágara Falls at floodheight. discharging at the rate of 1,000,000 cubic feet of water per second, would require onc whole year to pour tlje MÉlnuted delicieney of rainfall over the brink into theehasm below. Lake Ontario ia said to be eighteen inches lower than ever before known, and tlie fall in the other lakes has been in proportion. The latest tfaidg discovereJ in the line of government frauds is a pension ring. The prese dlspatches of the early part of the week contained tlie following item: "Col. W. W. Dudley has been for some weeks investigating a rinjj in the pension office. The lact tiiat mere were Dnran i ..- sioners on the rolls has long been known, and the claim agents under previous commissioners bore the brunt of the blanie for these frauds. Col. Dudley became convinced that many of them were the work of those inside the office, and started quietly but vigorously to ferret out the unfaithful clerks. He is almost ready to make arreste. When the blow falls, bis prosccutions will vie with those of the Postmaster General. It is not yet known how many are implicated, but tbc number under inve9tigatton now Is about 30. The amount of money involved will reach into the millions when the amounts p:tiil and to be paid are to be considered. Of course the prosecution will extend to thoso wta.0 have fraudulently reccived pensions. The secret service has under surveillance more than 200 persons in various States, whnse arrest will follow closely upon that of the clerks." It is the determination of the President nnd his cablnetto purge every department of fraudulent officers and clerks. The 9th of September last was celebrated in California as the thirty-first anniversary of the admission of California as one of the States of the Federal Union. The celebration began In San Francisco with the flring of a sunrise salute. Before the last gun was flred the stars and stripes had been run up from hundreds of llagstaffg, including those of all the U. S. government buildings, the state and city buildings, and the business houses. At Golden Gate Park, as the morning salute was being flred, three very beautiful flags, each of regulation size, were run up simultaneously and on separate poles seventyeight feet high. Each pole was erected on a separate plot in the park esplanade, the flag on the center pole being the simple national flag ; that on the pole to the south being the same flag with the grizzly of the original "bear flag of California" excellently done in oil in the quartering of the stars ; and the flag on the uorth pole being also the American ensijjii, but with tlie .San Francisco coat-of-anns palnted on it in oil in the quartcr of the stars. Not satisfled with this grand dtsplay, preparatioiis liad been made for running up in front of the conservatory an immense flag fiftytwo feet long by forty feet broad, on a giant pole one hundred and forty feet high. The forests of Puget Sound had been searched until this " mast for some tall admiral " had been found. After niucli trouble a vessel was found willing to undertake the task of bringing the pole to the city, but it failcd to reach port in time for the ceremony. The socket is ready to receivc it when the ship arrivés, and then Golden Gate Park will have the largest flag floating from the loftiest unjointed pole in the world. After the consumptiou of an entire barbecue the customary literary exercises closed the day. Such is the manner of celebrating legal holidays in the Golden City of the West.


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