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Jenny Lind

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1 lic Nation. lerlka Bremer, n poor and plaln llttle irirl dwellmghi ¦ room In Stockholm, tlie capital ol little ?ir! indi ed, then : lonely and iieglected, and in cry utiliMi p . deprired of the kintiness and care io n chlld, had it nol been for i peculiar gift. . and in lier lonelines.", in In In sottow, Wie I 'i (act, slic i me iid; at her work, at ber she alwaya lad her in care, wpnI wlin liad to i-nliv i i. r : K lint tlio ooinpany ot' u i it. TIip lirrlo s'.i i playcd witli hercat, mul liy the open induw, ¦ui sang, wheo a lady i by. She henrtl the vict,uil looked op biuI saw the liitle singer. She na, went away, iid came b reral daya later followed -¦ U.iS ie liitle (tlrl1!) musical car and ihcd. He took her to the royal opera at Btockihe, whoee trulygenlieart was comí - d n mnrbM v inppr. ¦ ' lis little pupil tn the I iiini i" eng igê ! icjii " Vou a-k n foOlish tliinir." sald the i ookiug disdainfullv down n thfl pOor little uirl. ' shall we do wifli tliat ugly thing? : And Uien her ,r presentable. No, we ' Away witli her?" The music master Insisted, alinost Indig laimed be it last, --il vu will not tak her, poor as I ara", I wlll and liavc ber cducatcd lur II auotlier car ai .-he lm ! be fouml in the world." Thé count rclentêd. The little :i-l was ! lidmltted inio the school I . md wlth tome drïilculty, a -iniwn oi black, boinbuzinc was pn for lier. '1 ': lier musical education Mr. Aldirector oT the song school óf the op Someyears later, at a comeily yivcn iiy the leve of the thcatpr, cveral Krsons Btrack Wlth the spirit and lile with which a vi icted the pari ot ¦!¦ fiirl in'tlic pl:iy. Loyer O( a ïdiiture were charmed, pedant almoal frighti It wus onr poor little rii 1, who had raae her tii ¦ mee, nuv about t'ourteen caoiiw and full of fun asa clüld. A few ye;irs still later, a yotin lirsl time bofoïe the publi , i ' ¦ 'iilZ. At i ¦:. the icprcsentation of the evening, she sang in a manDer whlch made the memben of the orches, i accoi d, Uy down tnstrumènl p tlicir hands in rapturoua npplaitge. It was onr poor, plain little girl here again. lm now had grown np, aml w ai to appear bdure. the public in thé. I her at the evening roprcsentatioü. Slic was then in ihc prime ot jrouth, fresb, a mornlng in May. her hands and anus pecu;iil- :unl lovdy in her whole appearance, the expresáon ol 1t counteand the B6l simplii-ity ot lier mannen. In tact, she was charmlng. Wc saw in. I ao it a young girl, t'ullof natural ganiality aud graee. 8he - to move, spcuk and sing without éflbit or art. All Wal nature and hatmony. Her song waidlsüngnlshedeapeclally by IU purity, and the power of soul %lii'h lier nu itfnl. In the night scène, wben Arath come, bi ¦ r joy in a rápturous song. our young ia the window, it the ter, to the. spectators again, w as pale lor nv. Anl in tbat pule ;. ing wlth a burrt ootflowing love and li: ith, notthe iniitli. hut the ui' the uuditors. , was the rfeclared favorit i public, wHese mu-ical tl re Sald to be siir1 nowhere ir she continued to sing-, altHcivgri, aftsr ¦ rimé, her TOice bciugVveratrained, lost -ome of ld the public beinff satiated, crowdetl the honpps i-hcn shi' ng. Still, at tliat timp. she Could Inging and playing more delightf'ully ; In Tamina, Tin ZahDernn:i Bolena," tliough the ¦ .TU-d. (It thel late In the sprinír.anu i li ix-auUtul s i al to nature'i plays ( ing for the iileasiire of the n taUe lesaons of . th" finishing ition. 'riiere she er, and whii li I only to tliat of g and warbling lark, if the lark had a And then wben the young giri went ireign jK'Oplc. Slie rliamieil Denmark, she i liarmcd (iernian;. clianiK'd Bngland. She waaenressed and courted veryw herei ven to adulation. At ourti of kings, at the hoosca rf the and noble one ot Uid art. She was la and jewels. Bot friends wrute ol'bpi - ¦ " In liie iniiUl ol tlicsi lly thinkl Of her Swcdcn, and ¦ íicr (rienda and her peo night, crowds of pcople. the most part, by their ilress, seinlng to belong to the upper clanes of society, thronged the shore of the Baltic barbor at Stockholm. All looked lowiinl tbe sea. rumor of expoctance and ira passed away, and tin crowd stil i ; and waited, and look -i i. At length a brilliant nu ki ; roM oylullv, lar out iil the en trance Of the har hor, and was by a general troza on the shore '¦ Then :- '" A large steamer now comes thaitderins on, maElng iis triuinpbant way througE the Hoek of sliips and boats lyiBg in the harbor, towuda the sbore of tbc Bkeppsbro. Flashing rocketi marked its way In tin dark ai ; i, The crowd on tlu shore preaaed forward, as if ti mei i t. Now the leviathan ot the waters was beard thundering nearer and nearer; now it relented; now again pushed oo, foaming and Bplaaliing ; now it lay .-till. Andthere, on tl; the deck, wai -een by the light md rockets, a palé, gracefal man, with eyea brilliant wlth . and lips radian) wlth smiles, warlng her handkercoiel to her frienda and countrynun on Hip sliore. U was olie aftaiu - our ]mr, plaiü írlecte! littl girl ot .ininier riays - win. ¦ow cajne back In trinnipb u lier fatherland, lint nu inore or. BO tnore plaln, do morí' negiei teil. Boe bad i c nu rich ; tbc bad beoooie celebratod; nul the bao in her dender persoo tho power to charm aml Inspire raultitudea. i dayi later, m r.Mid in the papen ui stocklioim, .in addreM to th public, h riiU'ii liy lkkw(l linger, sbttiup. wiUi i '!! -i ¦ . thal ut alieonce mo had 1 in lier nutivc land, aluwduIiI bc glad lo Miip again to litrro DieBi and liicli blit wa tUU suminiT I woiild be deroted to ralte a ftind for :i Khool, w hi for tlie tb ciliicaful to viitiiu mul knowledjie. Tlic mteU katiai it dcsexved, aml of cotme opera houM was en erery time tbe Mlored dofet iang tbere. Tbe ti r-it Unta .-lic agaln appea-red In tbe Somoabula, (oneol ner bvorfta role-.; tbe public, atler tbc ciirtain was i rOMtrta4M4i mI Ik rent eiitliusiaaat, and ,ith a roar of [ïniralis In ihc miils't oruio burst of ipplanae, a oler, melodioaa wurbllng tl beard. The hurranj were bnabed Instanlly.aii'! we saw the lovi standIng tli lior a'rins .sliphtly extei what boued Ibrwant, graceful ha : bfrd nn Ita braoch, warbling ai no Mrd ever dW, trom note to note, and 00 everv One a clcar, StrQiig, sparing warbje, unti] sbe feil Into tin: ritourittUi cf her latteolg.mnd again Ktiif: tliat joy&il adu ÉuaIf -irain thought can conceive bow l feel at my bcaii." sinccilii.n, Jenny Lind lias entered apon ih'w duties and responsibilitica ws 11 inollicr. Gotl bic- her for tlie i:1"! she bas done; aml ai occasionally ber yolce II !-t i 1 1 llfted, alwayi In the cause oi benevoleDce, may slic long lic toenjoy the smilca and the pprobatUii ol all wlm td cvcivu here! In the above sketfb.we hare only b] of her early lifi:, and ot lier tirl triinnpbs. Wlicn the has paned away to the Bpli bcavcnly niiisic, otlicrpens. mort ablc.will more Itjj pti q! her,


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