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Truc lo Her Trast. Too much cannot be mld of the everfaitlilul wife aml mnthi-r, con-u ing and carina for her d nii: ti sinjBB duty fc ¦MarfbCuaw. lien the are a--;. thc system should have a tliornugli I inj, the' stoinach and bowels rpirularpd, blood puriticil. malaria! poi-on extermlnated, she iiui-t Know thut Electric Bittere Are Uie only siirc ninedy. Tlny are tbe Itest hihI purea! rnedieme in the wond, ítnd mly eost lilly crnlv 8old by Kberbach iV S"n_______ 'Ji, un í i icml h luid been usTngFellowOomvcMtnd m rup o( Hypophosphite for CróLsiutiption, wa- nlucea liv one ai our druggiiU t take anitlicr preparation of ilyjwmhospliitos, which he aald, was "lost as jrood, t' noi etrer." Tlic use of 1ia!l' lim that. if he raald oonsalt h 10 raust return to your Byrup n olio (.'. I' Mftnsion-Hoqs lintel, Jiattiuiorc-, ¦Ullau 61rea Away. MMlions of Bottles of Dr. Kinij's New I iíscdvitv for CoiTSIimptfon, Cóiilis aml Oolds, have been gtveit away as tria] li. - of tUe laifi'1 s.c. TUis enormoiiti oiitlay wnnM be dbnstrous ín tlie propi fi wera it do( tr the rare posaêfsed by his wqnderfnl medicinp. Cali at Eberai'h V Sou's dniir stoi i', and re) i triit I try tot yonrielt. Í' ncv r (i t( iMHC Uotter Ilian ifiiiniiie. l'cw coni'titutiiiii.s e;iu stand thecontliiaus u-e of quinine. It i.s ik t only a wi xpenslve medicino, hut wlll uitimately taiise the paüeni !-¦ ucciimD tr lts powerlul influeace upon the uwvous system. but if yon want to get rld of malaria and ill feven of that nature, me the Lton Maaria and l,iver Pad and Body and Foot Plasten. The whok treatment tur mudollar. For sale by dnigglsts. Hcnry's Carbolic Salve. The best Salve in the worM for Cuts, Broiaes, Sores, jloers, Balll Rheum, Tetter, ('happed Hands. Chilblains, Corns, uid all kiodíí of' Skin Eruptions, F rei kies ind Pimples. He sure you get Hknky's ('aruomc Salve, as all otliers are bnt ioiitations and counterfcits. l'rioc 25 centn. Dr. Urecn's Oxygcnated Ultlers Is the best remeJy lor Dyspepwa, l'.iliousM alaria, Inaigeítion, all disorders of Lhe stomach, and diseases of the blood, ddneys liver, skin, etc. DÜRNO'S CATAU1U1 SNUIF all affectiooti of thc niucus mciubrane of' the head and throat. DR. MOTT'iS LIVEB PILL8 are the lest oatharlio. -, Hueklen's Arnlea Salve. The Bmi Sime in the world for CuU, Brolles, Sores. I'lrers. Salt Uheum. Fever Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblaln?, Comí, and all Skin Eruptions. and pnsitively cures Piles. It is gwuranteea to tb perfect saiisfaction or money refunded. Price, 23 rents per box. For sale by Kberbacli A Son. Dr. BaXter's Manpkakf. Uitteüs are a superior eoniliination of barks, roots and herbs not attained by any other mannfreturers of bitters. Keep in the stable and always ut hand Hi:nhy á; Johnson's Árnica and On. LiMMENT, as it is the best remedy lor Hiirts, BruUcs, Sprains, &c. For Couglis, Colds, Croup, Asthnia, and all Miji Áll'ectiong, use Downs' EliXIK, which lias stood the test of flfty years, and has not been fonnd wantini:. A ( ousrli. Cold or Sre Throat should be stopped. Neglect frequently re sults in an Incurable Lumi üiieate o) sunipti"ii. IJhown's Bkonchial TrochU e' eartcdn In ffive relief in Aslkma, Bronchitis, (kntffkr, 'itnrrh. Con md Throat IHêtam. Por thirty yean the Troches have been recouiiuendeil by physicians and always give perfect Mtisfroticn. ïhey are not new or untried hut having been tested by wide an . use lor noarly an enlire generation. they have a'tained well nieritcd rank amone tlu few staple remedie of the ae. PuMic S' áhtrt and Svigeri use thom to clear and ctrengthen the Voice. Sold at twenty-five cents a box everywhere. 10u7 ."j'J PILES ! "PILES! ! 'PILES ! ! ! A Surc Cure Found at Last. o 0n SiilTt'r. A Ware cure 6r the Blind, Bloeding, Itchnd Ilrerated Piles has been disO ¦ . Williams (an Indiau remedy), called l)r Williams' Inilian Ointment. Á sinirli box hascured the worel ehronic cases of 23 and :ü) years standing. Noomfive minutes atter applying this wonderfu! soothiiig medicine. I-otions, Instrument!, and Klectiiariesiln more hariu than gOOd Williams' Ointnieiit absorbs the tumnrs, allays the intente telling (partieulai ly al night af ter gfittLug warm in Iwil), acts &e n poltice, givus instant and painless reüel, and Ie prepared only for Files, itdiing ol the private parts, and nothing else, Krad what the llon. .1. M. Collinberry, OÍ Cleveland, say about Dr. illiamt' In (lian Pile Ointment: "1 have OMd I of pile cores, bnt it affords me pleasure to say that I have never fonnd any thinir which gave sucli immediateand permanent relief as Dr. Williams' Indias Olntment" For sale by all druggists, or malled on receipt of pnce $1.00. JAS.B. DAVIi&CO Wholesale Drug, Detroit, Mieh., Agenta. 1081 For sale by II. J. Bkow ei it C East SAQINaw, Jan. li, ISn. Mk. V. B. Moüke: Dear Sir:- About the flrst of December I was taken with a very severe attack 0) rheumatism in both of my knees. I was reoommended to use IM'nc's Camphui:ated Árnica. I can cheerfully Tecommend it to eveiy oue troubled with rheumali-m. i B. jiitADY. M


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