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Ode On The Assassination

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[A prize offered by a I,ondon woekly for the bet pofin on the assassinatíon oí President liarfield was awarded to the aut'ior of the tbUowlng :] Veil, now, O Liberty, thy blushing face. At the feil ífcd that thrills :i startlcd world ; While fair Columbia weeps in din disfrace, And bows in sorrow oer the banncr tur led. No graceless tyrant falls by venpeance here, 'Neath the wild justice of the secret knife; Nor red Ambition ends lts grim career. And expiates its horrors with its lite. Not here does rash Revende misg-uidcd brn, To free a nation with th' assassin's U.ut; Or roused Despair in auyry madness turn. And tear its treedom f rom a despot's heart. But where biest Liberty so widciy reigos, And Icaoe and llenly mark a smilinjf land, lïere the mad wretch its fair white record stains, And blurs its bcauties with a "bloody hand." Ilerc the elect of millions, and Üc pride Of those who own his mild and peaceful rule : Here Virtue sinks and yields the crimsoa tide Hcneath the vilc unrcflson of a tooi !


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